Acts of God (Christ Clone Trilogy, #3)

Acts of God (Christ Clone Trilogy, #3)[Reading] ➬ Acts of God (Christ Clone Trilogy, #3) ➳ James BeauSeigneur – It's the dawn of a new age in Acts of God book three in the Christ Clone Trilogy Mankind is seemingly on the brink of its greatest adventure as people evince psychic powers miraculous gifts of healing It's the dawn of a new age in Acts of God book three in the Christ Acts of eBook ñ Clone Trilogy Mankind is seemingly on the brink of its greatest adventure as people evince psychic powers miraculous gifts of healing and the ability to recall past lives Christopher's blood is injected into those willing to receive the mark with unusual results and those who refuse are hunted down and decapitated As the final battle between Yahweh and Christopher draws to its conclusion Decker Hawthorne begins to have doubts about the powerful world government he's invested in Don't miss the exciting conclusion of the Christ Clone Trilogy Cindy Crosby. This book was a bit of a let down after the first two which seems to be almost inevitable when dealing with the final book in trilogies but I can and will say that this was definitely better than many other third books such as Mockingjay and Allegiant There were a few things I'd have tweaked but the author's writing is solid with plenty of great scenes and action and a couple of twists I absolutely did not see coming so this series still finishes on a strong 3754 stars Unabridged audioThis is the third book in the series and I recommend them highly While as I've said before you shouldn't get your theology from these or for that matter any novel these are well done interesting books that remain respectful of Christians and Christ and still tell a good storyI think it's possible for non Christians to read these and treat them as a simple fiction read It will depend on each reader Still these are good novels simply as novelsThere is a major spoiler below the line so if you haven't read the first two books in the trilogy you might want to stop here I'd hate to ruin the books for anyoneBut 4 stars and highly recommendedSpoiler belowSpoiler BelowSpoiler Belowview spoilerWell if you've read the first two volumes here you already know that Christopher is the Beast of the Bible This volume follows the main characters through the last act of the end and to the redemption following While it may not fully agree with the beliefs of each Christian who reads it as indeed it couldn't possibly do or of course the non Christians it is still well told and I think not offensive I'm a Christian I mean an actual believing Christian and while I don't agree with some of it's theology I do like the book and recommend it I enjoyed these books and while as I said before I wouldn't get my basic theology from this novel or any novel for that matter LOL it is a well written series of books and uite enjoyable without being objectionable hide spoiler Such a great trilogy and so much better than the Left Behind series Absolutely the best written ficton of end times A must read The best end times fiction I have ever read This is what Left Behind should have been Read these books It almost feel like the author lost control of the story and basically wrote an easy way out with this book I don't know what a good ending would have been but this was definitely not it This is perhaps the most important book I've ever read What a great series Acts of God wraps up the story of Decker Hawthorne who with his friend Christopher Goodman the titular Christ Clone made from cells found on the Shroud of Turin has begun creating a new world for humanity an era full of wonder and possibility an era free from the tyrannical deity Yahweh This new age is not without its dissidents however and a lengthy encounter with some of them leaves Decker wondering if Yahweh truly is eviland just how far Christopher can actually be trustedThis final installment of the trilogy has a lot of strengths For one the bleak almost Lovecraftian tone from Birth Of An Age continues for much of the story; certain passages will haunt you Also it wraps up the plot in the most epic scale exciting way possible It even manages to unlike the other books throw in a bit of comedy without making it seem out of place with the serious or terrifying partsHowever it's just not strong enough to get five stars The Left Behind series often gets criticized for being too long I've never read those books but whether or not that's a fair complaint I would say that Christ Clone has the opposite problem; it's too short It could have done with at least one bookWhy do I say that? The answer can be summed up in one word pacing The author simply tries to do too much in one volume and even though it's the longest of the trilogy Acts of God still feels badly rushed Characters change alliances but their reasons are never given other than that they changed their minds What made them change their minds? The book doesn't tell you Likewise a major character from the previous two books disappears halfway through and while we can guess their fate based on how things end is never even mentioned again These and other problems probably wouldn't be there if this final part of the story had been expanded into two books instead of being sueezed into oneHaving said that it's still a good book or good read as this site would put it In terms of narrative it definitely doesn't reach the bar set by Birth of an Age but it manages to wrap up the trilogy in a mostly satisfying way If you want to see how dark Christian fiction can get give this book and series a try So this kicks the pants off the money institution that is the Left Behind series Although this book is in the same vein it actually uses things into today's culture to show how prophecies in the book of Revelations can occur without all the obvious fire and brimstone everyone else is banking on Today most Christians lack a sense of reality and really just long for the end to come to prove their faith the best ever They miss the true teachings they were asked to learn I'm a Christian as well so I'm not saying anything other than the truth about a group of people I choose to be a part ofThis book does a hell of a job showing the character that is to become the antichrist truly being a pawn This character shows how easily we humans can stray from the truth even if it is with the best of intentions This book trilogy is so well written on so many levels that it should be read in church groups with the intention of it being broken down and discussed Without uestioning who we are and what we believe we are nothing greater than sheep being lead by the wolves As a book alone I'd never suggest this one It is like you were on a balloon that took you to the stars and then BLAMMO well the fall hurt a bit But as a conclusion to a series it suffices is the best I can say I guess I was expecting a different kind of pop one that excites you to tell EVERYONE to read it The first two did that for me this one well read it anyway you have to finish the damned thing or it makes no sense to have started it Hopefully you'll feel different or in time I will feel different about it It is like the dude just gave up or something Maybe it is Satan trying to hinder the beauty that is a book with passion and vision One that can really bring about a new thought process within a starving religion UGH Too much to say and I don't want to ramble

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  • Acts of God (Christ Clone Trilogy, #3)
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