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The Dark Days Club[Read] ➲ The Dark Days Club By Alison Goodman – New York Times bestseller Alison Goodman's eagerly awaited new project a Regency adventure starring a stylish and intrepid demon hunterLondon April 1812 On the eve of 18 year old Lady Helen Wrexhall's New York Times bestseller Alison Goodman's eagerly awaited new project a Regency adventure starring a stylish and intrepid demon hunterLondon April On the eve of year old Lady Helen Wrexhall's presentation to the ueen one of her family's housemaids disappears and Helen is drawn into the shadows of Regency London There she meets Lord Carlston one of the few who can stop The Dark PDF/EPUB or the perpetrators a cabal of demons infiltrating every level of society Dare she ask for his help when his reputation is almost as black as his lingering eyes And will her intelligence and headstrong curiosity wind up leading them into a death trap. In 1812 Prinny had been regent for one year Britain was on the brink of war with America and in its tenth year of almost continuous war with France and its emperor Napoleon Bonaparte None of these countries however knew there was another even older war being waged Alison Goodman did not disappointIn some ways this book reminds me of Donnelly's These Shallow Graves the setting the mystery that emerges and the heroine who is strong willed but feels true to the time though I think Goodman's work is even better written and layered And there is a paranormal twistWhat I like most about Goodman is that her ideas truly feel fresh Her fantasy duology Eon Dragoneye Reborn and Eona The Last Dragoneye does not follow the same formula as all other YA fantasies Her sci fi novel Singing the Dogstar Blues is also very different Rather than running with the ideas of others I always feel like she brings something new to the genres she writes in The Dark Days Club is no different Goodman once again introduces her own uniue mythology blended into the shadows of 19th century London In this world Lady Helen Wrexhall must come to terms with the fact that she may be destined for than high society parties and marrying a Duke She may have to face the reality that there is to the world than she had first thought But how can she do what she's supposed to while her Aunt insists on dragging her to balls and her Uncle's wrath follows her every action?And one of my favourite things about this book is a small detail but an unusual one When supernatural destiniesabilities are revealed to YA heroines they do not usually have a choice or at least not a realistic one But that is an important part of this book In a world where women do not have many choices Lady Helen must choose the life she wishes to leadAdd in a good dose of female friendship a simmering almost but not uite romance and a vivid portrait of such a weird and exciting time in British history and this book was always going to steal my heartMy only criticism is that at almost five hundred pages the book could have been shortened slightly I don't have a problem with long books usually but there is a slow patch around the middle Don't worry though it soon picks up again I can't wait for the next oneBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest London late April 1812 a month that had seen violent civil unrest savage battles on the Continent and the rumblings of aggression from the new American nation It was also the month in which ueen Charlotte—after a two year hiatus—returned to the practice of holding drawing rooms for the presentation of young ladies into high society A battleground of a different kind My goodness this book was delightful It's got everything I like Historical romance? Check Magic? Check Murder? Check That's not to say that something with all of these elements is bound to be good because clearly other books with fantastic elements have gone awfully terribly wrong but this book did it just right And boy was it fun to readYoung Lady Helen is about to make her debut in society presented to the ueen no less when people start disappearing As a young noblewoman people expect her to say Ain't nobody got time for that Helen being the intelligent girl that she is decides to not leave it be and actually figure out wtf is going on Otherwise we wouldn't have a book now would we?Interspersed between the normal Regency stuff like balls Almack's and manners and possibilities of ruining one's prospects is the mystery of Helen's parents and the strange things that are happening to her Helen is a great character She behaves as befitting a young lady of her era and despite the book's blurb of will her intelligence and headstrong curiosity wind up leading them into a death trap I did not find her TSTL in the leastThe problem I have with most Regency novels is that the main female character often mistakes bitchiness for independence No such problems with this book Helen knows when to keep her head down to keep uiet when necessary but she is most definitely not without a sense of humor “But look at least twenty five frogs on the bodice alone Is it too much to ask for a dress that won’t scare the horse?”Aunt Leonore gave her loud cackle—the one that had earned her the title Lady Laugh amongst her friends and Lady Hee Haw amongst her enemies “Not this Season my dear It is all military flimflam”“Bonaparte has a lot to answer for” Helen said “First Europe and now our fashion” She flipped the magazine closed and rested it on her lap“You really do have your mother’s grim sense of humor” There is a wonderful friendship between Helen and her maid The actions between Helen's secret investigation and her normal life as Lady Helen felt natural as are her natural doubts and fears between choosing between the life she was born to and the life she could choose And again contrary to what the book blurb says the romance is barely thereI have read Alyson Goodman's excellent Eon series before and I'm so happy to say that she's done it again with this one Pride and Prejudice meets the Infernal Devices Alright it's not exactly like Pride and Prejudice There is no Mr Darcy only an infuriating earl that may of may not have killed his wife And there is no Elizabeth only a girl whose curiosity leads her to an underground demon hunting cult but is too reluctant to follow her call The resemblances lie in the vivid and detailed depiction of the English society with its etiuette its balls and fancy gowns and dreams of marriage all of them wrapped up in a ribbon of propriery that demands from women obedience and good manners with as little brain and spirit as possible “No you are not an angel Lady Helen You are a Reclaimer” As you may have realized the story follows Lady Helen a young woman who must try her best to secure a wealthy husband who will overlook the scandals and secrets that surround her dead mother And her debut would be truly successful if only she could uell her restlessness her inability to sit idly and obey orders when her soul longs for something else something she can not comprehend Until she meets the mysterious and infamous Lord Carlston a man dangerous yet alluring who will be her guide to a hidden world full of foul creatures that threaten mankind Helen doesn't know whether she should trust the Dark Days Club Her rational part keeps repeating that she is a lady and has no business with secret clubs that her Reclaimer powers are a burden and not a call that must be answered Terrified and torn she must decide who she is who she can be and who she must be when the stakes get even higher and prophecies demons and rogue hunters threaten her life and her reputation when Lord Carlston invades her senses and gets under her skin When she faces the danger of losing herself “Sometimes there is no good choice” There is something familiar yet oddly mystifying about The Dark Days Club Alison Goodman's attention to every detail and the thorough investigation she has conducted are truly astonishing she has left nothing in chance Every gesture she describes every piece of clothing and dialogue and dance they transfuse an authenticity to her narration While I must admit that I found the first part rather slow paced and at times wished she wouldn't elaborare this much in things that didn't seem important nor interesting I admired her dedicationHer underground London with the Deceivers and the Reclaimers was also resourceful she didn't follow the demons hunt humans trope to the letter she marked her own path with a dash of paranormal a plethora of social events and a pinch of slow burning romance Lady Helen is not your typical heroine Even though she felt a rash of excitement when she discovered her true nature she wasn't sure that she wanted this life a life of danger and responsibility I was not particularly fond of her decision towards the end mostly because she resolved so for the wrong reasons But in general she was a fresh and witty character with a spark of mischief and a brave heart “You have far courage than you think you do” Lord Carlston is an enigma The truth about him is a riddle to be solved his motives hidden but I strongly believe in him that he is a genuinely good person albeit somehow tainted by the darkness he keeps facing He is irresistible The romantic aspect of his relationship with Lady Helen started forming towards the end and the tension between them was utterly delicious Bound by the rules of propriety and his lordship's rotten reputation Lady Helen tried to fight her attraction To deny her growing feelings But if there is a word to describe them that word is burning I'm really looking forward to The Dark Days Pact Here is Nastassja's marvelous review that brought this book to my attention Holy moly this book was so great Amazing research really fun characters and such an original idea I read it because I am going on tour with Alison Goodman and now I'm just going to meet her and fangirl and she's going to be like who are you please go away It's no surprise that this book is terrific every Allison Goodman story includes a world that comes alive in a way few books do Paranormal Regency London shimmers with whirling silk skirts and is bound by careful decorum yet our heroine finds herself defying everything she's been taught when she experiences powerful magic for the first time and is drawn into a web of intrigue and dangerI'm surprised to find that I do have a couple of reservations about the book so I need some time to sort out my feelings But all in all this is engrossing and perfectly paced with wonderful period details and convincing characterization As always Review to come Ugh the thought of waiting another year for book two after this one was delayed for so long just kills me My favorite thing about The Dark Days Club is the historical accuracy It is very clear from the first page that there was a great deal of research that went into this book There were moments places and people in history I recognized The setting feels so real with the incredible amount of detail included It felt like I had traveled back to London 1812 I even found myself learning things This is exactly what I want from a historical fiction book and Alison Goodman brought itThe introduction provides some historical background to our story helping to show where we are at in the time period It also presents the story well in terms of what is going on in society The rest of the book follows Lady Helen She lives with her aunt and uncle because her parents died ten years prior Lady Helen is preparing to be presented to the ueen something her uncle hopes to go well so she secures a husband this season Her mother is a rud traitor to England which could only taint the family name The things expected from a woman in the 1800s are so restricting I found myself getting so angry for Lady Helen even though I get that this is just the way society was When her uncle said something about the basis of femininity being obedienceno words I am just so glad to have the freedoms we do todayEven with the amount of detail each chapter had something that really kept me reading Lady Helen has so much going on preparing for her presentation when one of the house maids goes missing Lord Carlston a distant relative of her uncle’s appears back in town and seems to know things about Helen she can’t uite understand Dark rumors follow Lord Carlston making him a bit of an interesting character There are many other aspects to the story but basically there is a HUGE paranormal twist to the story It is revealed in the synopsis if you’d like to find out or you can go into it a bit on the blind sideThere is a romance that’s slow burning but doesn’t uite get there yet I felt like the tension was building and would expect something to develop later in the series We shall see The romance didn’t take over the plot at all so that’s a bonus The book is a bit on the long side and for the most part keeps it’s pace There are a few slower parts though There is an author’s note provided at the end explaining the research that went into The Dark Days Club She goes into the accuracy of the facts and explains small details in history she changed for the sake of the plot I’m planning to look at her pinterest and website because it really was so interestingIf you enjoy historical fiction with paranormal elements then I 100% recommend you read this asap Imagine if since the day you were born someone has been telling you that all you are ever meant to be is fashionable womanly a wife and a mother?But then someone unexpected comes into your life and shatters all you thought you knew about the world Suddenly you have options You can still marry if that is your wish and lead a mostly comfortable lifeOr you can fight demonsTo Lady Helen it is not an easy choice and she struggles with it for the entire book Every time she thinks she has figured out her destiny and is about to make the final decision something or someone comes along and messes with her mind againI’m not surprised this doesn’t have readers It takes a long time to finish I could have sincerely read two books in the time I read this one The pacing is uneven so there are faster passages but the majority are pretty descriptive and so rather slowBut I learned to appreciate them and in conseuence Goodman’s writing style It shows that she made a tremendous amount of research before writing this story It’s been a long time since I heard of doctors ‘‘bleeding’’ their patients so they can recover What a huge pot of nonsense However those are the sorts of details that give authenticity to a historical settingThat said I’m by no means fan of married love interests in YA fiction Except one must admit that Lord Carlston’s situation is an extraordinary one and there is to the story than we were told and made to believeThis was my first Alison Goodman book and ladies and gents I am impressed It is reminiscent of Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices so that certainly helped my interest stay alive – after all who doesn’t wish they had super strength were invited into a secret society and courted by two of the most untouchable men in London? Not Lady Helen This is so so much funBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ 35Maybe it's because I just wasn't in the mood for it but I found this to be so so slow It had a great atmosphere great characters great historical aspects but I just felt like I was being dragged along for an unnecessary amount of time I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books Music Inc in exchange for an honest review 25 starsRounded up for old times' sake because I was mostly bored by the novelThis story is simultaneously well written and yet so incredibly slow Frankly throughout the book I kept wishing for it to be a fun smutty Regency romp instead of a dour historical paranormal fantasy Goodman is just so good at writing historical details and manners and her characters are all over the age of 18 there is some fornicating and pornographic cards included in the story But I just couldn't care less about the paranormal aspect I would have liked the novel with smut humor and romance and some mystery instead of the whole boring paranormal dealNot interested in revisiting or reading a seuelPS I hope to not hearread a word miniature for a long time It was used a billion times in the text Heeeeyyy look a GIVEAWAY Go forth and win Ends 0218Review posted on The Eater of Books blogThe Dark Days Club by Alison GoodmanBook One of The Dark Days Club seriesPublisher Viking Books for Young ReadersPublication Date January 26 2016Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from GoodreadsLondon April 1812 On the eve of eighteen year old Lady Helen Wrexhall’s presentation to the ueen one of her family’s housemaids disappears and Helen is drawn into the shadows of Regency London There she meets Lord Carlston one of the few who can stop the perpetrators a cabal of demons infiltrating every level of society Dare she ask for his help when his reputation is almost as black as his lingering eyes? And will her intelligence and headstrong curiosity wind up leading them into a death trap?What I LikedWhew What a read This book is a doozy very long but worth every page I tucked in for a good read and I got what I was looking for I've been waiting for this book for nearly three years according to Goodreads anyway I read Eon and Eona as a young teen probably around fourteen fifteen? so reading The Dark Days Club was really exciting for me I'm twenty now random tidbit Waiting for a new book by Alison Goodman has not been easyLady Helen Wrexhall is about to make her debut at the royal court of George III in front of the ueen Her aunt and uncle want her to secure a good future and being presented and recognized by the ueen will aid the process and hopefully ward off the taint of Helen's mother's actions from the past Lady Catherine was wild and unrestrained and Helen's uncle is happy that Lady Catherine and her husband died years ago But Helen is finding that she might be like her mother than she thought Her instincts have been getting sharper and she's has been noticing odd things It seems that the dangerous and mysterious Lord Carlston is the one who has answers who knows what she is and what she is seeing When worlds collide the glittering world of Regency London and the shadowy world of demons Helen's life will never be the sameYou all know how much I love adult historical romance novels Yup you know the type the ones with the shirtless males and ball gown clad females on the cover This book is set during the same time as many of those historical romance novels Regency London the 1800s I LOVE historical romance novels a lot of which is due to the time period Historical fiction in general not just romance set in the 1800s has always fascinated me I love that Goodman set this series during the 1800s and had so much fun doing the research for it She did a stunning job with the setting and world building The 1800s can be so restricting especially in a YA novel with a female as the protagonist Goodman really set up the world in an authentic manner; Helen's life must revolve around attending social events balls gowns and securing a future match Helen's uncle controls every aspect of her life including her inheritance until she either marries or turns twenty five Scary thought right? I didn't like Helen's uncle at all and I thought her aunt was ridiculous but she had good intentions Helen's brother is SUCH a young lord in the 1800s carefree privileged has no idea how lucky he is to have his freedom freedom a young woman does not have in this time period Same with his nice friend Selburn he's nice but I don't trust me I did like Helen's friend Millicent and Helen's maid Darby Go DarbyI really liked Helen she's a different sort of character in YA She's intelligent and curious and witty which is not typical of a girl in the 1800s they're not supposed to be smart rather they should be pretty well mannered dolls ready for marriage and children She IS well mannered and I'm sure she's pretty Goodman never made physical appearance a big deal which I thought was refreshing I like that Helen takes steps to protect herself and her maid Darby when she finds out what she is and what she can do She doesn't immediately jump into the cause which you see so many girls in YA lit do when they find out that they're differentSo what IS Lady Helen? It turns out that her mother Lady Catherine was a demon hunter with enhanced senses instincts reflexes and the ability to see demons with some aids Helen is born with those abilities and her powers are slowly awakening Lord Carlston an Earl has recently come back to London as it would turn out to hunt demons but also to seek out HelenLord Carlston is known for supposedly killing his wife No body was found so this wasn't proven but all of London is uite sure that he killed her The young Earl is cold and seems savage but it isn't until he shows Helen what SHE is that she understands why he is so He's a Reclaimer as well and he wants Helen to join him in taking demons' power to destroy themI like Lord Carlston He's generally very misunderstood poor guy and seems like a good man We don't get to know all of his secrets in this book but we do get to see a lot of his personality He protects Lady Helen at every turn no matter her thoughts on The Dark Days Club those who hunt the demons Lady Helen is reluctant to join which is so reasonable and it's respectable that Lord Carlston does not push herI've seen some people asking if this book is similar to Susan Dennard's debut trilogy but I personally don't think so There are no zombies in this book and I feel like Lady Helen's life is MUCH rigid and restricted than Eleanor's Lady Helen is a very high ranking lady in society with a hefty inheritance Her brother is Lord Hayden another noble and he is good friends with a Duke Selburn Even Lord Carlston is an Earl I don't really think that this book and series is similar to the Something Strange and Deadly series especially given Lady Helen's reluctance to join the groupThere is a hint of romance the smallest barest hint You can probably guess who the leading pair are In 1800s London unmarried eligible girls are often pushed towards the first interested nobleman in order to secure a good match Keep that in mind as you read this book THERE IS NO LOVE TRIANGLE I adored the beginnings of a romance in this book and the ending is very favorable I foresee no love triangle in the future and I DO foresee the romance that I'm hoping will develop developing swoonsSpending of the ending as soon as there is some grand ball or event or dance announced in YA lit you KNOW something bad is going to happen In contemporary YA if there is a homecoming dance or prom something bad will go down I knew the showdown was coming but I didn't expect it to end as it did I cannot wait to see what happens in book two You just KNOW that Selburn is hiding something And we've barely scratched the surface in terms of Lord Carlston I must know Amazing world building excellent character arcs and development uniue story budding romance I'm hooked This book doesn't end in a cliffhanger but suffice it to say I need the next bookWhat I Did Not LikeThis isn't so much a complaint as a warning this book is LONG And it reads long I usually don't mind lengthy books Give yourself enough time to read it in one sitting trust me you'll want to read it in one sitting It wasn't boring at all but you really FEEL the 500 pages while you're reading it didn't read uicklyWould I Recommend ItI absolutely loved this book no surprise there as I really love adult historical romance novels set in Regency London and I adored Eon and Eona at a younger age I had confidence in Goodman and she did not let me done This is book one of a trilogy so it isn't the worst idea to wait for all three books to publish But I knew I would want a new Goodman book in my hands as soon as possible If you're not much of a historical fiction reader go slow I was exposed to all of the customs and rules of Regency London because of all the adult historical romance novels I readRating45 stars rounded down to 4 stars I bet if there were kissing in this book it would have gotten 5 stars LOL This book was very close to 5 stars believe me I am uite sure that the next book will not come soon enoughWoooooooow I liked this book a lot No surprise there I'm a huge fan of adult historical romance novels AND I loved Eon and Eona D

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