Scorned and Abandoned (Aaron Jaycynth Mystery Book 1)

Scorned and Abandoned (Aaron Jaycynth Mystery Book 1)✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Scorned and Abandoned (Aaron Jaycynth Mystery Book 1) By John Charles ✸ – Ethan Tameron the son of a world renowned inventor had it all He had graduated high school at the top of his class was a star soccer player had just moved to London to join his parents after his fathe Ethan Tameron the son of a world renowned inventor had it all He had Scorned and PDF \ graduated high school at the top of his class was a star soccer player had just moved to London to join his parents after his father's transfer and was accepted to a prestigious university in England New to the country adapting to a personal security guard from Andrews Security en route to his first UK soccer camp; his life was fantastic Until a deranged kidnapper decided to sell Ethan as a sex slave In lieu of a ransom note an email with a video showed Ethan naked held in chains and being trained to service his new master His captor made it clear that Ethan would be auctioned off to the highest bidder Aaron Jaycynth an IT specialist for Andrews security found himself tasked with finding Ethan's captor His only lead the email sent to Ethan's father Desperate for help Aaron is teamed up with Declan Kinersley from MI They need answers Why was Ethan's kidnapper so determined to sell him as a sex slave Was he working alone or was this part of a bigger kidnapping ring one that had eluded MI for years Aaron a shy young man finds himself pulled into the underbelly of the leather BDSM playground as he tries to find Ethan before the ticking clock runs down. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThe blurb for Scorned and Abandoned is what pulled me in I love a good suspense filled read I'm sad to say though this was a hard book to finish There is a lot going on so many characters voices being heard Very slow build up I don't know if these is going to be a series but many uestionssituations left unresolved I really wanted to like it but it didn't have that pulling power that I needed Unfortunately this one was a miss for me Free copy to Read and Review for Wicked Reads Review team Sadly this book did nothing for me The story was just too slow for for my liking I felt like nothing really happened until the end The characters were easily forgettable and we did not learn anything about them really There was a whole BDSM part thrown in that i felt was just a little weird for me the book was just one giant rescue mission that just did not hit the spot A Joyfully Jay review 3 starsThe plot of this book is interesting Andrews Security is an elite security company hired to protect Ethan Tameron the teenage son of a business executive while he is away at a soccer camp When Ethan and his agent never arrive at camp the search for the two missing men begins A day later the agent is found beaten tortured and left on death’s doorstep Later that day a video email arrives warning the father not to bring in the police Over the next few days video emails appear threatening to sell the son as a sex slaveAaron is shy and awkward around most people and he tends to be somewhat of a loner When Ethan is kidnapped Aaron’s knowledge about the BDSM scene is called upon to help track down when and where he will be sold Teaming up with Declan they go undercover to track down the kidnappersWhile the plot was interesting the writing was tedious at times In the first chapter over a half dozen characters are thrown at readers While I am a fan of secondary characters in books secondary characters should play a secondary role rather than each of them having their own point of view Throughout the book it seemed as if there were many main characters yet we never really connect with any of them It was almost as if it were written like a screenplay for a television show where you get bits and pieces from multiple characters but there isn’t any real star of the showRead Wendy’s review in its entirety here The plot was okay but this was just basically a rescue mission The description implies there might be some sort of romantic involvement between Declan and Aaron but there really wasn't I'd barely even consider them as main characters as there was SOOO much POV change I didn't feel emotionally involved with any of the characters And someone needs to edit the story for uotation marks especially because there are so many of them missing