Mother Lode (Sheriff Foster mystery series Book 1)

Mother Lode (Sheriff Foster mystery series Book 1)[Read] ➲ Mother Lode (Sheriff Foster mystery series Book 1) By Carol Anita Sheldon – Mother Lode is a psychological mystery set in a Michigan mining town at the turn of the 20th century Sheriff Foster tries to uncover the mysterious death of a town woman whose nineteen year old son is Mother Lode is a psychological mystery set in a Michigan mining town at the turn of the th century Sheriff Foster tries to uncover the mysterious death of a town woman whose nineteen year old son is in jail as a suspect What he discovers is shocking—about the mother son relationship What he does with this knowledge is both ingenious and affirming. Decent readThis book was gifted to me by a family member I found it to be a well written story that held my interest and kept me guessing to the end There are some scenes that depict abuse which some readers may find disturbing Mother Lode by Carol A Sheldon recently won the BAIPA Bay Area Independent Publisher's Association award for fictionThe story takes place at the turn of the 20th century in a copper mining town in northern Michigan The opening scene has Jordan Ratcliffe struggling through a violent blizzard trying to get to the house of the local shariff Earl Foster to report that his mother had been left stranded in the snow stormA search party is organized but given the fact that all traces of foot traffic have been obliterated by snowfall they fail to find Jordan's mother A few days later with the aid of dogs the mother's body is found Sheriff Foster has known Jorie's mother Katherine Ratcliffe since high school Katherine was a strikingly beautiful immigrant from Edenborough Scotland and Earl had a tremendous crush on her during high school She had lately confided I him her concerns regarding her son's outbreaks of temper and the sheriff becomes suspicious that Katherine's death may involve foul play on the part of her son Jorie had taken his mother out for a ride in the woods on a late October day The day had started out sunny but then a sudden and violent storm had come in off of Lake Superior Jorie worked at a newspaper and had access to weather reports Did he know that the storm was coming? Did he deliberately kill his mother?Acting on his suspicions Sheriff Foster has Jorie arrested on suspicion of murder The sheriff becomes emotionally involved in the case to the extent that he begins reading the deceased woman's diaries for evidence What he discover amazes and appalls himKatherine had attempted to create a sort of alternative reality for her son Wanting to bind him to her emotionally she had enveloped him in a relationship that would be described in modern terms as bondage and discipline As one example of her diary relates July 15 1891 Today as I sat rocking Jorie in the cemetery I gave thanks to the heavens that I have this soft clay so fine yes like porcelain and very pliable Will it hold its shape? But no I do not wish him to be cast in any final form Like clay I can keep him moist malleable for years to come I am his potter As my father did with me I will lead him by the hand into new pleasures I have left my mark on him already He is no sweetheart or husband to forsake me This is my son He is mine and I will have him for the rest of my life”Katherine spares no effort in her attempt to reduce her son to her willing and obedient slave But as Jorie matures he has his own desires and ambitions and Katherine does everything in her power to thwart them When Jorie discovers that his mother plans to do the same things to Eliza his little sister that she did to him only to an even excessive degree The child would not be allowed to go to school and would be taught to speak only in French he realized that something drastic must be doneCarol Sheldon has woven an absorbing tale of perversion and dysfunction in a small town American family She also raises the important uestion of where we draw the boundaries when it comes to the relationship between parent and child This was a juicy family saga with intriguing characters a compelling mystery and a little bit of history thrown in A real page turner