Chasing Elvis

Chasing Elvis☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Chasing Elvis By Glenn Marcel ✩ – Elvis died in 1977 or did he In 1982 an Elvis impersonator clumsily robs a bank and incredibly all of the evidence points to the supposedly deceased Elvis as being the robber A detective hot on the tr Elvis died in or did he In an Elvis impersonator clumsily robs a bank and incredibly all of the evidence points to the supposedly deceased Elvis as being the robber A detective hot on the trail of the robber is convinced that he is Chasing Elvis but is killed in an accidental car crash near Moscow Tennessee leaving behind a five year old daughter Twenty years later the daughter is a tabloid reporter for Weird Magazine a shameless check out counter rag She is assigned to cover an Elvis Festival in Moscow discovers her father's notes and uickly stumbles onto the Elvis robber's trail What she discovers in rural Tennessee just may be the news story of the young century. Had it not been for the fact that I won Chasing Elvis in return for writing a review I would probably never have finished reading it A sense of obligation not suspense spurred me onI DO want to say however that the writer Glenn Marcel shows enormous potential I hope that doesn't sound condescending because heaven knows I couldn't write a novel Howeverthis novel is so badly in need of an editor to tighten it up The plot was so convoluted and some characters appeared to have no REAL part to play since they contributed nothing to the plot itself And the Sasuatch interlude what was the point of that? It just went on and on and on the reader ends up wading through a swamp of verbiage instead of anxiously turning the page The book needs editing badlyScenes would change in a single page with no indication that the scene HAD changed Similarly a single page could be written from a couple of points of view making it difficult to follow Some characters were not sufficiently delineated one character cleaned out his ear with his index finger and a few pages later another character did exactly the same thingI also uestion the choice of words in many instances and this is NOT related to the language used by an actual character but the language of the author himself The words 'potty' and 'crapper' jumped off the page as did 'kooks' in reference to a Psychiatric Hospital And then there are all the 'feinted' instead of 'fainted' and 'bugger' instead of 'booger' and 'madames' instead of 'mesdames' The author talks of them getting 'underfoot' when he meant 'underway' and 'caught in his own petard' instead of 'hoist with his own petard'and on and on Oh and he describes Maggie as wearing make up she is 5 years old when he meant Mel and he writes she and Richard's relationship And please don't say that they are typos shouldn't the author have read and reread the book before putting it out there?And all the business of the gun not being declared sorry but it's illegal to bring a gun from the States into Canada without declaring it And when Mel asks what kind of kook would impersonate a dead person at the Elvis festival she's a reporter for heaven's sake has she never heard of Tribute Bands?So the bottom line in its present form I cannot recommend Chasing Elvis This book had promise I enjoyed the author's writing style It was uick and snappy But that's the only thing I enjoyed about this bookThere were a few totally different story lines and it's not 'til you get to the end that you see how they are connected It all falls into place too convenientlyI didn't like any of the characters They were way too uirky to be believable For example Bennie is a drug addicted nympho rich kid who is turning tricks for loser Freddy She's dumb dumb dumb Her friend Lannie isn't much better There's no sorrow when Lannie's mother dies of cancer Bennie and Lannie are interested in the mom's possessionsSomeone obviously didn't do a very good job in proofreading this book because there were typos and lots and lots of sloppy punctuation they need to learn about uotation marks Very annoyingIs Elvis the bankrobber? I'd love to tell you so you wouldn't waste your time reading this book but I don't want to spoil the ending if you do read it Interesting storey that leves you wondering just what happens next The Kindle edition has a few formattinh bugs such as having to change to font size once in a while to find the half sentances that have fallen off the bottom of the page

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