The Erotic in the Literature of Medieval Britain

The Erotic in the Literature of Medieval BritainRead The Erotic In The Literature Of Medieval Britain This Volume Examines The Erotic In The Literature Of Medieval Britain, Primarily In Middle English, But Also In Latin, Welsh And Old French Seeking To Discover The Nature Of The Erotic And How It Differs From Modern Erotics, The Contributors Address Topics Such As The Wife Of Bath S Opinions On Marital Eroticism, The Role Of Clothing And Nudity, The Tension Between Eroticism And Transgression, The Interplay Between Religion And The Erotic, And The Hedonistic Horrors Of The Cannibalistic Giant Of Mont St Michel Contributors ALEX DAVIS, SIMON MEECHAM JONES, JANE BLISS, SUE NIEBRZYDOWSKI, KRISTINA HILDEBRAND, ANTHONY BALE, CORY JAMES RUSHTON, CORINNE SAUNDERS, AMANDA HOPKINS, ROBERT ROUSE, MARGARET ROBSON, THOMAS H CROFTS III, MICHAEL CICHON AMANDA HOPKINS Teaches In The Department Of English And Comparative Literary Studies And The Department Of French At The University Of Warwick CORY RUSHTON Is In The Department Of English At St Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada.Contents Introduction The Revel, The Melodye And The Bisynesse Of Solas Cory J Rushton, Amanda Hopkins 1 So Wel Koude He Me Glose The Wife Of Bath And The Eroticism Of Touch Sue Niebrzydowski 18 The Lady S Man Gawain As Lover In Middle English Literature Cory J Rushton 27 Erotic Magic The Enchantress In Middle English Romance Corinne Saunders 38 Wordy Vnthur Wede Clothing, Nakedness And The Erotic In Some Romances Of Medieval Britain Amanda Hopkins 53 Some Like It Hot The Medieval Eroticism Of Heat Robert Allen Rouse 71 How S Your Father Sex And The Adolescent Girl In Sir Degarre Margaret Robson 82 The Female Jewish Libido In Medieval Culture Anthony Bale 94 Eros And Error Gross Sexual Transgression In The Fourth Branch Of The Mabinogi Michael Cichon 105 Perverse And Contrary Deeds The Giant Of Mont Saint Michel And The Alliterative Morte Arthure Thomas H Crofts 116 Her Desire And His Letters Between Fifteenth Century Lovers Kristina Hildebrand 132 Sex In The Sight Of God Theology And The Erotic In Peter Of Blois Grates Ago Veneri Simon Meecham Jones 142 A Fine And Private Place Jane Bliss 155 Erotic Historiography Writing The Self And History In Twelfth Century Romance And The Renaissance Alex Davis 164. A solid collection that covers a wide variety of texts written during the period. As a medievalist the two words that I absolutely loath on the cover of a book are medieval and Britain when I pass these books in bookshops I instinctively want to shout anachronism Medieval England, Scotland and Wales occasionally coalesced under the same ruler, but ultimately they had and arguably still have , their own traditions and customs which mean that they can t be lumped together for the convenience of a modern audience However, as this book masterfully demonstrates, their is one exception to that rule literature It transcends national boundaries and can be confined to a single geographic area This is a truly stunning read and although I shan t comment on every essay in this edited collection, I shall comment on Professor Bale s partly because my research focus is on medieval Jews and partly because he s a very nice m

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