The Letter

The Letter[Ebook] ➠ The Letter Author Kathryn Hughes – Every so often a love story comes along to remind us that sometimes in our darkest hour hope shines a candle to light our way Discover the Number One bestseller that has captured thousands of hearts w Every so often a love story comes along to remind us that sometimes in our darkest hour hope shines a candle to light our way Discover the Number One bestseller that has captured thousands of hearts worldwide Tina Craig longs to escape her violent husband She works all the hours God sends to save up enough money to leave him also volunteering in a charity shop to avoid her unhappy home Whilst going through the pockets of a second hand suit she comes across an old letter the envelope firmly sealed and unfranked Tina opens The Letter and reads it a decision that will alter the course of her life for ever Billy Stirling knows he has been a fool but hopes he can put things right On th September he sits down to write The Letter he hopes will change his future It does in ways than he can ever imagine The Letter tells the story of two women born decades apart whose paths are destined to cross and how one woman's devastation leads to the other's salvation. I don't understand the number of 4 and 5 star reviews on this novel I was swayed to buy it by the reviews But it really is the most lazy kind of writing style and boring to read It's not the story that's boring that could be told well although in this version the characters are one dimensional and annoyingly stupid But the writing style is really simplified and repetitive I'm 55% through and if I read another description of a steaming mugcup of anything I shall boil the book Hard as it's a kindle version The plot is see through tooIt feels like the author read a bunch of books and then wrote her own by copying the others Sadly she didn't read anything well written to do this with I get annoyed by poor books There is no excuse The world is full of great books A lifetime isn't long enough to read them all Why waste time writing something mediocre Reading is a wonderful skill and experience not to be thrown away I like a bit of chick lit now and then for light relief But only the well written chick lit I don't know what category I'd put this book intoIt's in the gave up pile I'm afraid I'm off to find something better written to spend my time in 4 stars This was an easy enjoyable read While the writing style was very simple there are some heavy topics covered within this story domestic violence rape a young mother forced to give up her baby Though I found the author's writing to be uite basic there was something about the book and the characters that were very likeable for me My heart broke a few times throughout the novel but I also had a heartwarming sense of closure at the end The Letter is a historical romance that spans across three generations and like most love stories it tells about love found and love lostEven though this subject is often predictable with its indiscriminate apportioning of pain and heartachestill each story has its own uniue experiencesthis is one such storyIt's not a fluffy read it's a story about two women a generation apart who's struggles have a lot in common and how time and circumstance will conspire to bridge the gap between them to uncover their stories and bring some much overdue healingThis story was compelling I thought in that it goes into the details of the lives of those involved and gave good depictions of the types of bias and misguided judgements of the time along with a clear sense of the struggles brought about by the first world war How these individuals were directly and indirectly affected and how as individuals they copedThe choices they made were not always the preferred choices mostly they were borne out of necessity due to the circumstances of that eraAlthough it follows a remarkably incredible pattern of events I found this story mesmerizing as each piece of a puzzle fell into place to build on a much bigger storyIf you can somewhat suspend belief and read this at face value it is uite a clever and satisfying readWe learn that even the smallest of oversights now can sometimes count in the larger scheme of things enabling the possibility of a later action which can have eually profound effectsI really enjoyed this read 4★sMany thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for my copy to read and review I was looking for a book with a lighter vibe after a period of reading intense crime novels I came across The Letter on and thought I'd give it a whirl I'm so glad I didThis is both a heart warming novel and one tinged with sadness too It's incredibly easy to read and just be pulled along into the story losing track of time If you are looking for some fiction escapism this will do the job nicelyThe book moves between two timelines In modern day an old letter never posted is discovered in an old coat left for a charity shop to sell The letter once read sparks a curiosity and a journey to find out about the story with it and to return it to its intended recipientThen we are on the brink of WWII in England and the true story behind this letter and how it came to be unravels The author flits us between today and yesteryear seamlessly it left me wanting to know what was next with both scenariosTackling issues like domestic violence there are some heart breaking moments in the novel there are plenty of wonderful ones too It is a book that left me feeling satisfied and all warm and fuzzy inside after reading itIt's paced really well I read it uite uickly and the plot held my interest all the way If you are looking for a nice read then don't look past this book I really enjoyed it and the change of pace in my reading it gave me I read the Kindle version of this book All review opinions are my own and totally unbiasedIf you'd like to follow me and my reviews I'd love to connect with you Facebook wwwfacebookcomBookloverCatladyTwitterwwwtwittercompromotethatbook THE LETTER by Kathryn Hughes performed by Rachel Atkins is truly spellbinding The most captivating moving and emotional audiobook I have ever read listened to—from secrets loss pain sacrifice and love Top 50 Books of 2015 2015 Best Audiobook tie Best Historical Romance FictionA story of two women whose lives become entwined when one discovers a letter that was written in 1939 but never sent never posted; not online posted but postmarked stamped Two powerful stories connect; fate steps in; across history time and oceans for an explosive reunion; a love story so profound mesmerizing; leaving you utterly speechless when you reach the end; a novel and characters you will remember long after the book endsAs the novel begins present day we hear from a granddaughter and grandmother while visiting in the lovely garden pulling weeds symbols for people in our lives everything belongs Readers then hear a tragic and heartbreaking story told from the loving grandmother; her story how she met the love of her life as events unfold which changed her life From Manchester in 1973 the story begins with Tina Craig a young woman married to a violent and evil man Rick her husband controlling a drunk lost his job he drinks smokes and gambles and beats her He has two personalities ranging from good to evil She has been desperately saving her money in order to escape and leave him; as she has no family or anywhere to turn; however he finds her money in the coffee can and now she is doomed once again Tina has a wonderful caring friend Graham at work and he is worried about her She also works at a charity shop volunteering and enjoys her customers where she is not worried about everything she says or does Her husband gives her money to bet turns out it was her coffee money; however she does not do so but her friend Graham places the bet for her and wins He gives her the money and she offers it to her husband and keeps the part she had saved and moves out She is finally happy The race March 31 1973 Grand National horse racing sealed her fateHowever Rick cleans up his act gets a job and uits drinking He wants her back and says he has changed She wants so much for a family She is torn and unsure if he has really changed but she finds herself pregnant from the last violent time he raped her When she goes back to pick up her clothes he slowly turns on the charm and talks her into coming back Her friends do not share in the joy as they are very suspicious of Rick doubting he has really has changed It works for a while; however soon thereafter his old ways return She is afraid for her life and her unborn baby He is drinking again and this time his violence is the worst ever leaving her for dead and baby? The reason for his anger is due to The Letter He finds a letter in her purse A love letter Drunk jealous and enraged However little does he know the letter was one Tina found in one of her customer’s coat pockets; a special love letter from over thirty some years earlier from a solider going off to war to his pregnant girlfriend Tina now broken and alone is haunted by the letter obsessed with finding this Billy and his love If she cannot be happy she needs to someone to be Why didn’t Billy post the letter? Chrissie the pregnant intended recipient never received this letter Are they still even alive? Little does Tina know this letter will later change the course of her own life What became of this couple torn apart? Tina is moved by the contents of the letter but also puzzled as why such a heartfelt message was left in a pocket She vows to find out what became of Billy and ChrissieThe second story is of a young woman and man we meet later in the book back in 1939 Billy and Chrissie They are in love Chrissie’s controlling father a doctor one evil cold man does not like Billy the boy she is dating When Chrissie tells Billy she is pregnant he is overwhelmed due to the war and the economy and unsure about their financial future He leaves; however later that evening he begins to regret his harsh words and writes a letter to Chrissie 4th September 1939 One of love He declares his love and asks for her hand in marriage When he stops by her house the next day the father informs him she does not wish to see him Of course she is unaware of any of this Billy tells her father he has written her a letter and since the postal service is having issues the father says he will deliver the letter but he does not He puts the letter in a coat pocket which is found years later by a woman Chrissie is heartbroken wondering why Billy has deserted herOf course the controlling father will not allow his daughter to bring shame upon the family name so sends her off to a commune to live with hateful evil nuns and is forced to give up the baby Her mother dad and aunt turned their back on her Her baby is adopted by Americans Two young women's lives destroyed by evil men and separated from their babiesYears later the boy now a man has always wondered about his biological parents so sets off to England to find answers Chrissie the biological mother’s life in England is left empty of the life taken away from her so cruelly In his search abroad William runs into Tina working at the library and tells her of his search for his birth mother and father She has The Letter which will connect the two stories The two of them strangers begin the search for the owners of the letter William’s parents to solve the mystery of a past life A letter which caused the death of one child and the saving grace for another When the two storylines connect it is one of the most powerful reunions Ordinary women who overcome extraordinary heartache A beautiful poignant ending Wow I am not an emotional person; however here I was traveling driving in rush hour traffic with iPod with tears rolling down my face to the point I could barely see The reunion scene was the most emotional and vivid scene making you feel as though you were there Rachel Atkins' performance was award winning even her voice was broken and cracking as she was speaking I was literally hanging on every word feeling the powerful emotion pain and feelings Hughes and Atkins are in perfect sync Hughes writing is amazing and the way she created both storylines with pitch perfect pacing and fabulous character development Please let this be the narrator for the next book While in Costco I finished the book and re listened to the last four chapters on the way home once again It is that powerful; highly recommend the audio version Not sure how I missed this stunning book along the way however I stumbled upon the audiobook released May 7 2015 on Audible and was hooked the first five minutes to the end Could not put it down until I finished Oct 18 2015 Paperback Hard to believe this is a debut Can understand why it hit number one on the Kindle Chart spending 130 days in the top 100 with 2000 reader reviews I have since read world rights including film have been attained from this self published book I want a front row seat and cannot wait for her second book coming in 2016 A definite pre order Kathryn Hughes has a rare talent and trust me when I say this gal can write and oh can Rachel Atkins perform A thought provoking novel The Letter a story of two women born decades apart whose paths are destined to cross and how one woman's devastation leads to the other's salvation My Top 30 Books of 2015 Hughes has been added to my favorite author list SCORE 5 StarsFor readers who enjoy historical fiction and a suspenseful love story recommend The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley by Susan Ornbratt JDCMustReadBooks Cannot believe I missed Hughes new book It took my UK GR pal Sue to inform me thanks Sue Immediately purchased The Secret 2016 audiobook same narrator Rachel Atkins as The Letter which I loved So excitedCurrently reading Read Both like NOW Now available in Paperback 982016 A very difficult 35 star rating originally going to be 4TW Domestic violence Rape Assault StillbirthI loved Kathryn's novel The Secret when I received an ARC of that for review a while back having found a cheap secondhand copy of her debut novel The Letter I was excited to see why lots of readers had read and loved this book The premise of the letter was definitely what appealed to me the most before I dived into the adventure The novel is split into three parts the first opening in 1970s England with a woman named Tina who works in a charity shop to avoid her husband who is an alcoholic and sometimes extremely violent While looking through a suit one day she finds a letter that has never been opened and written by a man named Billy Only thing is that this letter was written in 1939 at the turn of the Second World War Soon Tina is caught up in this mystery what did happen to Billy all those years ago?The time period flips between 1970s and 1930s as we learn about the mysterious Billy The first part of this novel was hard to read as some of the graphic details from the domestic violence were uite detailed However parts two and three really opened up for me as the reader Part three was my personal favourite in which the mystery of Billy is finally solved I was moved by the last few pages in particular The emotional connection was there Sadly it is uite an uncomfortable read and as a nineteen year old reader who hasn't experienced some of the events travelling to another country getting married I felt a little bored during those passagesI really recommend The Secret by the same author I hope to read her latest work The Key very soon This story contains many of the aspects I love about the art of fiction writing love loss time travel and brilliantly developed characters I thought the modus operandi was inspired; I love it when an author can confidently jump between time periods to deliver a beautifully interwoven story Taking the reader on a journey from the east coast of America the rustic farmlands of Southern Ireland and the bustling streets of Manchester I was gripped from start to finish I even unashamedly wiped away a tear or two on than once occasionAfter a recent spate of very underwhelming books The Letter has been a welcome revival to my 2016 year of reading I can only hope the authors second book is just as pleasing The premise of finding an unposted 30 year old letter in a suit pocket in a charity shop was a very good one but oh dear the story was stretched out The book was over reliant on coincidences It also stretched The limits of credibility that Chrissy lived for 30 years within 5 miles of the convent blissfully unaware that of the fact that Grace who had befriended her in the convent lived just down the road In fact nobody appeared to know anybody – something very hard to believe in rural Ireland On the other hand in metropolitan Manchester people ran into each other all the time I found the characters very one dimensional and black and white with no subtlety or nuance Characters either had hearts of gold or were unmitigated evil In particular William was a poorly drawn character who was a classic example of a woman trying and failing to write a man There was also too much restatement of things the reader already knew for the benefit of other characters I did finish it though so the author managed to keep me turning the pages even though I knew exactly what was going to happen Oh and one thing in particular jarred for me a 34 year old man in 1973 saying awesome i don't think so 25 stars round up to 3 This dual narrative set in the 1970's and 1939 was a fairly predictable storyline that had a Hallmark Hall of Fame type vibe The readers are taken from Manchester to Ireland and the USA I did find the story was a nice light read and I would love to read by the author I actually won a copy of this book in a giveaway on Twitter and I am so glad I did as I don't know when or if I would have come across this wonderful book and the author otherwiseThis truly is a wonderful book I found it to be very deep and beautifully written and it is one book that I think will stay with me for a long timeThe story starts with Tina who works in a charity shop and comes across a letter dated many years before Intrigued by the people and the story behind the letter Tina sets out to find the person who the letter was intended for The story then swaps between present day with Tina and her troublesome marriage and years before where the story of the people behind the letter unfoldsI loved the characters and even felt sorry for a couple of the unlikeable ones towards the end I think Tina Chrissie and Billy especially will stay with me for uite a while yetThe Letter takes you through a mixture of emotions it is very much a compelling read that once you've started you will struggle to put down Can't recommend highly enough