Hungry Gods

Hungry Gods Superheroes Undead Nuff Said.The Country S Premier Superhero Team Is Missing So When A Mutant Monstrosity Goes On The Rampage, It S Spitball To The Rescue He S A Third String Hero Today, Determined To Be First String Tomorrow And The Army May Be Giving Him Just The Chance He Needs Spitball S Been Invited To Undertake A Secret Mission Into America S Heartland What He S About To Discover, However, Is Not A Chance At Stardom But A Horror Movie Come To LifeHungry Gods Is A Fast Paced Adventure Of Costumed Superheroes, Government Conspiracy Theories, And Flesh Eating Zombies Spandex Adventure For Adults. Superheroes vs Zombies What s not to love In truth this turned out to be a bit of a weird book I do love the premise, superheroes are always fun, and J.D Brink gave me what I thought I wanted by placing the focus on action and humour but for some weird reason this book never quite clicked with me I m not sure why Sometimes I was caught up in the story and other times I was a little bored It was the same with the humour Sometimes it worked and was funny others times it flopped and was not The end result is this turned out to be an average read Which is a shame as it did grip me from the early pages so it feels like it could have been so much better Second string superhero, Spitball, gets his chance to join the big leagues when the US army call upon him to take a secret mission to small town Kansas to sort out a problem they are being very closed mouthed about That problem is a zombie outbreak of course Spitball s powers are similar to that of the Flash, but not as good, so he figures he should always be able to stay out of the grasp of the zombie horde and find the source of the outbreak His mission begins to seem a bit difficult when it soon becomes apparent that the world premier superhero team, and Spitball
I got this in exchange for an honest review blah blah blah.Wow, this was surprisingly good It s basically superheroes vs zombies, but presented in a new way Very realistic considering the premise The characters were all well thought out Very human for superhumans It also contained a little bit of everything humor, horror, action, and drama Parts of it made me laugh out loud, other parts were quite horri
My original Hungry Gods audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Hungry Gods by J.D Brink is the first in a series called Identity Crisis The story follows the antics of a teenaged super hero who just wants to make it big In a world of caped and masked superheroes who are called by the government to solve problems created by real life monsters and villain, Spitball is a low level superhero All he dreams about is using his super speed powers to launch him into a life of fame and to secure his spot in the Phenomenal Five, the most famous team of superheroes After fighting off a monster that was terrorizing his town, this little bit of fame leads to a military official to request his services Little did Spitball know, he was entering a fight that might be too big for his skills As the story unravels, Spitball is faced with a series of terrors, intrigue, and conflicts between his expectations and realities about what being a superhero is.This novel improved for me after I accepted the costumed superheroes functioning as a part of the real life plotline It was be
Review HUNGRY GODS by J D BrinkI need to make a little icon for WOW to add to my reviews HUNGRY GODS certainly qualifies I read it in about two hours, in the middle of the night, very uncommon for me I enjoyed it so much Not only is it very smoothly written, but the author has a cherishable sense of hu
Five Category Rating System Concept 1 2 StarWriting 1 2 StarStructure StarCredibility 1 2 StarCharacter 1 2 Star Total 3 StarsAudience Suitability Adult Profanity, Adult Situations, Explicit Violence Hungry Gods is a well paced, fantasy thriller, a collision of publicity hungry superheroes, zombies, and teenage growing pains.On the plus side, the writing is for the most part clean and has a good, workmanlike flow that serves this kind of material well Telling this story from the viewpoint of a second rate, teenage superhero gives it a fresh quality The action scenes are well constructed and exciting.On the minus side, there are than a handful of typos and grammatical errors that interrupted the flow of the narrative Also, there is one continuity error that broke my suspension of disbelief E
Brink s writing is full of adventure, humor, and enough suspense and action to keep you reading until the book is done If you ve never thought about reading a book about a superhero instead of a comic or a movie, this is the change you ll want to take.Spitball is your average mostly unknown superhero,
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Spitball isn t very likeable at first He s arrogant and doesn t think about the consequences to his actions before acting But he definitely grows on you And if he did think before acting the book might never have happened, so that s a plus for him Superheroes vs zombies
This is a decent superhero novel that skips over the origin story and gets straight into the meat of the protagonist s life The trouble is, he s a shallow, self centred young man that can t seem to take anything seriously.Spit Ball s fame seeking behaviour turns out to be the meaning behind the book s title Fame is a hungry god That line gave me hope that the story would offer a deep look at the shift in Western culture toward fame as an end in itself Kids used to dream of growing up to do something great, with fame being a side effect Now they just want to skip the messy middle bit and simply be famous But no, the book ends as it starts, with Spit Ball seeking publicity and fame without taking a moment to understand a broader context.As with many recent superhero novels, we see no sign of training or government oversight I found it particularly disheartening to see Spit Ball assaulted several times by another supposedly good super, only to be victim sh
I Have No Words.Zombies and superpowers Shut up and take my money.Loved this, so good The main character Spitball love this name was a little annoying at first, but he grew on me Wanting to be known and glorified I guess is what I would expect a college kid with superpowers to want, I mean I probably would at first too Glad to see by the end he matured a little.But man, this book had pretty much everything Great action, superpowers, zombies, suspense not to mention it was funny..and yet still very serious And Spitball is just so jokes, thinking he finally hit big time only to find out that maybe he just isn t as ready for the big show as he thought.A few things that I wish it had though were a little from the secondary characters We see everything from Spitball s perspective, but I would have liked maybe a few chapters from others I would have loved to see how others saw Spitball when he was in one of his hyper speed freak outs, talking about 100 words a second sounding like a chipmunk on crack.I m an avid comic reader and I can kind of see a lot of Hal Jordan s Green Lantern character mixed with Flash type powers in Spitball didn t bother me, although I do find Hal Jordan s humor annoying than funnybut it worked here Loved it.Another thing that always bothers me in zombie stories..Is swords Slight Spoiler, nothing that will ruin the story view spoiler You would think that giving a swo
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, so now I m going to try to explain how fun this book was with.gifs from The Venture Brothers, which I both love and it sort of reminded me of.Our protagonist is Luke, alter ego Spitball, a Flash like super speed superhero He wanted a spot on the super team the Phenomenal Five, his idols, but didn t make the cut Then when they go missing, he gets his chance for the spotlight.First of all, Spitball is a fun, relatable guy minus the super speed, but this is a superhero story How great would it be to have super speed You could spend a lot of time saying stuff like this The other superheroes and the tidbits about them were entertaining as well I got to play this game a lot Plus, zombies Overall, this is a very fun and entertaining romp I was feeling five stars for entertainment factor alone up

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