Ascend✭ Ascend Books ✯ Author Amber Ella Monroe – WOLF IN EXILE PART THREE ASCEND After Thane’s breakout from Area S2 he ascends as Alpha of the ShadowRock Pack once again His first priority is to stop the spread of an illegal drug connected to the WOLF IN EXILE PART THREE Ascend After Thane’s breakout from Area S he Ascends as Alpha of the ShadowRock Pack once again His first priority is to stop the spread of an illegal drug connected to the Silex name Discovery of its existence could shatter a thousand year old blood truce between wolf shifters and an ancient race of vampires The attraction between Thane and Kalena continues to burn even when they are apart Thane has made it clear that she holds a special place in his heart But while they are learning to love each other trouble continues to brew When it comes time for Kalena to expose information about Silex and the harmful drug she’s than prepared to do it—especially when it will help dozens of others like her What she doesn’t realize is that her willingness to help will lead to a revelation so shocking that her union with Thane will be jeopardized Ascend is Part Three of Wolf in Exile a serialized shapeshifter paranormal romantic suspense that contains a cliffhanger at the end Intended for Mature Audiences only WOLF IN EXILE SERIAL READING ORDER Part I CAPTURED Part II UNCHAINED Part III Ascend Part IV RECLAIMED. I was given an ARC copy for an honest reviewThis was a another great book by Amber Ella Monroe Ascend is the third installment in the Wolf in Exile series so if you haven't read the first two Captured and Unchained I recommend you read them first With that being said I love this series I'm so hooked on finding out what is going to happen between Kalena and Thane In Ascend Kalena and Thane have escaped from Area 2 Now that they are trying to get back to some semblance of a normal life the two of them must figure out how or even if they can fit into each others livesAs Thane tries to protect his pack from the fallout of his psychotic brother's actions Kalena is trying to figure out if she can handle his lifestyle My favorite scene was when Kalena and Thane saw each other for the first time after being separated for a couple of days They just stood there staring at each other and everything else around them faded into the background I can't wait until installment 4 after the bomb that was dropped at the very end Please Ms Monroe please don't have me waiting too long Loving itOh my wow Kalena and Gavril had a casual fling I would have never thought that they had history And Tracy is ALIVE OMG Part 3They have escaped but now new dangers face them in her memories Can they overcome them in part 4? Will she lose Thane? Can't wait to find out I received a copy for an honest review In this book Thane has pushed the button which as alerted his pack that he is ready for a helicopter to come for him but David has come to let him know that some wolves were destroying the prison and killing wolves everywhere and he had David stay with Kalena until the chopper came and get on it with her he agreed and Thane goes out in the rain storm to find that two of his pack members were the destruction taking place and that Nolan was fighting with one of the twins and Thane jumped in and kills Nolan then the twins explain why they were there and he leaves with them and Kalena and David are met by Brant Thane Beta and leave S2 on the chopper and are taken to the mansion on ShadowRock property where Thane is Pack Alpha she hasn't seen Thane since they have arrived but he knows that she is there and what she is doing he has to make sure that pack business is handled and then he meets her and they pick up where they left off and he has her meet with the other pack heads and she gives them as much as she can remember since the drug has been cleaned out of her system she is can not remember enough Thane ask if she would let one of the vampires help with her memory and she agrees and a lot of the memory comes back also some damning information that she cannot believe herself but she is so shocked that she couldn't even tell Thane he had to suck some of the blood out of the vampire to get the information she just gave him and Thane is so disgusted that he just leaves the room Readers 18 and over Recommend 50 out of 5 stars Awesome yet again May 16 2015By Kindle Customer rsr815August AdrianMIThis review is from Ascend Wolf in Exile Part III Kindle EditionI was gifted this book by the author for an honest review Awesome yet again After being rescued from Area S2 along with the inmate David Kalena is informed that Thane has also been rescued and is safe he will meet them at the Silex Manor Thane Alpha of the ShadowRock Wolf Pack can't believe they got out that Kalena is safe that his niece Danika is also safe and on her way to the Manor While Kalena wonders what will happen to her now her friend Tracey stops by for a visit but Tracey is also a shifter and belongs to Thanes Pack Tracey will answer all her uestions and give her one to answer does Kalena know that she has been imprinted by Thane? Sigh oh as Thane and his pack along with Kalena they try to hack into the file she had seen in the first book but she can't remember the drug D996 has given her memory lossThane has a plan but he will need the help of his vampire friend Thomas he can pull her memories from her with just one bite Will Kalena let him and will she mate with Thane? Does Thane really want to find out what she remembers? Hang onto your seat as this 3rd book in the Wolf in Exile Series gives you a cliffhanger to scream at Must read it's sexy dangerous and funny I got this book as a arc for my honest opinion So I'm not going to waste time telling you what the book is about I'm sure you have read the description of the book already What I want to tell you is what I thought about it so here goesI saw I could get an arc and was heck yeah free book a little bit of my time to tell people what I think It's a win winI didn't hold out hope that this book would be any different from the thousands I have already read I mean I feel as if sometimes I'm reading the same book just different names again and again So I figure it's going to be the sameI WAS WRONG This series is so different from what I've been readingI had to start from the 1st book and read my way up So I figured I read a little here and a little there and I'd get it donehowever it didn't happen like that for the last several hours my world has revolved around Kalena and Thane Holy cow I couldn't stop I read the 1st three and actually got upset I didn't have to read All I could see think or feel was these guy's story and what was happening to them I forgot the rest of the world I cheered them on I got upset and sad for them It truly felt as if it was real and I was there with them It's not easy to make a book like that let alone a series I tip my hat to AMBER ELLA MONROE for pulling of one of the greatest series I have ever read I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review35 StarsThere is a very interesting turn of events in the third installment of the Wolf in Exile serial In Ascend Thane and Kalena are rescued from Area 2 and taken separately to Thane's mansion While Kalena is left in her room to think about and process the situation going on Thane is handling pack matters The majority of this installment is centered around us finding out about the history of the pack their allies and the council that governs them all UCON Now that Thane has stepped back in as leader and Alpha his top priority is to find and capture his brother He needs to find out all that he can about what went on at Silex and the powerful drug that so many have been exposed to Overall I have to admit that although this was a uick read some parts seemed to drag When Thane and Kalena were together the chemistry between them was still sizzling hot I would have enjoyed romance between them however instead that shocking ending has me wondering what's next for these two Looking forward to part four 35 StarsI was pleasantly surprised by the latest installment in the Wolf In Exile Series Just when I think I have it figured out the author adds another curve ball that leaves my jaw dropping I love that this books starts right off where the other when left off Kalena has since been rescued after sharing a steamy love scene with Thane Although they have a new love Thane knows shes his mate But these two have a lot to learn about each other When secrets are revealed how will they survive? Area S2 has nothing on the bomb that’s about to explode when all is revealed Things seem to be going well since the two have been reunited but Kalena has memory loss and Thane is trying to survive in a world he has been removed from I was surprised at the turn this book had taken toward the end And wanted to scream when the author left us on yet another cliif hanger All in all this was a very uick read but as a reader I wanted As soon as the story was getting good it ended Hopefully the author doesn’t make her fans wait too long ARC Given In Exchange For An Honest Review An amazing seriesYou will find the story lines in this series to be very compellingThane is rescued from prison as his Niece was rescued and he now has ascended to Alpha of his pack again Thane must still stop the Drug D996 before it shatters a thousand year old blood pack with the Vampires He must also find his Brother Gavril who had disappeared when Thane was rescued Not only was Thane rescued but he had Kalena and his friend David rescued to Thane still fills that Kalena still has the information in her memories to stop the Drug D966 The only problem is due to the drug being given to her she can not remember So with the help of a Vampire they unlock her memories but they unlock then just that what they find may destroy Thanes and Kalena's relationship for good This part of this story almost made me cry This is such an amazing story it will leave you in anticipation for You must get this series and read it for yourself Acsend Wolf in Exile 3by Amber Ella Monroe Ambrielle KirkAt the end of the last book Thane had just found out that his niece had been rescued so now he can leave Area S2Thane and Kalena are now both free Thane as ascended to Alpha of his pack once again He still a lot of work ahead of him They need the information that Kalena has but she has memory loss due to being given the drug D996 Thane calls in the help of friend a vampire who can unlock Kalena's memories With a bite he draws her memories back to her as well as seeing them himself They find much then they had bargained for Memories are unlocked that may end all that Thane and Kalena have forged between themThis cliffhanger had me wanting to pull my hair out ArrrghI love this storyline I has pulled me in and I just keep wanting ARC given for an honest review