Dragonhammer (Dragonhammer, #1)

Dragonhammer (Dragonhammer, #1)[Reading] ➸ Dragonhammer (Dragonhammer, #1) ➮ Conner McCall – Oaklandjobs.co.uk They say there is one that cannot be defeated One that can withstand any blow and return it without remorse One who burns across the battlefield as a beast of old He is the one they say who fights lik They say there is one that cannot be defeated One that can withstand any blow and return it without remorse One who burns across the battlefield as a beast of old He is the one they say who fights like a dragonDragonhammer. Flat characters plot and premiseI had higher hopes based on the reviews but was disappointed as usual Even the three star reviews failed to note the inherent flaws in this book The characters are so flat they're practically concave The plot is like watching stock footage from Lord of the Rings The dialogue is so terse and immature it's essentially unnecessary The hero is inexplicably omnipotent and his motivation is thin The world and war strategy is about as sophisticated as a Risk game board The bad guys are opaue yet predictable I skimmed or skipped the unnecessarily descriptive paragraphs on almost every page thus avoiding much of the book I only gave it 2 stars rather than 1 as I did read the last couple of pages I won't be reading the next volume if it ever is released best book i have ever read this story has emotion action a deep story and developed characters this book is my favorite book the second book in the series is also amazing to the auther please make books i will die without This is a great start to the series and I could not put it down You'll fall in love with the characters and story will keep you reading til the end Great Reading Everyone Dragonhammer was an okay read For a fantasy book it was very basic Maybe it's because I have read Tolkien George RR Martin etcThe plot was very thin and the story very straightforward None of the characters had any depth There really wasn't any real character development I couldn't feel for the characters because I couldn't connect to the characters The book was centralized on the main character Kadmus As i read the book it seemed as though the author was too focused on creating an all powerful character The character seems to have some unbelievable fighting skills and wins every fight with a swing or two of his mighty hammer This character mind you has no background in fighting or being trained to be a fighter of that caliber The character just starts off being insanely powerful taking down enemies who should realistically have experience and skills The dialogues between the characters were not engaging and to be honest pretty boring The entire book plot characters and bad guys seem to have been created to make the main character important and show how powerful he isAgain this book was an okay read It was not bad but if you are expecting to get wrapped up in a whole different world I would pass Who knows maybe once the author finds the time to focus in on the book and really get into it he can create a world with characters that people are eager to learn about and be a part of We must give this young author a chanceWhen I started reading this story I became flustered with the use of too many adjectives The descriptions of everything was just wordyBut after I got around that problem I realized what a good story was being told The characters are very good and believable tooI am going on to the next volume of Dragonhammer volume 2 when this college student finds time to create itbts around to itCan you imagine going to college AND writing a fantasy novel Pretty SillyI want to preface with the fact that I only got to the 30% mark so it's possible it could've got better Writing is disjointed skips and drags from paragraph to paragraph Main character has no learning curve and everyone defers to him I couldn't stick with it to see if his amazing skills were explained Loved Volume 1I really enjoyed this book I couldn't help but feel the same way that the main character felt at every turn I am waiting with great anticipation for the next book to come out I can't wait to see what happens next in both his military and slowly developing what I anticipate to be his romantic life This book is very flat but for some reason it pulls you in I think the author has something special but has yet to really grow into it The book was a basic zero to hero stand point Good but flat no betrayal or plot twist straightforward get first book can't wait for the next one Loved this book desperately searched for a seuel Cannot wait for one Cant recommend enough story draws you right in