Scarlet Lies

Scarlet Lies✅ Scarlet Lies pdf ✈ Author Lani Wendt Young – Lies are beautiful when the truth hurts Sixteen years ago Scarlet's family sent her away in disgrace She's been back once with disastrous conseuences Now her little sister is getting married and Scarl Lies are beautiful when the truth hurts Sixteen years ago Scarlet's family sent her away in disgrace She's been back once with disastrous conseuences Now her little sister is getting married and Scarlet's headed home once Will this be the reunion she's always longed for Or will the lies of her childhood entangle her once in their beautiful embrace She has a nightmarish fear of flying and she's escorting her sister's wedding dress through three different time zones He's the tall dark and handsome stranger that gets in her way What happens when Scarlet has to go home to be bridesmaid to her least favorite little sister who loves to remind everyone she's a former beauty ueen EVERY OTHER MINUTE Can she survive three weeks of tropical heat and mosuitos droves of busybody relatives all wanting to tell her WHY she's still single as she endures the wedding from hell Six hundred guests three wedding dresses twenty four cake tiers fifteen bridesmaids a mother on a mission to makeover her daughter who 'lacks ambition ' and ONE deliciously divine man who alternately renders her speechless then drives her to outrage all add up to a recipe for disaster Or does it More than 'just a romance' this poignant story about the tangled connections between mothers daughters and sisters speaks with compelling insight and humor of inherited trauma and of desire and deception Scarlet Lies is the first in a three book series Followed by Scarlet Secrets and Scarlet Redemption. This is my first book by this author This story is labelled as romantic comedy a genre I have not read much ofThis is Part 1 of a 3 Part Story Book 2 will be out by 30 April and the final book will be out in MayThis is Scarlet and Jackson's story Scarlet is a plus sized woman with a vivid imagination and the story is told from her prospective She belongs to a large family most of whom are horrible to her because they all believe she brought shame and pain to the family when she was around 14 years oldThe scene that had me laughing the most and is my favourite in the book is when she meets her love interest Jackson on an aeroplane on her way home to her sister's wedding I was laughing my head off There are other great laugh out loud moments in this story The author gives an honest prospective on what it can be like being a plus sized woman in lots of different circumstances that will have you laughingI really enjoyed this story and I cannot wait for books 2 to come out in April I would highly recommend this book Samoan Chick flickrom com 😍 captivated me from start to finish Plus size girl trying to overcome her life experiences meets tall handsome dream guy But goes through a few insecurities family drama and judgement She refers her dream guy to the yummiest description by using her favourite desserts lol which i LOVE This book had me in fits LAUGHING OUT LOUD Waiting for the 2nd book 🙌 What can I say about this book I absolutely loved every bit of it Scarlet Lies book 1 2 are probably one of my favorite books this year just waiting so very impatiently for book 3 Scarlet is a Samoan woman who flies back to her home country for her sister's wedding The events on the plane and her homecoming were hilarious; her matter of fact nature is so cute and her love of food is a crack up She is such a relatable heroine I would definitely be friends with her However her relationship with her family is rough it's strained by lies and cultural expectations; it's truly heartbreaking to read at times And then there's Jackson nothing to say about this awesome man This Author is wonderful I think she can do no wrong in the writing world Real hilarious funI love how Lani writes Such raw honesty is the best platform for humor and storytelling Scarlet is both strong and fragile confident and horribly self conscious just like most of us truly are I knew I'd love this book and I wasn't disappointed Here is another book that was hard to put down #hilarious I loved it I love Scar Jackson is bae swoonThe storyline is amazing A very accurate portrayal of Samoan familiesI just loved it Scarlet is a big brown bold and beautiful bakery assistant living in Las Vegas Nevada who has been unwantedly called to attend her baby sister's wedding back home in Samoa Ridiculously fearful of flying she bumps literally head into lap first into a tall dark and handsome stranger on her flight but that is only the beginning of her nightmareAfter being away from her home for sixteen years Scarlet isn't sure she can survive the gossip the drama her bride to be little sister's melodramatic theatrics her mother's unnecessary advice on how to be a respectable woman and the fact that pretty much everyone on the island is aware of her presence and everything that happened sixteen years ago Throw in a what is sure to be wedding from hell and deliciously divine man who enjoys rendering Scarlet speechless with his wit and impressive physiue that has her asking Jason Momoa who??? this trip back home is sure to be one hell of ride✨• Best Points SCARLET LOVE HER HUMOUR IT'S HUMOUR THAT I RELATE TO ON SO MANY LEVELS I found myself laughing in nearly every chapter at either her wit her sarcasm her interactions with her nieces and nephews or her constant comparing of Jackson to decadent desserts SPEAKING OF JACKSON • Rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐✨OK this book is EVERYTHING I am always down to support my WOC authors ESPECIALLY my PolynesianPacific Island story tellers and being that I am a fan of the Telesā regardless that I really did not like Leila lol I had kept 'Scarlet Lies' on my reading list for an overdue period of time And boy did I regret not reading this book soonerLet's start with Scarlet I just I relate to her on so many different levels and there are so many woman in my life who remind me of Scarlet because they have similar personality traits as she does I can't help but really adore her and want her to live her best life and have the happiest ending because she really deserves it If I was to give Scarlet her own theme song the Hairspray number 'Big Blonde Beautiful' the ueen Latifah version comes to mind She is big brown and proud of who she is and what she does and if that ain't the confidence I aspire to have then throw me away And I mean what kind of human would Scarlet be if she didn't have her faults? While she is proud of her own personal achievements she uses binge eating and self deprecating humour to mask her personal insecurities and self doubts in many if not all situations And honestly? If that ain't the most relatable toxic trait as a plus size Pacific Island woman then I don't know what isReading Scarlet's familial interactions felt too real From her 'neutral' stance with her nieces and nephews it isn't the truth if you don't have ONE favourite child and promises of sweets; to her robotic and inconspicuous eye rolling yes aunty responses whenever she was in the presence of the aunties in the kitchen helping prepare the food funeral birthday and family reunion flashbacks are REAL fam; and to the personal opinions about religious philosophies on the world we live in today that we can't actually express to our Pacific Island relatives who are deeply rooted in the church I felt like I was reading flashbacks of my own lifeAnd of course I have to talk about Jackson LORD JESUS WHEW I OK I was really enamoured by Lani Wendt Young's story telling of Daniel Tahi in Telesa The Covenant Keeper but her description and creation of Jackson Emery is just ugh chef's kiss Like I truly want to know who she envisioned when describing him with his caramel eyes long hair and olive skin cus I'm thinking of Boo Boo Stewart meets Rudy Youngblood meets Chaske Spencer And like he's so nice? A cheeky bugger with a strong flirt streak but he's so nice to Scarlet and really likes her beyond her looks and finds her funny and endearing and justjust call me a #JacksonAppreciation stan and let me live my lifeOK I'm ramblingOverall I really love this book and I'm way too freaking excited to read the second and third installments because I just cannot sit here and be happy with the way it ended in the first installment Excuse me? You give me all of that build up ALL OF THEM and I have to wait anxiously to see how their romance progresses? How Jackson plans on making Scarlet drunk on him SHE ALREADY IS BTW? How Scarlet deals with being back home and dealing with all of THAT mess? How the wedding goes?TL;DR this book is one of my all time faves and I might actually just purchase the set once I've read the final two books Funny and laugh out loud readingReading this was like reading my own journal There were some funny laugh out loud moments that made me look around the room to make sure I was on my own Scar's character is funny but frustrating at times I learnt a lot about desserts in this book There were some grammatical errors that editing hadn't picked up but overall it was a fun read Yassss Omg I love Scarlet and her personality Oh and Jackson I totally ship him and Scarlet I love love love this book Just like the first one 💯 OMG I freakin' love Scar She is freakin' hilarious uirky and cracks me the hell up She is really hard on herself and at times I wanted to shake her but at the same time be strong for her and kick ass and take names on her behalf BUTbased on the interactions with her family and an obviously hurtful past it's clear why she is always down on herself I love how she is an undercover blogger because it gives us insight on her true selffeelings that she keeps hidden from the rest of the world It's where she can vent and speak freely There is tons of family drama that you don't want to miss out on Enter Jacksonsighing dreamilyhe is exactly what Scar needs even though her emotions are at war with herself because she can't believe this FINE HOT as hell man is attracted to herScar is a BBW Big Beautiful Woman but she pretty much keeps denying their attraction to each other because of their physical appearances She also doesn't really give him a chance and keeps telling him they don't fitmatch and so on So what does Jackson do? He responds by showing her Because action after all speaks louder than words Ohhhweee his lips show hermmhmm that lucky bitch LOL Every time they run into each other they continue to flirt and their attraction to each other continues to build into this smoldering heat That slow burn gets hotter and hotter where it starts to smoke and oh good lawd help us all when those two combust into an open flame and are on FIYYYAAAAHHHHHIt was a very entertaining read and I want NOW I mean who wouldn't especially with a cliffy like thisWe're not done Scarlet Trust me when we finally make love the only thing you will be drunk on is meAwwww suki suki now HOT DAMN It's a fast hot funny read Definitely a page turner and it never gets boring There are times that I get get hungry because of all the delicious treats she goes on about lol But it meshes well because she works at a bakery her description fits exactly what she is envisioning loves to eat and owns it I love thatI can't wait for part 2 so please hurry eeeeek Freakin' Awesome job Lani TWO THUMBS UP A CHAAA HOOOO

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