Scarecrow❤ Scarecrow pdf ⚣ Author Alyssa Wong – Torcom is honored to reprint “Scarecrow” a horror short story by Alyssa Wong Originally published in Black Static 42 September 2014 “Scarecrow” has never before been available to read online P Torcom is honored to reprint “Scarecrow” a horror short story by Alyssa Wong originally published in Black Static September “Scarecrow” has never before been available to read online Please enjoy this horrific tale of tragic love and corvid loss This story contains scenes that some readers may find upsetting. “It’s happening to all of us” Brett yells barely audible over the howling crowd “So you can come and help us sort this shit out see if we can stop it or you can keep turning into a fucking bird alone”so i guess every tor short is written in second person now or i just have a homing device trained on the ones that are because isn't it statistically improbable to have read something like four in a row written in second person?? it makes me want to rebel no ma'am i do NOT wake screaming from nightmares of Jonathan Chin my mouth crammed full of feathers and i resent you saying that i do this is libelthis isn't the most original or surprising story it's pretty clear where it's been and where it's going but the writing is a perfect spiky complement to the imagery of corvid beaks and claws scrabbling across the page and it's a haunting addition to the canon of recent YA lit centered around bullying and lgbt issues there's one gory scene and one saucy scene if you are someone who likes to be warned about those sorts of things me being me those are my favorite scenes in the story and neither of them are gratuitous they are just the right amount of ewwwwww or ohhhhhhhhit's a medium three story with a couple of peaks that rise up into high three territory i do really like the abruptness of some of the lines You’ve gone blindor You listen until the screams die away Then you end the calland i do kind of swoon at the last two paragraphsview spoiler I loved you you know says Jonathan Chin He’s radiant in the light of early dawn his bruised face streaked with tears an angel a corpse You fucker I loved you so much You sob and reach out for him but he dissolves into a shower of black feathers that burn where they touch your skinYou scream and scream and scream clutching fistfuls of them in your ruined human hands On the ground the crows begin to feed in a mass flurry of rippling wings ignoring the creaking of a lone spinning wheel “I loved you too” you cry Finally everything out in the open But your friends make no sound at all hide spoiler This is a short short about revenge and turning bodily into a bird but what do you expect when we're talking crow? It's tight with the mythology but tighter with the character Not my absolute favorite of the Alyssa Wong stories but as a horror it's pretty evocative and eerie Definitely worth the read Scarecrow by Alyssa Wong is a free to read short story available here Having seen Karen give this a read in my feed I decided to give it a shot It was free short and it's been a long while since I'd read an independent original short fic anyway With no reviw yet by Karen and the blurb really only describing this as a 'horrific tale of tragic love and corvid loss' I went into it pretty blind I think that's what really made the impact of this It's too short to have anything spoiled The scenario was not entirely uniue but the execution was done beautifully and originally It's an abstract work that reads like a poem With the Kafka esue unreality with the tropes of YA fiction of today it makes it something brand new That being said this being a story of tropes being put into the test of being done a different way is not really something I typically appreciate I felt a disconnect from the characters despite the beauty of the art I know that is something hard to do in a small word count in the first place but it didn't really work for me The tropes I could have done without It actually tainted the story for me as did the direct lines of the moral being typed out Alyssa do yourself a favor and do not underestimate your reader short stories are usually a hard sell for me usually a short story drops you in without any real kind of introduction and the endings always feel abrupt to me scarecrows' beginning did feel very sudden but the middle section and build up to the ending was so good the ending didn't feel abrupt to me which left me really surprised tbhthe writing was stunning it's definitely not for everyone but it hit all the targets for me also this short story had something great going for it it was in written in second person perspective that's basically catnip for me like seriously recommend me all the second person narrative stories i eat them up like candythis also dealt with a lot of themes that i love to see being explored so aoverall i really enjoyed this and thanks to erika for recommending this because i'd have probably never heard about it otherwise 35 starsThis is a horror short story I don’t think I really want to summarize it as I think part of the story is about figuring out what’s happening It took a little bit to realize what was going on but once I did I thought the story was good 355 Interesting short story loved the writing style but liked the perspective a little less ^^;I read it for free here This is a remarkable horror short story by Alyssa Wong dealing with complex issues like bullism and its tragic toll self hate death homophobia and coming out at a young age It is tale of tragic love and loss Contains spoilers A short story about murder and turning into a bird Desire and horror intersect uite heavily body horror is used as a metaphor for teenage coming of age and sexual awakening I don’t dislike that device but I kind of want it to have depth after seeing it done so many times I have to confess though I loved Ginger Snaps There are also themes of religion self acceptance guilt and punishment All fine and well but the reasons this gets only two stars are the plot and the character motivesThe main character Eli pushed the boy he liked Jon off a roof and his ghost is now back to haunt him Murder seems like a major event in anyone’s life but we never actually get a sense of why it happened Eli claims it was an accident while he and his friends were trying to scare Jon but that is not expanded upon either beyond what I just stated Was this a case of Eli’s friends peer pressuring him into joining in on bullying Jon and it accidentally going too far? Possibly but this is completely unclear in the story Eli’s friends seem to be aware that he liked Jon but they only tease him about it so their acceptance is also brought into uestion but remains completely underdevelopedAt the end we get a melodramatic love confession from Jon’s ghost who claims he loved Eli But not a few paragraphs earlier we found out that they shared one kiss weeks before “the incident” and Eli was sexually attracted to Jon and that’s it This grand “I really loved you you know” bullshit makes no sense when the characters barely knew each other and had what was at most a teenage crush between them The short blurb described this as a “horrific tale of tragic love” and boy have the standards for what is considered tragic gone down I didn’t buy it for a second This also made their little ghostly groping session wildly inconsistent in tone and feel very out of left fieldShort note on the use of second person perspective sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t When the character is intentionally ambiguous it can bring an interesting generalizability to the story but when the character is set and not actually intended to be a reader insert it can totally break immersion I thought the latter applied in this case and I didn’t find the purpose of writing in second person for this story so it came across as purely gimmickyThere were some nice descriptions but overall I found it wasn’t immersive at all I enjoyed the idea but it was essentially emotionally void what with the melodramatic crush played as tragic I wish this was an intro or something and then we could have gone back to the start had 300 pages of the story ended in the same place I want to know these boys as characters I want to see exactly how they got there I just want all of it I could read Alyssa for days She is becoming one of my favorite authors