Fe-Lines[EPUB] ✼ Fe-Lines ❁ Norman R. Shapiro – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The French have long had a love affair with the cat expressed through centuries of poetry portraying the animal's wit and wonder Norman R Shapiro lionizes the felines' limitless allure in this one of The French have long had a love affair with the cat expressed through centuries of poetry portraying the animal's wit and wonder Norman R Shapiro lionizes the felines' limitless allure in this one of a kind collection Spanning centuries and styles he draws on she cats and toms and an honor roll of French poets well known and lesser known who have served as their devoted champions He reveals the remarkable range of French cat poems with most works presented here for the first time in English translation Scrupulously devoted to evoking the meaning and music of the originals Shapiro also respects the works' formal structures Pairing his translations with Olga Pastuchiv's elegant illustrations Fe Lines guides the reader through the marvels and inscrutabilities of the Mystiue féline. Cats have been enthralling us for centuries and some say the French have even a deeper love of them This book captures the deep love in poems written for centuries Tales of confounding behaviors adorable connections and wild tendencies The oldest written in 1160ca 1210 and the latest at about 1995 The language the styles and the emotions given to the cats changes so much over time and yet there remains the love of this furry friend Expressive illustrations add to the luxury of the poems and ad a whimsical flare The first half of the book is the translated section the second is it he original language FrenchI loved this book I picked it up and read random poems everyday first in French as best i could and then in English They flow so much better in French it is such a beautiful language but I am not fluent enough to understand them The English versions are wonderful I love the idea of publishing the original language with the translated poemI plan on gifting several copies to some of my feline loving friends and a few copies to myFrancophile friends Disclaimer Arc via Netgalley This little collection is of French poems about cats Shapiro translates the poems and then provides the originals in the back of the book making this volume idea either for those who read both English and French or for a class for either language The poems themselves cover a range of writers and periods Marie de France is here as is La Fontaine There are also modern authors including the famous Colette The poem types range from fables to legends to song version to the cat being symbolic of someone else Some of the poems are either prose poems or translated into prose One of the funniest poems is “The Child and the Cat” by Henri Richer There is a the rather interesting “The Cat and his African Relatives” by Francois Jauffret There is some love poetry that isn’t as sick as saying cat love poetry sounds There is pretty of humor It is a charming little collection of poetry about cats but really about cats and not Disney ones TS Eliot would approve So imagine a book about cats Then imagine book about cat POETRY Then image it's filled with gorgeous and whimsical cat and feline inspired drawings to bump the whimsy to a whole 'nother levelThen read it and repeat the action until eyes melt from kitty goodnessThat's what this isThat's asdfghjkl;'lknsjkaflsbj Why was this never part of my life until now? Good gods French enthusiasts book designers cat and poetry lovers book lovers in GENERAL of the world you gotta read this book Or at least flip through it You can't not do so PS Note to self I really need a print copy of this ASAP Okay so I have a confession I did not read every poem yet They must be cherished and shouldn't be read all at once in my opinion I do have read enough to write a short review so I'm gonna give it a tryI really liked this bundle If the poems itself weren't awesome enough the drawings made it even better I could talk all day about how awesome these illustrations were they were so cuteIf you love cats French things and poems this is the book for youOne thing can I have a cat please? For those of you that have been around since I started book reviewing you know I love books about cats I will read any genre even genres I usually don't like if I find a book in the genre about cats Typically I don't road poetry In fact before now I think the last time I read poetry was when I read the Shel Silverstein books when I was a kid It's just not one of those genres I enjoy However when I saw a book of poems about cats Fe Lines for reuest on NetGalley I wanted to read it badly Unfortunately I ended up disappointed I was hoping that I would be able to identify with Fe Lines and that it would make me laugh In actuality I was extremely bored I found the whole book to be tedious In fact towards the end of the book I found myself skimming through the poems just to be done with the book The only reason why I chose to give the book two stars instead of one is that I liked the illustrations Most of them were adorable and fit well with the poems That was the only thing I found enjoyable throughout the whole experienceBased on my reaction to Fe Lines maybe poetry isn't my thing after all I think it will be uite some time before I pick up a book of poetry and try it again The book didn't give me that joyful feeling I usually feel when I read books about cats and stumble across a uirk that I can identify with because I've seen my cat do the same thing If you like poetry I would recommend at least trying this book However don't go into it with high expectations I don't usually read non fiction so picking up this volume was a bit of a departure for me I do love cats though so that helped me make up my mind to give it a tryPoetry can be a difficult subject to discuss because the flow and the content make it a very personal topic This is a volume of translated work which made the assortment of poems even interesting There are pieces in it from hundreds of year ago to modern times which is a nice variety Some of the older pieces I did not care for because the language was a product of its time and thus very different from what I am used to This difficulty was especially evident in the older poems of a longer lengthOne of my favorite poems was The Cat and the Dog by Andre Auguste Tandon 1759 1824 It typifies the relationship between cat and dog in a humorous way The translator had to do a bit of work with this one regarding the dog's voice as there's a stammer there but I think that he managed to capture the attitude of the dogAnother favorite was The Clock by Charles Baudelaire 1821 1867 This was one that was of the poetic prose sort that read like a story to me but in such a lyrical way that I would certainly call it poetry It speaks to the cat lover's soul illustrating the serenity that one might enjoy in the company of your felineSomething that was an interesting feature was that the first half of the book is the translated works and the second half of the book was the originals It was not as much of a draw for me because I cannot read French but for someone that does it could be fun to flip back and forth to see the differences between the original and the translated workThe illustrations by Olga Pastuchiv were a great choice to include in this volume Looking at them on a Kindle screen they look like delicate pencil sketches that are smudged in just the right places It gives the poems a sort of ethereal uality that fits most of the poemsThe reason that I am giving this a 3 star rating is that the older poems selected for the beginning of the book were too heavy for me; they felt as though they were dragging too muchAnother drawback was the introduction that also had that dragging feeling It could easily be skipped though and wouldn't need to be read than once if you were indeed interested in pushing through it I have to admit I never really understood the allure of poems However I love French things and j'adore cats too much What a magnificent combination of the two I really must thank Norman R Shapiro for his work all 384 pages worth of French poems about cats and the French people's deep love of the cat At first I thought Mr Shapiro had written each poem However he worked tirelessly to give us CENTURIES' worth of poems about cats that were originally written in French and translated each one into English for us English speaking feline fanatics Not only does he include the English translations But he includes the original French poems themselves for those fortunate enough to be able to read the language and those of us who love seeing the beautiful words in printThe oldest of the poems was originally written in about the twelfth century up until the very last of the twentieth century This span of nearly eight centuries worth of cat poems is a real feat that blows me away yet Mr Shapiro was able to find each one and give us the gift of enjoying them They say When the student is ready the teacher appears I must say that I am beginning to understand the fascination of poems given the desired topic Mine just happens to be all things feline I love the way that Mr Shapiro used the play on words Fe Lines what an ingenious way to put cats and poetry together in the title of the book I must not fail to credit Olga Pastuchiv for her feline illustrations also Her art is simply magnifiue I absolutely recommend this wonderful book for all cat lovers This would also make a perfect conversation piece as a coffee table book as well I love this book Je t'aime Fe LinesThank you to the University of Illinois Press and NetGalley for giving me a free advance copy of this book to read and give an honest review I have to admit that I am not a big fan of poetry but when I saw it was about cats I had to read it I love catsThis book contains a little collection of poems with cats as either protagonists or as muses and Saphiro translates the original French poems to English but provides the original ones at the back of the bookIn my opinion the early poems from the 1700s are very hard to read since they were written in old French and subseuently translated to old English but overall I enjoyed reading this book and the cat illustrations were very prettyIn addition although I do not speak French thanks to the poems provided at the back I realized that in fact I can understand enough Switching from the original poem to the translated one proved to be a useful learning tool—PS I Love That Book Fe Lines French Cat Poems through the Ages Kindle EditionFe Lines translated by Norman R Shapiro and illustrated by Olga Pastuchiv is a delightful collection of cat poems any feline lover would adore The translator writes his collection of poetry is best savored and I agree You will find plenty of poems and lovely drawings to savor as you read Fe LinesThe drawings are charming and much to this lovely poetry collectionYou will find the poems in both English and French so you can choose which language to readSome of the poems I truly enjoyed includedEpitaph for a CatSlaves a bit of humor about why God created ManThe Mice and the Cat LutenistFe Lines would make a perfect gift for any cat loverReview written after downloading a galley from NetGalley Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an eARC of this book A book of poems translated from the French that is all cats From ancient times to the present it presents poems and illustrations all about cats The author discusses the difficulty in translating poems and I think he has done an excellent job in preserving rhythm and content The illustrations are delightful and done by someone who has spent time with cats and understands them A delightful book for those who like cats

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