Horror Story Collection 002

Horror Story Collection 002Ten Stories Of The Supernatural, Hand Picked By The Contributers To LibriVox This Is The Second In The Series The Beast In The Cave By H P Lovecraft A Cave Explorer Becomes Separated From His Group, And Finds Himself Hunted In The Dark The Bell In The Fog By Gertrude Atherton A Man Becomes Obsessed With A Painting Of A Dead Girl, Only To Find The Girl Is Once Again Quite Alive The Ebony Frame By E Nesbit A Man Falls In Love With The Painting Of A Long Dead Witch, Then Meets Her In The Flesh And Finds There Is The Devil To Pay The Ghost Club By John Kendrick Bangs An Imprisoned Man Tells How He Ended Up In Jailthe Mischievous Ghosts Of Some Of The Most Famous People In The World A Ghost Story By Mark Twain They Don T Come Much Bigger Than The Ghost Twain Cooks Up In This Tale A Midnight Visitor By John Kendrick Bangs Who S The Worst Visitor You Could Have At Midnight A Psychical Prank By John Kendrick Bangs There Are Many Ways To Win At Love This Is Perhaps The Oddest A Quicksilver Cassandra By John Kendrick Bangs A Mirror Shows The Future, Or Does It The Red Room By H G Wells A Man Spends A Night In A Haunted Room To See Once And For All What Resides Within The Water Ghost Of Harrowby Hall By John Kendrick Bangs Generations Of Haunting By A Very Wet Ghost From Ghosties And Ghoulies And Long Legged Beasties And Things That Go Bump In The Night O Lord, Protect Us Scottish Nighttime Prayer