Reaping Angel (Fallen Redemption, #2)

Reaping Angel (Fallen Redemption, #2) After The Battle At The Bastille, The Council Of Seraphim Offers Reluctant Demons Enael And Kaspen A Chance To Return To Heaven But Only After They Ve Completed Sufficient Penance Ready To Move Past The Ugly Chapter In Their Lives, They Settle Into Their Assignments.Until Enael S Former Lover, Voctic, A Powerful Demon, Interferes.Voctic Seduces And Demeans, Taunts And Entices Enael, Stirring Centuries Old Longing In Her While Infuriating Kaspen Caught Up In The Demands Of Their Duties, Kaspen And Enael Drift Apart Until She Finds Herself Isolated.Fed Up With Voctic S Harassment, Enael Prepares To Fight Back When He Targets The New Human She S Responsible For Protecting, She Creates Her Own Plan His Self Proclaimed Gala Of The Century Will Be The Perfect Cover For Her Revenge But Will A Hasty Decision Cost Her Kaspen Or Even Her Spot In Heaven I read this book even faster than I read the first one, and I find myself wanting to reread it already, just to make sure I didn t miss anything The plot definitely thickens in this book by the end of it, I wasn t sure who to trust.But I m getting ahead of myself.Those big things I mentioned that happened in the first book Well, they ve become huge things in this book Meanwhile, all Enael wants is to be an angel again, with Kaspen at her side But between completing her penance, first by becoming embodied and then by serving indefinitely as a Reaper withstanding Voctic s harassment and trying to figure out the Council of Seraphim, she s got her work cut out for her.And you thought you had it rough.All of the things I loved about the first book are present in this one as well I couldn t put it down, and I wish I had a third book to pick up like, yesterday The last time a book series stuck with me this way was probably when I read the entire Hunger Games trilogy in the course of a weekend.If you enjoyed Guarding Angel, you ll definitely enjoy Reaping Angel Another tightly plotted story full of well drawn characters you can t help feeling all the things for, this book is a must read, and proof that trying new things is a great idea. While I love all of my clients books equally, I could not be proud of Samantha and REAPING ANGEL Saboviec envisioned a story that spanned continents, centuries, and peoples, and she exceeded all goals and expectations with this thrilling sequel to her previous novel.This story has a dash of everything I love adventure, romance, horror, spirituality, authentic characters, gender fluidity, diversity, and historical shenanigans that tickle me pink To add to this excellence, the writing style is so engaging that it s dangerous Seriously When I read GUARDING ANGEL, the world building sucked me in so far that it took days to convince myself I didn t have my own guardian angel and reincarnation plan With REAPING ANGEL, I had all those feelings again plus vivid Jack the Ripper nightmares You know it s a good book when it makes you feel something you know it s a great book when it infests your very dreams.In sum, I highly, highly recommend both GUARDING ANGEL and REAPING ANGEL to any and all adult readers I dare you to take Enael s hand, go on a journey with her, and not come back a little bit changed. An exceptional continuation of a gripping seriesAlthough I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, Guarding Angel, I was captivated by Reaping Angel The author took me on a journey I did not expect, with so many twists and unique retellings that I didn t want to put this book down Seriously, don t put it down It gets better with every page you turn.The continuation of Enael s journey was filled with the same mind blowing world building and vivid characters as the first, and I ll avoid mentioning who they are because that s major spoiler territory But let s just say that the ending completely whipped me upside down and had me rooting for a finale I never expected.If you love stories being retold in ways you ve never imagined, and can t get enough of, then this is the series and the author for you. I was a little cautious picking up this book, having just finished the first I had struggle a little with the pacing of book 1, which did affect my enjoyment of the story a bit However, I soon discovered that pacing was not a problem for this volume.Enael is not what I imagined an Angel to be Her struggles seem so very human Her strength of will so weak Her self esteem so low As a result, she remains surprisingly easy to manipulate puzzlingly so at times, given the apparent key role she has to play.This book is shorter than book 1, and whilst I felt that overall, the plot and storytelling benefited from that, the resolution felt a little rushed However, this is a much better book, in my opinion, than the first in the series.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Congratulations to my critique partner S.L Saboviec on yet another fabulous book Reaping Angel picks up where Guarding Angel left off, with the former guardian angel Enael and her love Kaspen attempting to prove themselves worthy of re entering the heavenly realm where they originated The intricate world building of the first book deepens in this one as Enael is assigned to do penance as a Reaper, a classification of beings whom she d formerly feared and despised.In Reaping Angel, we continue to follow Enael along through vibrant historical settings to confront the thought provoking topics of fate vs free will, whether suffering serves a higher purpose, and whether there are some who are simply beyond redemption. I can t wait for Warring Angel Reaping Angel is a tale of redemption, trickery and newfound strength for Enael Strength she never knew she had Demons, Angels, humans these books have everything, but with a completely different story of how Heaven was brought about You learn in this book leading up to what s coming next It s a beautifully woven tale of how Heaven protects humanity, helps them grow from different Life Themes of their choosing Enael has greater forces trying to intervene in her life and not for the greater good This is a must read series I highly recommend starting with book one and going from there Happy reading Sequel not in same vein as the firstThe first book was well written and while outside traditional beliefs about angels was interesting and very readable Somewhere this sequel drifted into turf that is way too dark for me When our angel switches jobs and winds up supervising Jacque the Ripper, I still might have been ok with it, but when we began entering Jacque s very sick mind, well let s say it s too sick for me The implication that angels spawn acts like this, is just too far past my comfort zone Seems a bit like Demon turf to me. Incredible and not to miss Enael and Kaspen are offered a chance to return to Heaven after due penance but Enael has problems with her ex and seeks revenge that could cost her not only Heaven but also Kaspen, is it worth it This sequel to Guarding Angel is as engrossing and magic as the first The characters and story are so imaginative and rich it is easy to feel you are there with Enael and Kaspen as they face trial after trial