Where the Pink Houses Are

Where the Pink Houses Are[Read] ➮ Where the Pink Houses Are By Rebekah Ruth – Oaklandjobs.co.uk When unthinkable tragedy strikes will Brenna and her mother in law Anna find healing half a world away amid the green Irish hills Brenna begins to think she may be able to build a new life in a new la When unthinkable tragedy strikes will Pink Houses PDF ´ Brenna and her mother in law Anna find healing half a world away amid the green Irish hills Brenna begins to think she may be able to build a new life in a new land when Anna's eccentric family welcomes her with open arms But it's in the arms of Where the PDF or the town heartbreaker Luke Dillon that she begins to wonder if she can truly fall in love again Luke is a handsome charmer who's used to getting what he wants Just talking to him ties Brenna's stomach in knots and sets her cheeks ablaze He's persistent too She tells him she's not interested but he doesn't the Pink Houses Kindle Ó listen Secretly she loves his attention but something tells her to be careful Is he good for her or will a relationship with him lead her straight into heartbreak As if one confusing relationship isn't enough when Brenna meets the enigmatic Ryan Kelly she's instantly drawn to him He's like no guy she's ever met While every guy in town has been asking her out Ryan doesn't seem to have any romantic interest in her at all He's much older than she is and he's only interested in friendship yet she can't stop thinking about him Brenna uestions her sanity when she finds herself falling for two very different men at the same time As always Anna has comforting and wise advice but Brenna needs to decide for herself as she struggles to understand God's plan for her life Should she give in to Luke's attentions Will her new friendship with Ryan become something Or will events that none of them can foresee take her life down a frightening new path. I'll be honest and admit that this usually isn't the kind of book I'd pick out and read Having said that Where the Pink Houses Are definitely has that Irish charm about it And despite its dabbling with cliches the novel has just enough simplicity and earnest heart to make it workAfter a horrible tragedy Brenna and Anna decide to move to Ireland where Brenna immediately becomes the talk of the small town Young and attractive Brenna soon finds herself caught in a love triangle between the town's bad boy Luke and a kind businessman named Ryan or Finn She battles with her complicated emotions and discovers love again all against the backdrop of the most perfect town you can imagineWhere the Pink Houses Are is not shooting for originality and there's little surprise or twist to be found in its pages Instead it aims for sincerity and despite myself I couldn't help but be drawn into its story Rebekah's novel appeals to the universal emotions of love the butterflies in stomach kind and its journey and in less skilled hands it could have completely flopped Fortunately for us it didn't It's well written beautiful with words and honest with language Bonus points for the dialogue which captures to my knowledge anyway the uaint Irish accent all the characters seem to have It sounds like a little thing sure but it does wonders for immersion Despite the couple of grammatical errors and such all of which can be easily overlooked Where the Pink Houses Are is the kind of feel good novel I wouldn't hesitate recommending to people in love with that genre This book isn't the kind of thing I would pick up if I came across it in a bookshop and I wasn't always fully engaged with the story but even so I found lots to enjoy The writing was clear and polished bar one or two grammatical errors the characters well developed and consistent and the novel nicely formatted At the risk of sounding mean spirited I did find the story a tad sentimental in places and found some of the Christian themes a little hard to swallow This is not a criticism as such and I'm sure it won't bother most other readers but I would perhaps take issue with the way the story arc was resolved People take comfort in these kinds of redemption narratives and that's why they are so popular; I wouldn't denigrate that at all but I do feel that things were wrapped up a little too neatly and the conclusion didn't really chime with my experience of the worldHowever this is a well written well meaning and committed novel and I'm sure it will find its audience Where the Pink Houses Are received a Kirkus Review with a star for remarkable merit Kirkus doesn't add reviews to other sites so I just put the review link here under my own name Where the Pink Houses Are was also named to Kirkus Indie's Best of 2012 List top 5 in the RomanceChick Lit Category To read the review with a Kirkus Star for Remarkable Merit click here where the Pink Houses Are was a wonderful book about healing and redemption I found myself at peace by the end of the story the story slowed in a few spots but that was to be expected as this story was not intended to be a thrill ride throughout I had fun getting to know the characters and I liked the way the author intertwined words and life lessons to help mend a broken soul My sister Margo met this author at JFK airport when waiting in line So I received the book from yesterday and could not put it down A uick summer read about the power of forgiveness and God's love for us Great read Great characters and I loved being transported to Ireland I love the writing in this book It is so good and would be an excellent beach read Brenna O’Brien travels to Ireland with her mother in law Anna in search ofwell she isn’t really sure All she knows is that after the death of her husband she has little left in the United States besides painful memoriesIreland is green lush and full of life Perhaps all that lushness is infectious because Brenna feels herself slowly recovering as she builds deep relationships with Anna’s family and makes new friends with the locals As a pretty stranger Brenna gains the attention of many boys in town including the handsome Luke Brenna’s knees go weak at the sight of him but there’s something cold and mean behind his chocolate eyes that sets off little warning bells in her headBrenna is awakening in ways than one Even as her social life blossoms so does her faith She begins attending the local church and learning to ask God for wisdom and guidance through prayer She’s going to need all the help she can get when a gorgeous stranger shows up in town and melts her heart like warm butterRyan Kelly seems just as perfect on the inside as the outside Behind those warm blue eyes and that handsome smile he is a generous kind and thoughtful person Those eyes also seem very focused on Brenna Even as Luke continues to lurk in the background Brenna knows she’s falling hard for Ryan She thinks that the feeling is mutual but then why does he keep insisting on treating her like a sister and keeping things chaste? What secret is preventing him from accepting and returning the love that Brenna is ready to give? Brenna prays that she can find the key to unlock his guarded heart and that she is strong enough to resist Luke’s continuing advancesWhere The Pink Houses Are is a fulfilling read Brenna is a likable protagonist – kind and beautiful but with enough flaws to make her human Author Rebekah Ruth does a brilliant job of painting a vibrant Irish town and filling it with colorful characters I especially liked Patsy Anna’s feisty old aunt who suffers from Alzheimer’s Even as Brenna struggles with her feelings for Luke and Ryan Patsy is fighting her own fight in the background which I feel adds a deeper layer to the story Ruth also does a wonderful job of infusing the book with strong religious tones without being overbearing Brenna’s journey of religious awakening is sweet and educational for others who are not overly familiar with the teachings of the church Ruth focuses on themes of forgiveness friendship relying on God’s wisdom and commitment Both Brenna and Ryan struggle mightily through the story and use their faith to overcome and accept the trials they are givenThe romance in this book is hot and heavy but stays almost entirely out of the bedroom The connection between Brenna and Ryan is as much about the soul as the body This beautiful travel adventure will appeal to Christian fiction fans but I also think it can transcend the religious genre and interest believers who wouldn’t normally pick up a religious romance This book was provided to Compulsion Reads for review by the author This book totally annoyed mespoiler alertI loved the cover I loved the title The fact that it was supposed to be based on the book of Ruth intrigued me The first part of the book was engaging The second part however was disappointing I felt that it was unoriginal All it basically talked about was the main character accidentally on purpose sleeping with a guy she didn't love or even like for that matter but was just sexually attracted to because the one she really liked shunned her for a very short period of time because he told her he was working through some things and she got tired of waiting In my opinion that's not true love Then she finds out she's pregnant with 'the enemy's' baby Blah blah blah u get where this is going I regretted that I had spent all that time getting to the end of the book only be disappointed Will not read this author again On the other hand the sexual tension prior to all the 'One life to live' 'jerry springer' drama was really good And the book had a strong beginning Pretty good bookI read this book because I love Ireland and books set there The story about Brenna and Ryan is a fairly typical romance with engaging characters The parallel with the book of Rurh is intriguing but a bit of a stretch since the focus is much on the romance between Ryan and Brenna than the relationship between Anna and Brenna The title is nice though not particularly relevant to the story The attempt to portray the Irish brogue through the use of yer and ya was annoying to me but might not bother readers who have not actually been to Ireland I am happy for the author that she got to write her book and that it got published I actually plan to read the next book in her planned series I strongy recommend that the editor engage a good proofreader as this book was riddled with errors Poor Patsy was Pasty many times throughout the book