The Man behind the Magic The Story of Walt Disney

The Man behind the Magic The Story of Walt Disney[PDF / Epub] ★ The Man behind the Magic The Story of Walt Disney By Katherine Barrett Greene – For generations he set the standard for family entertainment His films Snow White Cinderella Bambi are perennial classics Now Walt Disney's remarkable story is told for children from his childhood on For behind the Magic The MOBI :¼ generations he set behind the ePUB ☆ the standard for family entertainment His films Snow White Cinderella Bambi are perennial classics Now Walt Disney's remarkable story is told for children from his childhood on The Man eBook ↠ a Missouri farm to the building of the Disney empire page color insert Balck and white photographs. Overall this was a pretty good book I am not usually the kind of person who likes reading biographies but it was interesting to read about Walt Disney's life before Mickey Mouse and all the struggles he went through Katherine Greene did a good job of going into detail about Walt Disney as a person and his relationship with his parents and siblings One of my favorite parts was learning about how he was a high school dropout and went to join the Army but he was too young so he lied about his age and got a job as an ambulance driver Before reading this book I just thought of Walt Disney as the guy who made all the characters that I grew up loving but now I know just how much went into his dreams The only thing I didn't like about the book is some of the information it did or didn't give Like it talked about the names of a lot of companies that he worked with but frankly I don't care very much about those things I wish the author would have talked about the actual creation of the stories like Cinderella and 101 Dalmatians I loved how much Katherine Greene wrote about the work that went into building Disneyland She wrote No attraction that made it into the park was ambitious than the Jungle Cruise A river had to be built in the middle of Anaheim and populated with animals and exotic vegetation One of my favorite Walt Disney uotes is I happen to be a kind of inuisitive guy and when I see things I don't like I start thinking why do they have to be like this and how can I improve them I did not know much about Walt Disney except for the obvious so found this book pretty interesting Though it is really a very condensed version of Walt's life it still gave me a good idea of what kind of person he was what kind of family life he had and also how great his drive and ambition were Because of this we still reap the rewards of all his marvelous creationsideas I am evaluating the book the Man Behind the Magic a biography of Walt Disney by Katharine and Richard GreeneThis interesting biography portrays Disney's life as one of vision disappointment and phenomenal success He built an entertainment empire that began with innovative animation techniues and continued even after his death with the construction of Walt Disney World and the Epcot Center This young man from Missouri had a tendency to push both himself and his stuff which led to serious personal and financial problems in his rocky road to success This chronological biography documents his career concentrating on the man than his magic The section about Walt's family is very interesting because you learn so much about his dreams and his life The next section is about Walt and how his small animating and movie making business flourished The last section is centered on the Disney theme parks Walt's new family and looking into the future In this section you can really compare and contrast his ideas and if they became a reality or not The work presents a true to life picture of the genius of this talented man However the black and white photographs are extensive and interesting in this work and an additional eight pages of full color photographs from animated movies further enhance itThe way this book was organized was exceptionally helpful and never confusing or hard to read It was organized chronologically in chapters Extras that made the book pleasurable reading were the book flap which showed a uick summary of the book and the index Another extra is the table of contents which was very helpful I would also like to emphasize the pictures I thought that they were uite remarkable I believe all of the points in this book were strong and fascinatingOverall I think this book is fabulous and wonderful It covers most almost all of Walt's life and the organization I would recommend this book to anyone who likes any of the Disney theme parks or anyone who enjoys his cartoons movies and shows I picked this book mainly due to the MMM July challenge of the month was to read a biography I love alot of the Disney movies and have just been to Walt Disney World this past June 2012so Disney is on my mind I never really read about the man behind the entertainment The book gave a ton of information about Walt's life how lucky he was as well as the disappointments that occured in his life I recalled that Snow White was the first full feature cartoon but I had thought that a Mortimer Mouse did come before the beloved Mickey Mouse There were also other tidbits thrown in throughout the book Now that there have been several new technological filmscartoons it's hard to appreciate the original trendsetters of the Silly Symphonies and the first animated cartoonsso reading this book will help me appreciate the early worksWe also just came back from seeing The Amazing Spider Man as well as saw the preview for the remake of Total Recall It looks as if there are remakes being made as the film technology advances Makes me wonder if there will be remakes of the classic Disney movies but for now all I've seen is that the originals are being taken out of the vault and getting digitally restored The Disney classic stories have kept remarkably well and I still love watching them That shows the testiment to Walt's genius And the parks are still great entertainment and constantly being improved upon His work continues onand that's a good thing i love Walt Disney and his works Disneyworld and his moviesnot his new TV shows cough hanna montana cough but in the beggining of this book i thought it was boring the facts werent clear and very discriptive but as he was building disneyland it got better so if you like bios that doesnt show many dialoge this is a good read but maybe they should make a book about him making Diasneyland because thats what i found interesting Walt Disney was a genius At a very early age he was creative inventive and a dreamer He could do just about anything but he always had to be in control he was never short of ideas and he seldom let finances get in his way How many times can you be on the brink of ruin and still see the possibility of great success? I love the man what he has accomplished and the imaginary world he has created for children and adults “The Man Behind the Magic” by Katherine and Richard Greene reveals that a person’s resilience can change the path of one’s future Katherine and Richard Greene’s “The Man Behind the Magic” is a heart throbbing and eye opening view into the hardships and peaks of Walt Disney’s lifehttpsdrivegooglecomopen?id0B4 Although this book was not very difficult to read or very in depth with a lot of details I felt like it gave a great summary of Walt Disney's life along with some fun little stories about him It was a uick and interesting read and even my 12 year old enjoyed it All right I saw the DVD close enough It reminds you that if you really want something keep at it Never give up and never uit dreaming I love everything Disney or Mickey Mouse related This was a good read learning about the creative genius behind it all

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