Captive Bride

Captive Bride[Reading] ➷ Captive Bride Author Johanna Lindsey – The irresistible call of adventure brings lovely Christina Wakefield to the alluring Arabian desert But fate imprisons her after she encounters Sheik Abu the strikingly handsome though arrogant advent The irresistible call of adventure brings lovely Christina Wakefield to the alluring Arabian desert But fate imprisons her after she encounters Sheik Abu the strikingly handsome though arrogant adventurer whom she had known in England as Philip CaxtonOnce Christina had rejected Philip's fervent offer of marriage But now she is to be his slave desperate for the freedoms denied heryet weakened by her heart's blazing desire to willingly explore her virile captor's most sensuous cravings. This checks my boxes like you wouldn't believeV A handsome Arabian male V Arrogant dominant prick a sheik evenV AbductionV HumiliationdegradationV Great age gapV Dub con non conV Stockholm Syndrome ?V Wonderful reviewsBuddy read with Jenna Angelica and Rebecka with much appreciated mockery moral support from Mammarella7114 post buddy read gone wrongWell then all my buddy read partners have bitten the dust so I'm sure no one objects to me DNF'ing at 65% It looks like I dragged my innocent unsuspecting friends into another painful disaster with me I dare not check if any of them has unfriended meFuck Should've stuck to MMThis looked so good Look at all those 1 star reviews luring us in with the promise of dub connon con pedo bear drool an Arabian alpha Dom and what not All the elements for a trainwreckalicious old school romance seemed to be present For example the author made me suirm with sweet anticipation when she shared the heroine's angsty rape obsessed train of thought Oh God what is this man going to do with me? Will I be raped brutally first?Oh man for her sake I hope she'll at least be raped gentlyOf course they'd be going into the desert What better place to rape a woman than the desert where her screams could not be heard And there seemed to be several men riding with them How many rapes would she have to endure before they killed her?Building excitementUnfortunately everything soon spiraled down into long descriptions of the heroine's blond manes full breasts and otherwise unearthly beauty This I could handle I'd put my cards on the hot 'n hairy Arabian dude after all only to discover that he was a brat who stamped on the floor and stormed out of his tent angrily whenever his 17 year old blondie didn't appreciate his naked desire When she all too soon reluctantly submitted to the hardness between his legs the deflowering this resulted into was so anti climatic that even she couldn't be bothered keeping up an air of unwillingness and uickly changed her game plan by crying out Take me please to have the hero's straightforward humping over and done with It worked With than three uarters of the book to go the rape y tension was replaced with will he kill me and when will he do so? angst and it just wasn't the sameTo think that the hero was supposed to make us women swoon and sigh dreamily I certainly hope the author didn't draw on her own experiences with men Instead I'd like to think that she wrote Captive Bride in malicious delight assuming that her audience of ladies trying to escape the daily grind and their boorish husbands for a few hours probably wouldn't know better anyway In which case I'll graciously bow to her cunningness and don't even mind having rewarded that with €€€€€ I'll never get backHell who am I kidding? 1 star Because I'm a sore loser Suck suck suck suckity suck suck suck That's what this book did all the way through In the 70's it appears there was a trend for rape or almost rape romances where a male was sexier the dominant he was Ugh If someone tried kidnapping me and telling me I would lust after him and I would obey I'd be guilty of murder in the 1st degree This book sucks beyond belief And like it's not infuriating enough plot wise it goes on and on like a delusional maniac claiming rape is not rape abduction is not abduction coercion is not coercion and it's totally alright to be kidnapped held against your will raped beaten and humiliated by being someone's sex slave because you know what It actually is a fairy tale and if your abductor happens to be good looking you will forget all your principles your scruples the people you loved and the life you lived the education you had along with how to use your mind and fall in love with him and then you'll make wonderful babies and live happily ever after It was so disgusting really Chrissy is only 17 and who knows how old the geezer Philip is He's a work of shite I tell you A maniacal bastard who's better off being castrated and then thrown in an asylum or better yet shot dead And don't even get me started on the characters it was so stupid and lame Philip generally scorns and verbally assassinate all the young ladies for being vain shallow simple minded boring and stuff but when he claps eyes on Christina he goes love sick all the while the only thing that is mentioned is how beautiful Christina is and that's all that matters to this dickhead that I refuse to call hero No wit no mind nothing what so ever and please tell me you don't think slapping a rude man who's forcing his tongue down your throat calls for someone being a spit fire or too much to handle News Flash It's called being normal Anyone who just stands like a muppet while being assaulted seriously needs a brain transplant So Christina's reaction was very common and normal it did not make her any different from the rest of the girls And it hardly spoke of her kick ass personality her spit fire nature which we rarely see Child molestation a slap and a rejected proposal later we see Christina and her brother heading to Egypt Chrissy of course has no idea what a wonderful romantic fairy tale awaits her in the desert because you remember that pedo Philip from before? turns out he lives an alter life of a Sultan's son and is a glorified barbarian a thug and a beast Scenes between the two are so weird puke worthy actually I don't know where to beginPedo You are mine now And I won't marry you You'll be my sex slaveChrissy I'll die before I let you rape mePedo I won't rape you Chrissy whewPedo Let's go to bedChrissy NOPedo rapes her See it wasn't rape because you enjoyed itChrissy OMG I'm so disgusted with myself I totally enjoyed it Let me tell you something sista you're most likely to enjoy sex specially when the other person has been given a gold medal in debauchery unless of course you're a tree or a statue I can't tell you how disappointed I was when Philip's enemies weren't able to roast him like they wanted too Chrissy was such a wuss She had scissors I bet she had knives and forks too how the fuck did she not put a fork in one of his eyes or skewered his heart on a knife? then poured some salt water on him? Gag him and tie him with the dozens of fabric she had? sew his mouth shut with the needles she had? Because I'll tell you what any girl with half a brain would have done these things One almost wonders if she was THAT attracted to him why did she refuse him in the first place? Even in the end all that wuss of a girl did was cry CRY CRY A bloody lot of tears she cried Punch the sucker in the face DAMMIT Stand up for yourself have a little pride he sent you packing when you were pregnant with his child in my opinion he deserves a kick or two right in the balls A complete waste of time this book is This was awful The heroin is weak and the hero ? is a total mental case So let me get this straight She gets kidnapped forced into becoming a sex slave and is threatened with a beating yes I said beating on a daily biases and she is OK with that? WHAT?He sleeps right there and she does nothing night after night but cry? Huh? She lies there and let him sleep next to her? The first night I would have bashed him upside the head and he would have been forced to kill me Thus ending the story right there What a waist of paper Yuck Did not enjoy this story at all Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI read this book for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2017 Reading Challenge For info about what this is click hereReal talk that cover Normally I hate the rereleased versions of these old bodice rippers but this is the first time I actually like the updated version than the original The vibrant colors the detail on the woman's costume the glimpse of desert beyond it reminds me of the original cover on Victoria Holt's Gothic novel CAPTIVE which is a compliment as that cover is gorgeousNow the book oh God this book Have you ever read something so bad that it actually became good because you just couldn't look away from the madness unfolding? That was CAPTIVE BRIDE for me The story and characters are so unrealistic and ridiculous that it actually took on the surrealism of a soap opera replete with bad acting plots that come out of the blue It was greatWARNING SPOILERS Christina our heroine starts out the story by coming to London with her brother Immediately propositions start flooding in but Christina is utterly uninterested in marriage That goes for Philip Caxton the gorgeous half British half Arab lord who decides he wants her too She spurns his proposal of marriage along with all the rest that plunges her into an I must have her obsessionChristina's brother John who is in the military receives a summons to Cairo shortly afterwards the irresistible call of adventure alluded to in the summary I guess and Christina insists on coming with him That night she is abducted from her bed and finds herself in the camp of a sheikh who is none other than Philip himself I guess he commutes He proceeds to give her the now you are mine villain speech followed by forced seduction traitorous bodies etc It doesn't really take Christina long to decide that she loves him although she hides her feelings because she knows that he doesn't intend to marry her and only wants her for her body etc They settle into a semblance of non marital bliss punctuated by the odd threat of beatings or Christina figuratively stamping her footAt one point Christina is actually kidnapped and beaten before being brought to another Sheikh named Ali He claims he wants revenge for his daughter who he attempted to marry to Philip's father Yasir Yasir was so in love with his first wife that he treated Ali's daughter very badly raping her the first night only to never touch her again after that while neglecting their one son Since Yasir dies before revenge can be implemented Ali decides to target Philip instead Philip comes to save Christina and engages in a fight to the death with the man who beat her only to be strapped down and left to die under the hot blazing son He's rescued of course and then he and Christina go back to camp to nurse their woundsShortly after this one of Philip's men Rashid tells Christina that Philip wants to marry another woman in the camp and needs her to leave forever Which is just so stupid because Philip already caught Rashid betraying him before and let him off with a slap on the wrist why wouldn't he kill someone who betrayed him with his violent temperament? Or failing that why wouldn't he warn Christina about the traitor and say something like DO NOT TRUST HIM But Christina being an idiot takes Rashid's words at face value and goes back to her brother who actually takes her capture in stride and is very sympathetic towards herA whirlwind of drama ensues in the last 100 pages or so John gets engaged Christina is pregnant Christina's childhood friend Tommy won't take no for an answer Philip comes back John's wife's younger sister flirts with Philip and won't take no for an answer Christina cries Tommy and Philip have a showdown while Christina watches naked from the bathtub Christina gets shot in the head Philip accuses her of laziness when she sleeps for several days after being shot in the head instead of breastfeeding their son marriage happily ever after etc etc etcHonestly this waswell there's no dancing around it CAPTIVE BRIDE is bad Never once did any of Christina's reactions feel realistic to me and I didn't find Philip attractive at all as a hero because of his many temper tantrums It's hard to fall for a hero who acts like a spoiled child than an alpha hunk Also some parts of the story felt unfinished Philip doesn't seek revenge against Ali for nearly killing him for example and the jealous other woman in the camp Nura doesn't ever lift a finger against the heroine maybe I've read too many Catherine Coulter novels where the OW usually does something like selling the heroine into sexual slavery in a land far awayI liked it though Lindsey knows how to tell a decent story and there's nonstop action and dialogue to keep everything moving As much as I rolled my eyes I couldn't really stop reading either and the pages just flew by If you're a fan of those old fashioned sheikhharem novels from the 70s and 80s and don't care about whether or not your books are politically correct or if you really liked EM Hull's THE SHEIK and want to read an updated version of that with actual sex then you will like CAPTIVE BRIDE25 stars I like it its a historical romance and that's how it was back thenI admit he was a little harsh and crass at times but I really did like the endingMost historical romance novels were like that and I have read worst with actual rape not nearly raped if you can't handle this book then you should go for that romance candle light dinner thing like harleuin present books not hating on harleuin books I love them But other than that I thought the book was good and not bad for Johanna's early work suck suck suck suck this book sucks throughly The hero was a maniacal bastarda pedophile and the heroine was a weakbrainless ninnyGod this book is just so awful How did writer conceived such horrible idea in her diabolic mind??? And how can someone read it and like it??? After completing it I was speechless for 30 minutes i could'nt stop fuming about this bad and ugly book Let me get this straightPhilip Caxton sets his eyes on Christiana for the first time and he is overwhelmed with lust and instead of pursuing her in a gentlemanly way he kidnaps her He keeps her imprisoned as a sex slave in a desert and he beats her on regular basisthreatens herrapes her And that spineless fool christiana endures everything without any protest and all she does is weeping What the hell???????? She lies there and let him sleep next to her? The first night I would have bashed him upside the head and he would have been forced to kill me Thus ending the story right therebut noOur idiotic heroine does'nt do anything instead sleeps next to him every night happily and next morning she is swarmed with guilt because she enjoyed the night with himand why because the hero was good looking?? What if he would have been an ugly old bastard?? Would she have slept next to him or killed him or herself? Arghh I felt like puking after this book What a waste of paper After 3 months of tormentphysical and sexual abuse she realises that she is madly in love with that insane psychopaththis really dint go well with me I really don't understand how can this Johanna lindsey write such novel and how can she present any woman so weak in her novel? No woman in her right state of mind will fall in love with the guy who wil deprive her of her virginity by raping herthis does'nt happen any where not even in the fantasy worldThis book is not romantic at allthere's no romance in itwaht little romance it had it was sick and pukeworthythere's only abusing of a naive and innocent girl by a moronInfact it's a sin reading such disaster and wasting your time and money I would'nt recommend this to anyone not even to my worst enemy There was a HUGE sale on Johanna Lindsey books not too long ago — a good number of her backlist was made available in the Kindle format — and I took advantage and bought everything of hers on sale because simply I love her booksSo I've been gorging on Johanna Lindsey books the last few weeksmonths or so following the order of books listed on her Wikipedia page I've been chain reading them when I wasn't working or moving from one city to another when I lay at night unable to sleep and in need of something to make me forget my own life for a while so I haven't stopped to review any of them but then I read THIS book and I had to take a break and say WhoaThis book was originally published in 1977 so I'm guessing this is one of her first books I'm also guessing that the flavor of the romance novels back then were very very different from the flavor of romance novels published today The romance novels back then were called bodice rippers for a very good reason but if they were published today as new material there'd be an outcry I'll just get right to the point — this romance novel romanticizes rape The hero rapes the heroine not just once but regularly and freuently I guess what made it OK back then was that the hero is very good looking; he's in total lust with her and that lust turns to love; and though her mouth says NO her eyes and body say YESI actually heard that phrase once in a '70s sitcom Three's Company where one of the male characters is giving another male character advice on how to woo one of the female characters He tells him that even though she says NO she really means YES Good God if anyone said that today that person would be slapped for lack of common sense NO means NO and that's final This just goes to show you how stupid our society was in the '70s Or course back then womanizing made a man attractive and sexy; it made him the alpha maleSo this book is about rape and as if the scenes in the book weren't enough to convince you of that the word rape is also liberally sprinkled throughout the book The characters love to say the word too so it's not just in the narrative but in the dialogue as well For me just the word rape in a romance novel is like the N word or the C word — it's just a word that doesn't belong in a romance as it is the farthest from sexy and loving as you can get And it just treats the whole subject too lightly as though it were something so very easily forgiven It seems to condone it as a way to romance someone when all it really is is violent abuse plain and simpleWhat makes this book interesting and remarkable to me though is that it's very reminiscent of EM Hull's The Sheik which was written in 1919 It makes me wonder if it was an influence in Johanna Lindsey's writing In both books the hero abducts the heroine and regularly rapes her and of course the heroine eventually falls in love with the hero Utter nonsense of course but a fantasy actually entertained by many a few generations ago Real rape is traumatic and destructive though and everyone generally knows that so if Lindsey had written this today she could never have gotten it published Today a character in a book who rapes is never the hero; he's the villain So for me reading this book was culture shock I was stunned appalled and I couldn't believe that it was a Johanna Lindsey bookIt's the first of her books I've read that I don't like God awful The only good thing about this book is that it was an excellent example of what NOT to do when writing romance Since I'm writing a romance series right now it helped me to refine my ideas on good techniueMore specifically this book uses Overwhelming Lust something that I am growing and disgusted with Physical attraction in romance is necessary but not sufficient Lust becomes overwhelming when it is shoved down my throat in such a way that I can't even truly believe that it's happening I have never felt this strongly than in this book I just don't believe that you're going to get turned on by a guy that kidnaps and rapes you Not gonna happen even in a fantasy world Or to put it another way that which brings them together is wayyyy out of balance with that which keeps them apart In good romance novels these two are in a sort of shifting balance a bit like a dance coming together and then slipping further apart I wanted these two to break up Knowing that this was not going to happen in an HEA romance I gave it up and am one to better things hard to imagine I could find something worseI don't recommend this to anyone I now know why this has so many negative reviews But I must say that the writing style is too good I am almost tempted to buy this author's other works just beacuse of the writing Ridiculous I know right Where do I even start with the story??? It's so meh the typicality doesn't even bothers me there are far horrendous things and I didn't know to laugh or to bawl my eyes out Warning Spoilers ahead Sensual escapism? My foot This guy Philip is a complete mental case He physically hurt Christina 'cause you know she wasn't obedient and crap and then later this psycho kills a person for hitting her in the face I can't even with this And this girl is awful too She thinks it's okay she deserved the beating There is seriously no chemistry between the two protagonists and the story has been dragged All she did was eat and sleep Well not my cup of tea

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