Avengers[Read] ➲ Avengers Author Al Ewing – Oaklandjobs.co.uk From the pages of Jonathan Hickman's AVENGERS witness the Ultron Singularity of the 25th Century Machines have inherited the Earth with Ultron as their All Father Mankind's only hope will be a time to From the pages of Jonathan Hickman's Avengers witness the Ultron Singularity of the th Century Machines have inherited the Earth with Ultron as their All Father Mankind's only hope will be a time torn team in the tradition of Avengers FOREVER An early Hulk Jim Rhodes as Iron Man and a Hela cursed battle armor Thor are plucked from the past The unlikely duo of Vision and Black Widow are drawn from our present And from the near and not so near future the new Thor and an even newer Captain America with her own heroic legacy to live up to Who cries Assemble to this uniue group The one and only Dr Doom Caught between Ultron and Doom can the Avengers find a way tosave foreverCOLLECTING Avengers Ultron Forever New Avengers Ultron Forever Uncanny Avengers Ultron Forever Avengers . The only thing left after the comic book nuclear apocalypse will be cockroaches Wonder Bread and that bastard UltronEwing uses #1835 of Aristotle’s Poetics – “The future is gonna suck so let’s take heroes out of different points of the time line and send them back to the future to kick clanky robot butt” The last time I read anything with this plot thread it was Captain America Corps and it sucked mightily So how does Mr Ewing do?This stand alone story was probably a gateway for fans of the second Avengers movie with just enough added Easter eggs to keep the fanboys engagedSo tell me Scotty who are we teleporting in?From the present the Black Widow for her stealth skills and the Vison by accidentTwo Thors – Lady Thor and the one who was cursed by Hela and had to wear armor to protect his brittle geriatric bonesCaptain America from the future the kick ass daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica JonesThe James Rhodes Iron Man because a drunken Tony Stark kept vomiting in the suit and short circuiting the armorA Hulk with chest hair from the ‘60’s who was dosing himself with gamma radiation in an attempt to control the transformations but it just made him talk like Ben GrimmThe Thing straight outta Compton Yancey StreetAnd who’s responsible for bringing them all together?Dr Doom Who plays the kid card in order to ward off a massive beat downThis book is old school fun and Ewing tweaks the plot giving clever reasons for picking these particular heroes and gives the Avengers’ readers old and new motivation for turning the pagesThree and a half stars rounded upBottom Line Does anybody check the text that’s written on the covers of these books? This volume includes older reprints from the Hulk Iron Man and Thor all tying into the current storyline which is a lovely bonus The cover has all three dating from 1966? You were close with the Hulk that one was first published in 1962 so kudos for that The other two are decades offThe TrishSkottie Young lovefest continues This book was a blast A group of Avengers plucked from various points in the timestream by a familiar face who may not be all he appears to be to fight Ultron who is now powerful than ever beforeWe get Black Widow and Vision from our 'present day' which would be just before Secret Wars hits We also get the Hulk from just before the Avengers formed the Jim Rhodes Iron Man from the '80s and a Thor pulled from partway through Walt Simonson's classic run In addition to these blasts from the past we also get the current female Thor but plucked from a point somewhere in the future wherewhen she's been a serving Avenger for uite some time Last but not least is a future Captain America and it isn't Steve Rogers but it isn't Sam Wilson either Let's just say that fans of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones will be happy with who is wielding the shieldWith this cast in place Al Ewing and Alan Davis provide a thrill a minute train ride across time and space with some real shocks and twists Ewing clearly knows the Marvel Universe inside out and shows it Davis is one of my very favourite comicbook artists and he's firing on all cylinders hereThe book is SO much fun particularly if you're a long time Marvel reader like me and by 'long time' I mean a good few decades The ending was great too A really nice touchAnyway I loved it If you seek it out on the basis of this review I hope you enjoy it as much as I did I'm going to bed now Just than a comic book this is a wonderful tribute to all the amazing eighties stories we old Marvel fans loved so much in our childhoodteen ages It comes from the heart and strikes right there Alan Davis is at his best and had a real blast reading this ExcelsiorFor ASGARD For MIDGARD For ALL the Ten RealmsLET THE CALL GO FORTHAVENGERS ASSEMBLE Awww this was cute Avengers from different eras of Marvel's proud publishing history form up to confront one of their eternal foesand learn a few things about teamwork heroism and themselves along the wayI loved future Captain America lunkhead '60s Hulk and disco era Jim Rhodes as Iron Man Did there really need to be three Thors? Sure why not the dialogue in nordic fonts the better And good thing modern day Natasha was there to do some power less Avenging and long overdue bonding with Vizh This trade paperback does everything I'd hoped that it would and it did it really well Consider that rating a 45 One thing I think that should be done differently is that these included back issuesThe Incredible Hulk #6 Mar 1963Iron Man #188 November 10 1984and Thor #378 April 1987I list them with their publication dates because bizarrely this information is not anywhere to be found in the trade itself They're included in the book for continuity context without providing their continuity context sloppy oversightThe back issues should have been included at the beginning of the book rather than the end If you're anything like me you might not be you'll want to read them first so you can understand the time displaced characters that star in the book Also these are really fun windows into diverse past versions of the founding Avengers They were probably put in the back so that a customer flipping through the beginning of the book could have been turned off by some 1963 Ditko artwork no offense 1963 Ditko the cool kids know you paved the wayAlan Davis is a fantastic artist especially when paired with capable writers and editors and his work in this book is fun than any of the other books I've seen him on over the last decade or It may have benefited from some padding some uality views of the desperate terrible conditions of life under Ultron would have pushed it to a 5 for me but for pacing sake it rushes forward and that was a good time too It's pretty much a Daleks Conuer Earth story mixed with at 4th World dystopia something today's reader would do well to weigh consider the trajectory of 2018 United States with its systematically dismantled checks and balances New Avengers from 25th century it’s different but in a good wat like we have ‘present’ Steve Rogers as Captain America but in the future she will be Danielle Cage the daughter from Luke Cage and Jessica Jones as Captain America Now this just makes me want to punch a Marvel editor in the face This is a three issue miniseries but instead of being numbered 1 through 3 it's Avengers Ultron Forever #1 New Avengers Ultron Forever #1 and Uncanny Avengers Ultron Forever #1 This isn't three interrelated single issues It's one continuous story Why don't we just call every book every month #1? IdiotsThe story is fine Avengers from different eras are brought together to fight Ultron in the future Al Ewing and Alan Davis are a couple of my favorite creators but this feels like a throwaway story Then for filler we have old issues from the 60's 70's and 80's of some of the characters the version depicted in this comic Good ideas as it was chilling seeing Ultron take over Asgard and have the odin force but I feel like the twist with Dr Doom was not needed as Ultron should have stayed as the main villain Also needed explanation of how Ultron did take over Asgard and kill Odin I liked this TPB It was easy to read and follow I really liked at the end that they included some old stories that tied into the era that the Heroes were pulled from reading made the reading fun This is a TPB to pick up and read This comic is very fantastic

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