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Doctor Is In, The[Download] ➵ Doctor Is In, The Author Ruth Westheimer – The doctor is in America’s best loved therapist Dr Ruth is known for her wise counsel on all matters of the heart Here she shares private stories from her past and her present and her insights into The doctor is in America’s best loved therapist Dr Ruth is known for her wise counsel on all matters of the heart Here she shares private stories from her past and her present and her insights into living life to the fullest at any ageEveryone knows Dr Ruth as America’s most famous and trusted sex therapist but few people know she was raised in an orphanage in Switzerland narrowly escaping death during the Holocaust—or that she was an ace sniper in the Israeli amy After years spent as a professor in Paris Doctor Is MOBI :¼ Dr Ruth came to America with big dreams and even bigger chutzpah And at the age of eighty seven she is as feisty as everThrough intimate and funny stories Dr Ruth sheds light on how she’s learned to live a life filled with joie de vivre And she shows listners how they too can learn to deal with tragedy and loss challenges and successes all while nourishing an intellectual and emotional spark and above all having fun Hilarious inspiring and profound The Doctor Is In will change the way you think about life and love in all its limitless possibilities. Thanks to NetGalley and Publishing for the chance to read and review an advance reader's copy of Doctor Is In The Dr Ruth on Love Life and Joie de VivreI originally wanted to read this book due to the description of Dr Ruth’s life sounding very intriguing From being separated from her parents and ultimately left an orphan during the Holocaust to joining the Haganah a paramilitary organization in Palestine and being trained as a sniper it sounded very unexpected based on what little I knew about her I was also interested in exactly how someone who describes herself as fairly conservative due to her background as an Orthodox Jew in Germany ended up becoming a famous sex therapist in her fifties However while she does mention all those topics I felt that she never delved very deeply into her past with the exception of becoming a sex therapist She describes her unusual career path in detail but in my opinion it came off as very self aggrandizing with a lot of name dropping and continually referring to her role as a “celebrity” and all the benefits that come with that status I found the story of her life somewhat dry and lacking in emotion considering the fact that she survived the Holocaust and losing her parents at the age of ten but managed to eventually do uite well for herself I’m not sure if potential reasons for this could be that she details her life story in a previous book I haven’t read any other books by her andor she simply doesn’t want to dredge up old memories that are negative since this book is about how to experience “joie de vivre” a term mentioned WAY too freuently 31 times plus 10 abbreviated to just joyWhile I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I'd hoped to I still think Dr Ruth managed to intersperse some good advice throughout the book including the followingOne of my secrets to getting the most from life is that I naturally forget bad things that happen to me That’s not to say that I don’t hold grudges However if I’ve forgotten why I should be holding that grudge it slips through my fingers along with all the bad vibrations that come with anything negativeFeeling the full range of emotions is a part of life No one likes to feel sad but assuming you’re not clinically depressed feeling sad from time to time is better than not feeling any emotions at allYou can’t really enjoy life if you’re always hesitant You have to make decisions and while some of them won’t turn out as planned at least you’ll know who to blame – and when they turn out to be right you won’t have to share the creditMy favorite part of the book is that Dr Ruth advocates for continually growing and learning no matter one's age and she has slowed down very little even at the age of eight six She states “There are many ways to expand your brain and one of the best I’ve found is teaching” She goes on to sayThe reason I like to teach at the age of eighty six is that when you reach a certain stage hanging around people your own age doesn't offer all that much in terms of growth potential Many seniors have their sights aimed inward rather than outwardShe continues to write and teach courses at several colleges as well as travels around the world giving lectures In this way I think she exemplifies the way everyone should hope to live life in their eighties The Doctor is In by Dr Ruth Westheimer is a free NetGalley ebook that I began reading in early April I had chosen to read this book due to my being on a bio bent but also because I love Dr Ruth's open mind free spirit and 80s chicHaving gone back to school to pursue social sciences I expected this book to have a bit of a disciplined academic flow to it but no If you look back up at its subtitle you'll find that it includes the phrase ' joie de vivre' which pops up just about every other page It lends itself to the context and morals of a series of very cheerful and thankful stories but it wears at you like a sugar filled papercut I mean how much joie does my vivre really need to have? I grew up in New York listening to Dr Ruth on the radio She was so warm and inviting and gave such sound advice I have always admired her courage her zest for life and her strong presence I was surprised therefore by her book The Doctor Is In in which she gives advice on how to live life with Joie de Vivre and get the most pleasure and joy that we can In this book Dr Ruth seems different; her voice is shallow distant and repetitive Basically the book is a guide on how to handle the vicissitude of life the hurt the grief the losses that come our way She encourages us to feel all of our feelings associated with our pain and then get moving and find the Joie de Vivre that we are missing She gives us examples from her own life What is surprising is how simplistic and formulaic her advice is how she repeats it over and over and how the she says it the removed it feels Given that Dr Ruth encourages us to feel a full range of feeling it is disappointing that she mostly only expresses happy and nice feelings and doesn't give many clues on how to express the full range of emotions we might be feeling and use this to lighten our burdens and better ourselves She also doesn't seem aware that people have so many different ways of coping and that being active and busy might work for her but not for others Overall a miss for me though I always look forward to hearing from Dr Ruth at different stages of her and my own life Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to review this book for an honest opinion Galley provided free for review by netgalleycomI really wanted to like this book I know that Dr Ruth is typically known for discussions about sex and that's well and good but I was excited about reading a little about her life She has lived several lifetimes in her 86 years and I wanted to know about her experiences There are some good lessons in the book but after a while reading the book starts to feel like sitting with an elderly relative who has Lessons to Impart Dr Ruth's ideas about joie de vivre are good in small doses but a book full of them kind of hits the reader over the head There's nothing subtle about the message she wants to send and she does so with a rather blunt writing style I wish the book had been a little carefully edited for style because it feels a bit clunky and uneven At one point she says Fred was short and since he wasn't wearing a wedding ring I could tell he was single Why not just say He was short and he wasn't wearing a wedding ring? I think it's safe to assume your readers can make that jump with you A little while later she says parenthetically to her readers You may remember it was the subject of the uestion I asked Dr Kaplan Well yes the uestion was asked literally three paragraphs earlier I assure you we remember There are chronological jumps that aren't always logical but would actually work if you were sitting in a room with your great aunt listening to her tell stories about her childhood There are things that she repeats like she can't uite remember if she's said it before so she's just going to tell you again By the time I was two thirds of the way through the book I just wanted to get to the end and that was very disappointing for me There is no way to happiness happiness is the way Not my kind of book Superficial self congratulatory name dropping There's an interesting story there but she tells it very poorly 25 stars and I guess I wish I could give it but also surprised I finished this book Dr Ruth has had an incredible life in both highs and extreme lows I fully support not letting your lows trap you but it got a little repetitive through out the book I haven't read many autobiographies so I may not be the best at determining the best way to go about talking about all your accomplishments with out coming across as egotistical but this felt a little bit that way I did enjoy learning about her childhood and her life experiences There were bits of advice I agreed with and pondered but I picked this book to read as I thought there was going to be of those things I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review This is such a fun little book It's not exactly a linear tale but a mixture of Dr Ruth's life story experience and advice I've always been interested in her and this book really piued my interest even I will be reading her actual autobiography after this She's obviously full of life and joy and this book reflects that This is not the deepest book on her life or on sex advice but if you aren't really familiar with either this provides some entry into both subjects I remember Dr Ruth talking candidly about sex on radio and television back in the 80's Accent aside hers was a uniue voice because of her focus on educating without shocking or titillating her audience She brings this same frankness to her second autobiography and fills its pages with upbeat advice based on her astonishingly varied some tragically life experiences Overall a very positive view of an eventful life that's still going strong at 86I received this book for free through the goodreads First Reads program I wasn't aware that Dr Ruth was sent to Switzerland at the age of ten and lost her whole family She was a sniper in the Israeli army and was married three times Being able to read an 899 book for free is a great perk of Prime Lending