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Arthurian Omen[Reading] ➿ Arthurian Omen By G.G. Vandagriff – Is the story of King Arthur history or myth In this spellbinding novel a Celtic scholar is murdered when she finds a clue to a priceless 13th century manuscript that will provide the true identity of Is the story of King Arthur history or myth In this spellbinding novel a Celtic scholar is murdered when she finds a clue to a priceless th century manuscript that will provide the true identity of King Arthur The victims sister takes up the uest. This is the story of a woman on search for an ancient manuscript about King Arthur the wehreabouts of said manuscript have been linked with her sisters murder Not a bad plot but the problem with this book was that is read like a rough outline The characters had no real deminsion besides us knowing what clothing they were wearing at all time I did not expect the plot twist at the end which is fine but usually you get to a twist and then look back over what you have read and thinkoh yeah it all makes sence now This time I felt as if it were just thrown in to be unexpected I also was sad by the lack of real history The book says it is about this Authorian Omen but it is about this woman and her messed up life the manuscript is just that a manuscript I never felt really connected with it Had the author had time to flush out some of these problems this could have been a great book but as it is I think whoever edited it did the author a disservice by not mentioning that so much needed fleshing outI am however interested in reading her earlier works as it appears this was written after an illness that made her lose her memory FOr that reason alone I give the author a round of applause for never giving up Now her personal story is one I would want to read The so called Prince Henry might ravage the country until no one was left but he could never destroy the spirit of Cymru It was eternal It would lie on in the hills the rivers the land until Arthur returned to reclaim them The Good I received this book as an Early Reviewer on Library Thing It's a story about a manuscript proving the existence of King Arthur and what various parties will do to get their hands on it Maren Southcott's sister Rachael an academic was on its trail before she was murdered Now Maren is on the hunt for not only her sister's killer but also the manuscript I was really looking forward to this book because I love Wales and its mythology The prologue set in 15th century Wales sets the tone and pace for the novel We meet Brother Gruffyd who hides the manuscript from soon to be Henry IV The syntax and diction fit with the time period and I hoped to see of these flashbacks to show us Owain Glyndwr an Arthur like figure for Wales who could play a parallel hero to Maren The Bad I found it very difficult to get through this book I would categorize it as a uick read the kind of book you read in an airport to pass the time but I couldn't read than a few pages at a time The plot is very disjointed In fact I would say the book became about Maren and the various problems with her marriage and child than about the manuscript The focus of the book jumped around thanks to various subplots that were nothing but distracting There were even times I forgot Maren was looking for the manuscript There were too many coincidences loose ends and a lack of clues for me to enjoy the story As well there were too many characters for me to keep track of meaning they weren't fleshed out enough they weren't believable For example it seemed like every man Maren met fell in love with her And I can't tell you how many times the word bigamous was used because there were too many to countThe most disappointing aspect though was the lack of mythology I expected with the story taking place in Wales that we would see and hear about King Arthur and Owain Glyndwr but often than not we were subjected to mountains of dialogue I would even say that the setting was missing for the first fifty pages of the book One reason for the disjointedness of the novel is the story behind its origins Vandagriff suffered from an illness that reuired her to undergo a procedure that wiped out most of the last ten years of her life She had been in the midst of writing The Arthurian Omen Fortunately her doctor was able to find the right medications to manage her illness By this time she had found the half finished manuscript on her computer and I think this is the main reason for the story not meshing together properly The Ugly This book really wasn't ready for publishing It reads like a very rough draft It's wordy and suffers from a lack of focus in the plot It's very dialogue heavy with various characters jumping to wild conclusions The reader is left floating without a proper setting to grab onto and we're missing an important story component the mythology of Wales The worst part is this could have been a good book if it had been edited properly Whether King Arthur ever actually existed is debated by scholars but the legends concerning his greatness and his commitment to right and justice prevail — not only in England and Wales but throughout America as well Vandagriff exhibits keen knowledge of the legend and its continuing impact on the people of Celtic descent Detailed research has gone into the castles monasteries and the Welsh countryside as she provides a sense of authenticity to the setting for this novel This is a multilayered story with complex characters and motives However the descriptions of characters don't always match what the reader gleans from observing those characters' actions For example the heroine is described by several of the other characters as being brave daring and keenly intelligent The reader sees her make stupid choices and decisions such as marrying a man she's only known for a few weeks running alone in strange places in the middle of the night and being impulsive than strong The Arthurian Omen is literary than genre mystery but it will appeal to readers than just those who enjoy language character development and style For one thing it is faster paced than most literary novels and the mystery is intriguing and unusual Though one portion of the mystery plot is easy to unravel almost from the start another is challenging I listened to a CD of this book while I was puttering around this weekend I love the word puttering though I think it makes me sound so much older than I am Through most of the first CD I kept saying to myself REALLY?? Am I REALLY listening to this?? I thought it was horribly written and overly dramatic It didn't help that the woman reading the story was also overly dramatic and didn't read emotion into the book the way I would have it's one of the risks you take with a book on tapecdAnyhoo it provided background noise and I kept hoping it would get better so I left it on For a while it did get a LITTLE better However the ending left me once again saying REALLY??I also thought the main character Maren was incredibly stupid She is a mother and a lawyer and according to the author is a very smart woman Umm hello Even I know not to tell the bad guys EVERYTHING And putting your daughter right in the middle of a murder investigation??I just didn't feel this book was well written The author failed to help me understand why the manuscript being searched for was so important The characters had no depth And it just wasn't very believableSorry can't recommend Though if you're still interested I have seven CDs with your name on 'em The setting and premise are exceptional in this novel however the execution is very average I found The Aurthurian Omen to be a very predictable and formulaic attempt at a suspense novel The characters seem exactly like fictional characters rather than having the feel of real people and were just not very believable to meAs I stated in my opener I really enjoyed the fact that the novel was set in the beautiful and mysterious Welsh countryside and having the mystery itself involving finding proof of the actual existence of King Arthur made for an extremely interesting premise Unfortunately I had most of the particulars figured out well in advance of their reveal Things in the novel seemed to plod along at times and I really had to sit down and force myself to get to work and finish it upThe blurb on the back of the book touts it to be in the tradition of Mary Higgins Clark While I personally have not read any Mary Higgins Clark yet my significant other reads a lot of her work and was also extremely disappointed with this novel Well I was excited to read this book for uite some time but it just wasn't what I thought it would be It has very little to do Arthur at all which was the sad part but it did have a lot to do with Wales which was a unknown piece of fun I wish that I would have known that before reading it so I knew that the book wouldn't have any Arthur history realy at all in it Also the characters seemed distant to me I didn't feel like I related which is a new endeavor for me to figure out what makes characters relatable I do have to say the book was inviting I wanted to keep reading The Arthurian Omen by GG Vandagriff deals with the intense passion that arises when the location of a long lost manuscript is uncovered The story starts out riveting and it makes you want to find out and then when you do it disappointsThe first thing that will strike you about this novel is the stupidity of the characters They seem to make bad decisions in the first three chapters than most of us make in a year Their stupidity though doesn’t stop there They continue to make poor decisions and leaps of logic that can only be author inspiredFrom beginning to end the characters come across as flat caricatures who exist merely for the convenience of the plot The “bad guy” in the novel is constantly ascribed greater malevolence than befits his actions while the lurking secret behind the story a Colombian drug cartel disappears into the mist several chapters before the lackluster climaxThe suspense is held by keeping the identity of most of the characters a secret from the reader while showing us tantalizing hints of which of the hunters on the grand uest might have an alter ego under one of the pseudonyms we know is used by one of the bad guys This suspense is held until about two thirds through the book when for no apparent reason Vandagriff breaks the suspense and tells us who is who leaving just one villain unmasked The unmasking of the final villain at the climax of the book left me with only one word meh I didn’t care about who it was The reasons behind the nefarious deeds then come out to be some sort of poor family relationship that the character had as a child and a nanny who brainwashed them Of course none of this is mentioned until after the unmasking which means that the reader is not invested in the investigation and so has no “aha” moment at the unmaskingI was once told that directors and writers are like the Wizard of Oz the character not the book If they’re very good you’ll never notice the man behind the curtain Every author’s motto should be “take no notice of the man behind the curtain” Vandagriff instead writes like she is standing in the middle of a three ring circus rather than behind the curtain The author’s hand is visible on the strings of every character forcing them into decisions that no reasonable person would make and manipulating them into actions that seem out of place given their past historyThis is not to say that the novel is not enjoyable I uite enjoyed the uest through the Welsh countryside I enjoyed her descriptions of the landscape as they moved through it I did though have some concerns about the amount of detail that went into describing the outfits of the main character not seeing the reason behind telling us exactly what she is wearing down to the last stitch and hueThough the novel had some bright points this is not an author I will be seeking out in the future She is too visible in the actions of her characters and does not allow them to behave as they desire The story while interesting can not make up for the lack of depth in her characters In spite of what I felt were a few glitches in plot I found The Arthurian Omen curiously hard to put down In fact I was up till 130 AM riding the rollercoaster ending all the way towell the end As a medieval history buff who usually finds myself firmly on the side of the English I enjoyed the mental stretch in exploring the “Welsh side” of events that took place during the 15th Century reign of King Henry V and his campaigns against Prince Owain Glyndwr in Wales This proved the historical focus for the 21st Century characters as much if not than the actual saga of King Arthur I thought the research was very well done and the author is obviously very familiar with the history and terrain of WalesPlot wise I only had a couple of uibbles The chief inspector from Scotland Yard who is supposed to be protecting the heroine from a would be murderer inexplicably leaves her alone in the company of his two main suspects while he wanders off at one point to investigate another thread of the plot Later the heroine who has previously had a very narrow escape from being strangled in her hotel room decides to go for a midnight run all alone in the middle of Wales andyeshas yet another frighteningly close brush with this time a gun toting thug This incident in particular made it very hard for me to reconcile her with the highly intelligent professional attorney she supposedly wasWhile I had some trouble with the heroine I found the men of the story uite engaging with the exception of the heroine’s slimy second husband whom I was obviously expected to loathe and didAs a mystery I had great fun trying to figure out who was guilty of which crimes as I wove my way through the book Some of my guesses proved to be correct though the red herrings were uite sufficient to make me grin with glee when my suspicions were confirmed And to the author’s credit when the identity of the modern “Owain Glyndwr” was revealed my jaw dropped and I actually exclaimed out loud “I never saw that coming”The suspense was so high at that point that I literally could not put the book down until I’d read my way clear through the concluding epilogue However in retrospect a day after finishing the book one uibble arose in my mind The author accounted for all the possible suspects’ relationships to the heroine’s murdered sister except for the man who was actually guilty of murdering her Or did I merely miss it? If there are any other readers of The Arthurian Omen out there please let me knowdid the author slip up or did my memory go faulty on me?Would I recommend this book? Definitely Despite the uibbles listed here The Arthurian Omen is an engaging fast moving mystery that will keep you reading into the wee hours of the night This book was a little decieving I read the plot on the back of the cover and it was a bit misleading I enjoyed the book only to the point of it being a suspense novel But when I started reading it I thought that there would've been a little history There wasn't too much At least not the kind of history that the author took the time to explain In my opinion if you mention something in history in passing then it ought to be common knowledge Otherwise it's just confusing to the reader Sheesh The book's main plot surrounds the pursuit of an ancient manuscript by several groups who have their own reasons for trying to find it The manuscript is said to contain the identity of the real Kind Arthur The novel builds and builds and builds and then at the end of the book when it's finally found we never find out what it's says Why the heck not? It seems sorta pointless to make such a mystery out of something in the book and then to just drop it I hated that It's not even like it's really mentioned after it's found either I wasn't impressed Too bad I guess Oh well I hope that maybe I can find another book like this with a satisfactory ending The story had potential but it didn't take to my liking I don't often pick up murder mysteries The subject material is often a little dark for my tastes but once in a while I do pick one up and enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together as I read This was one of those stories The story is about a woman who recently married a man she discovers to have a shady background She is eager for some escape time when her lately estranged sister offers the olive branch by inviting her to help her track down an ancient long hidden manuscript she thinks will prove that King Arthur of Camelot was a real person Before they can reunite the sister is murdered by someone who wants to find the manuscript for his own dark purposes Grief stricken the surviving sister decides to track down the manuscript herself and hopefully identify the murderer at the same time The language strikes me as a little too flowery and pretentious at times but on the whole it seems to be well paced and an intriguing read It makes me want to do research on Wales Arthur and a number of other things mentioned that I'm not very familiar with The ending was pretty disappointing to me I didn't want that person to be the killer I guess I should have seen it coming though going by the least likely suspect rule

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