D.J. Opperman: 'n biografie

D.J. Opperman: 'n biografie[Reading] ➺ D.J. Opperman: 'n biografie Author J.C. Kannemeyer – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In hierdie omvattende ryk geskakeerde werk skep prof J C Kannemeyer 'n onvergeetlike beeld van die groot Afrikaanse digter Dirk der duisendeHy beskryf Opperman se boeiende lewensloop van plaasseun in In hierdie omvattende ryk geskakeerde werk skep prof J C Kannemeyer 'n onvergeetlike beeld van die groot Afrikaanse digter Dirk der duisendeHy beskryf Opperman D.J. Opperman: eBook ¸ se boeiende lewensloop van plaasseun in Natal tot sy onbetwisbare posisie as doyen van die Afrikaanse letterkunde Sy invloed op veral die Afrikaanse poësie die rol wat hy agter die skerms gespeel het sy vormende invloed op jong talente dit word alles helder in hierdie boek uitgebeeld. Well for a 71 year old who was extremely active in his life Kannemyer tried to cover everything Opperman did and didn't do At first I found the book extremely interesting even marking out pages where you get to see how Oppeman went about writing his poetry later I tired of the style It seemed as if Kannemeyer went to the University of Stellenbosch where most of Opperman's manuscripts are held and couldn't decide what to put into the book and what to leave out he even allows a paragraph of critiue per literary journal that reviewed his poetry books and there were several as they were published The reader is led from Opperman's childhood in Natal to his professional life starting out as a teacher moving on to a newspaper and from there to the academic life at different universities in the Cape and his time overseas all the while spewing forth poetry in the dark hours In and of itself it's a mammoth task to keep track of all these things but in addition the reader hears about almost every argument he had what food he liked what he liked wearing his telephone manner speech mannerisms the arguments he had about buying a house and renovating it etc etc ad infinitum His love for alcohol plays an increasing role as the 1970s draw near as Opperman's liver gave in in 1976 He was in hospital for almost a year dipping into and out of comas stupors and strokes If it wasn't for his wife Marié who stood by him and later insisted that he be taken to another hospital he would surely have died I too would take my husband out of the hospital where they're constantly warning me that he won't make it through the night Widely read newspapers even had obituaries at the ready for when the news of his death should break But he still wrote a major work Komas uit 'n bamboesstok following his recovery which involved learning to walk talk and write all over again It's a pity that Kannemeyer doesn't give information about Marié's health this after the detailed descriptions of his colleagues' lives and goalsThat Opperman was a great man cannot be denied and possibly Kannemeyer's close friendship with him jaded his approach to the biography Somehow I feel that this textbook style biography missed the mark I doubt whether any lay person would actually read it from cover to cover unless they're a manic admirer

D.J. Opperman: 'n biografie MOBI ↠ D.J. Opperman:
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  • D.J. Opperman: 'n biografie
  • J.C. Kannemeyer
  • Afrikaans
  • 19 February 2015
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