On Deadly Ground (Devlin Security Force, #1)

On Deadly Ground (Devlin Security Force, #1) Read On Deadly Ground Devlin Security Force, 1 By Susan Vaughan Capitalsoftworks.co.uk A Desperate Sister Museum Director Kate Fontaine Made Two Promises To Her Dying Father Protect Her Ne Er Do Well Brother And Return A Stolen Statuette Of The Maya God Of Earthquakes To Its Temple But When Her Brother Is Kidnapped And The Price To Save Him Is The Priceless Artifact, Keeping One Promise Means Breaking The Other In A No Win Situation And Facing A Dangerous Trek Through The Jungle, Kate Is Forced To Rely On A Guide She Doesn T Trust Yet Whose Touch Makes Her Yearn For So Much A Cynical Guide The Only Person Max Rivera Can Truly Count On Is Himself That S Why He Prefers To Work Alone Unfortunately His Devlin Security Force Assignment To Guide And Protect Kate Includes Covertly Finding Proof Her Kidnapped Brother Has Sold Black Market Antiquities And Sticking Close To This Delectable And Vulnerable Woman Proves Dangerous To Max Than All The Threats In The Jungle A Race Against Time While Following The Kidnapper S Instructions, Max And Kate Must Outrun Black Market Smugglers And A Predicted Earthquake In A Race That Takes Them From Washington To England And Into The Costa Verde Jungle But As Perilous As Their Quest Becomes, When Desire Flares Between Them, Risking Their Lives Seems Simple Next To Risking Their Hearts. On Deadly Ground is a fast paced, suspenseful novel, one that takes the reader into the realm of antiquities and the murky dealings that sometimes occur behind the scenes Although the main characters were slow to warm up to each other, they did come respect one another s strengths and abilities Kate is used to being in charge, and whilst Max gives her the lead at times, he is still very much her protector and bodyguard The story is well written and action packed, giving interesting details about the May
CursedThis series opener sets a rapid pace of suspense and romance Max Rivera, a Devlin Security Force operator, is assigned to protect museum director Kate Fontaine and to recover a Mayan artifact stolen from an archeological site decades earlier The artifact is a jade object believed to be causing earthquakes in the Yucatan, but it s also the ransom
On Deadly Ground is the first book in the Devlin Security Force series You can read this as a standalone There is violence and hot steamy sex so definitely 18.The book blurb adequately describes the s
The Earthquake CurseThis story is fast paced, full of mystery and a whole lot of cloak and dagger Once you start reading you will just have to finish When my husband said, That must be one good story , I chuckled and kept reading Next thing I knew it was 2am Stolen artifact, Mayan cu
ReviewThis is a page Turner it s well written and full of action, romance, some steamy sex and characters that are endearing It can be read alone, but I find the temptation to read the next offering to much to resist. What a lovely adventure Enjoyed it I received this book for free from eBook Discovery I voluntarily post this review This is my honest review. Interesting storyVery good main charactersInteresting supporting charactersInteresting plotWell worth a read A wonderful book Great action, emotion, history and intrigue I look forward to from DSF. What an action packed story The villains that are after them just kept on coming ruthless, desperate and a boatload in number Don t let that scare you away though, because it wasn t done in a confusing way There were so many but they are connected and made sense to the story Greed and power just caused them to swarm What Max and Kate went through, was quite the ordeal Even when Kate wasn t sure she could trust Max, it was still really fun to see how well they worked together I enjoyed it when they were in the middle of a hopeless situation and Kate was able to help pull something together at times helping to rescue Max Nice touch She was terrified but thinking of her brother needing help pushed her beyond what she thought she could do She was tougher than she thought I thought the author did a good job describing the areas Kate and Max had to go to The Mayan culture and beliefs as part of the story added a lot Do I know if is accurate No, but I enjoyed it The struggle that Kate and Max went through not to do anything about their attraction was good too I liked both of the M.C s and liked how we were able to see how certain things drove each one of them Kate s need to be organized and control things and Max s need to avoid rejection you could really feel I thought both were done well and you could understand it For some reason, I felt for Max, maybe because he
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.One thing nice about receiving free books to review is that you get to try books written by authors you ve never read before, if you don t like the book, you don t read other books written by that author, no harm to no foul, lesson learned But, sometimes you stumble across an author and wonder, where have you been With this book On Deadly Ground, Susan Vaughan has entered that category of author for me This book had almost everything in it that I love in a book, action, suspense, mystery and don t f