All Together Now

All Together Now❮KINDLE❯ ✿ All Together Now Author Gill Hornby – Four strangers in the midst of difficult life transitions find friendship purpose and perfect pitch in in this heartfelt comic novel In the small English village of St Ambrose the members of the Bridg Four strangers in the midst of difficult life transitions find friendship purpose and perfect pitch in in this heartfelt comic novel In the small English village of St Ambrose the members of the Bridgeford Community Choir All Together PDF \ have little in common But when their singing coach dies unexpectedly before a big contest the motley group must join forces and voices in pursuit of an impossible seeming goal Featuring an eclectic cast of characters including a mother suffering from empty nest syndrome a middle aged man who has just lost his job and his family and a year old waitress who dreams of reality TV stardom All Together Now is a poignant and charming novel about small town life community falling in love and the big rewards of making a small change. All Together Now was not as easygoing to read as I had hoped for Not that I didn't enjoy the book I did like parts of the book However I also found the book a bit dry to read Just not as funny and engrossing as I had hoped it to be For instance I had a pretty hard time getting into the book and enjoying all the different characters plight and uirkiness But somewhere along the way I started to enjoy the book and and some characters situations did come to intrigue and amuse me For instance I wasn't that interested in Bennett but when he started the choir and started to change he suddenly becomes interesting the same thing happened with Tracey What was her big secret and how come Bennett thought he recognized her from somewhere? And then we have Annie who to be honest could be a bit annoying in the beginning but the one got to know her the one could see that this busybody also had her problems And the last part of the book was uite good secrets were revealed injustice was discovered and taken care of and the choir really started to become an important part in BridgefordSo the book actually did turn out uite good despite a slow start for me with some problem with the story and its characters I even laughed out loud at one part towards the end of the book and I came to like the uirky characters in the choir25 stars Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book and for letting me taking part in the blog tour Truth I straight up read this because of the author's last name A Brit whose last name is Hornby? Any relation to Nick? Why as a matter of fact yes Yes this is his sisterSadly I was not delighted by this story Instead I was boredIt's actually poorly written which surprised me I stereotype English authors as being adept with the language I know several people from England and thereabouts and they're all uite well written and spoken and they're not even novelists Ergo I expected much in the way of grammar and sentence structure and was horribly disappointedThen there was the storyline It wasn't what I'd hoped for I anticipated the off center cast but none of them were really all that uirky despite how hard they tried There's the punkrock mom of a burnout late teenage son She hates people There's the neighborhood gossip who is in everyone's business taking care of everything in an overbearing yet precious manner There's her best frenemy who is bitter and mouthy There are two snarky old ladies as well as the charmingly perfect girl bound to her wheelchair and her dad who pushes her along everywhere so she doesn't miss out on life and they're all in the community choir together though not all of them necessarily want to be and there's a woman dying in a hospital which no one acknowledges and there's an incoming chorale group determined to stage a coup and win championships and a cafe that's not going to stay in business and a divorce andstuff So much clutter none of it very interestingInstead the characters are flat and uninteresting It’s like Glee for the trite silly British neighborhoodMeh Three and a half starsAnyone who has ever been part of a choir or a community group should be able to relate to this book I enjoyed reading about the small English town and the Bridgeford Community choir I liked the different characters that drew in new members and sought to work together to help the choir win the country championship Of course as in any group there are always those who have a different agenda who think they are better than the others and who have only one aim to promote themselves I particularly liked the way we see Bennett change as the story goes along and how Tracey’s secrets are revealed showing people are not always what we first think they may be I found it an entertaining read I liked that the end didn’t uite go the way it easily could have It wasn’t a perfect book Some things seemed a bit unnecessary or out of place but overall it was a good read with some characters people could care about and a lot of songs that echoed in my head as I went though Pretty much a light hearted fun read about friendship romance and working together If only it could have all been achieved without resorting to the F word in capital letters at times I think most readers will give All Together Now three or maybe four stars Maybe they'll think it's cheesy or kind of lame or too dang sunshine y at the end Maybe they will be right about that All I know is that this book made me happy It has so many of the story elements I love strangers become friends community bands together woman learns her own strength fresh start in lifecareer good guysgirls win music is a bridge and Plus I just can't resist a British setting I imagine All Together Now has been or will be optioned for film I can already picture my mom and sisters and I laughing crying and singing along Can't wait Rolling your eyes? That's fine Haters gonna hate Thanks to NetGalley and Little Brown for the ARC of this bookI picked up this book because I am a fan of the author's brother Nick Hornby and her husband Robert Harris so I had high hopes of the uality of the writing Unfortunately I was disappointed The book follows a series of lonely misfits in a small town who come together in the community choir and improve their lives happiness and family relationships through the power of joining in and communal supportWith a plotline treading such familiar and predictable ground the book either needed to be exceptionally funny or have particularly compelling characters in order to be successful Unfortunately it has neither ualitiesI didn't really like or care about any of the characters I thought the characterisation was poor and I couldn't really get inside the heads of the characters; they were all a bit flat and one noteThe plot was also written by numbers with no twists or surprises and could be any number of other books I've read or films I've seen In fact the basic premise of an unlikely group of people drawn together by circumstance and becoming an extended supportive family is almost exactly the same as Nick Hornby's book 'A Long Way Down' but his writing is much accomplished and compelling and his observations about human relationships piercing I really wanted to like this book but it was just incredibly average and bland While this book is not Great Literature it is well written well structured and by no means Chick Lit A very enjoyable and absorbing read Anyone who has ever joined a Club or Society will be familiar with the differences that occur when people with a common interest but different social background and life experiences come together A view weeks ago I was approached to read ‘All Together Now’ by Gill Hornby for the blog tour I haven’t read any books by Gill Hornby before and this book sounded different than the books I normally read Since getting out of your comfort zone is definitely a good thing at times I decided to participate in the tour Well ‘All Together Now’ definitely was a different read for me I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary romance novels lately and ‘All Together Now’ is definitely not that It took me a long time to really get into ‘All Together Now’ I don’t really know why For one I had some trouble with keeping up with all the characters of which we get to read the point of views I don’t mind reading different point of views but when there are than two point of views and from the very beginning on I always have trouble keeping everyone apart The other problem at the beginning of this book was definitely the whole choir part All the talk about a choir just wasn’t very interesting to me and it took a while to really get my attentionHalf way through the book I began to like this story The characters started to interest me and I enjoyed the way of writing and There definitely were a view very funny parts in this read And what made it even funny was how different all these characters were Most characters only had one thing in common and that was the choir What I really liked about this book was the little town it took place in Although it was forced at times everybody seemed to want to help out and there was a huge sense of community I loved that Especially since I’ve never known that little town vibe myself I love to read about these little towns And not to forget I really love the cover of ‘All Together Now’ by Abacus That cover can really cheer you up So this read wasn’t perfect But in the end I definitely liked it A lot of the books I read are dark with scary zombies and the world about to end but you know when the apocalypse gets too much I do like to look for a good book that will take me to a happier placeAll Together Now is the perfect prescription to cure my dystopian book overdoseIt is the charming tale of the small town of Bridgeford and its community choir Now choral ensembles are everywhere this day and programmes like Glee and of course Pitch Perfect give a fun teen view to it all but the Bridgeford community choir is uite the mixed bagThe choir has people of all ages but its membership has waned and when the choir leader is involved in a car crash well the remaining members start to fretThe town of Bridgeford isn't exactly full of perfectly pitched singers but with some gentle persuasion the choir manages to acuire some new members and begins to find new lifeOf course it isn't just about the singing the members are all from different backgrounds they include Tracey who is a single mum who really isn't keen to be involved Bennett who is recently divorced with an outstanding voice and Annie who is keeping the choir together justThey are a mixed bag and as the choir gets in to its stride we learn and about the people who bring the songs to life as well as discovering their love of song and I know this sounds cheesy but they all discover themselves too they learn what they are all capable offIt really is a charming read full of humour and the characters are all wholly likeable plus there are lots of lovely nods to lots of songs that you will find yourself singing whilst you readThank you to Abacus for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review This is set in a small village called St Ambrose which is in decline Some of the locals join together to form The Bridgeford Community choir and hope to make their lives complete by joining in They want to win the championship can they pull together? When Constance their singing coach dies in an accident will they be able to succeed without her?This combines a sense of community family life love and finding yourself What secrets are they all hiding? Can they help each other overcome their problems?This is the first book I’ve read by Gill Hornby who is the sister of the author Nick Hornby Her debut book was called The HiveMany thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this book As soon as i read the first page I knew this was my kind of book It tells the story of a local choir and the stories of its members This book was so uplifting it actually made me want to live in this town and join in A great read that I will tell the world to read