Real Vampires Say Read My Hips (Glory St. Clair, #11)

Real Vampires Say Read My Hips (Glory St. Clair, #11)[EPUB] ✼ Real Vampires Say Read My Hips (Glory St. Clair, #11) ✿ Gerry Bartlett – Be Careful What You Wish ForCurvy vampire Glory St Clair has a lot of things on her wish list a perfect figure to eat chocolate again and to marry her hunky Highlander Jeremiah Campbell of course Then Be Careful What You Say read MOBI ï Wish ForCurvy vampire Glory St Clair has a lot of things on her wish list a perfect figure to eat chocolate again and to marry her hunky Highlander Jeremiah Campbell of course Then there’s the family she’s always wanted At least she’s about to marry Jerry until her mother kidnaps her the week before the wedding What’s a girl to doShe’s in Olympus and a goddess Glory doesn’t mind waking up with Real Vampires PDF or a perfect figure and an appetite for hamburgers but where are her fangs Seems blood suckers aren’t welcome in Olympus And her powerful grandfather wouldn’t approve of her former lifestyle He’s eager to meet her and arrange an “appropriate” marriage Glory is desperate to go home to the man she loves Will her powerful family ever let her go When Jerry arrives in Olympus determined to fight for her Glory is afraid they will never have the Vampires Say read MOBI ñ forever life together they’d planned It will take all of her goddess powers to make this final dream come true. I absolutely love Gloriana St Claire What an awesome read Funny sexy romantic and crazy are all perfect adjectives to describe this installment of The Real Vampire Series We are finally introduced to Glory's family and lets just say there is messing around with Zeus Yes I said Zeus He is Glory's grandfather Wait her father is Mars the God of War Of course they are not happy with Glory's choices especially the one of her being a vampire but what else could she do when we all know how her mother threw her away Well now scores will be settled and Jerry finally gets his woman Of course she had been kidnapped and brought to Olympus where she is finally presented to her true family While Glory always wished for a family she may have regretted that wish I can only hope that this is not the last we see of Glory Jerry and the gang It was almost like this book was divided into 2 parts The first part was craziness that Glory's parents brought with a trip to Olympus and the adamant demand that she not marry a vampire but renounce her life on Earth and live how they wanted her to with all the gods and goddesses I found this part to be boring all of the residents of Olympus were horrible with few morals Anything seemed to go until things started to make them look bad Being that Glory is a strong female her thoughts didn't mesh very well and some of the changes that she wanted threw things in chaos The second part of the book had to do with the wedding All the drama of getting to the date along with their family wore me out I did like it when the parents had the big show down loved that Jerry's mother got put in her place with a great show I was happy to see the wedding finally happen and for Glory to get her HEA wiping tears I am so sad to see this amazing series end I loved this book but really wish the ending had been a few pages longer Praying there is a novella someday that will give us the wedding details vows exchanging of rings and of course the kiss Blade Glory Campbell forever Comical serious and uite entertainingCombining scotch vampires and Olympians makes for a wonderful tale that only a master could carry out Truly this is an accomplishment of love hate and parental intervention to tax the greatest minds It has been done A great read Really liked this series in the beginning but it seems like the Author was running out of things so a lot of the last few books was rehashing stuff from previous books And in this one it seems she can't even remember what she had written before Having Glory just barely talking to Flo about her ex boyfriend like it was a secretreally disappointed in how far downhill the series has gone Glory always makes me laugh I don't know how I missed this one but it was a great read to catch back up with her Have to readYes there is a lot of vampire books out there but this one is a must have series of books This is the last book of a wonderful series I’m going to miss Glory and all her friends and enemies In this one Glory and Jerry finally tie the knot but not until after a lot of pre wedding problems start in laws Jerry has to literally fight for her hand against an Olympus god temporary made human Then there are pre wedding problems in laws past BFs fires in laws deciding on a dress business accounting and oh and did I say in laws? You think we have it bad at least ours are humans sort of Try Scottish vampires against Olympus gods and goddesses Except for one spell of jealousy Ray Jerry is wonderful in this Very generous loving understanding and heroic Glory is her same flustered loyal plotting determined ball of fire Especially when she discovers she has a lot of new family In fact she’s overwhelmed by it I’d love to have someone like Mars as my father he is so cool Towards the end all the old characters make an appearance wrapping up their connection to Glory as they either move on or continue the way they were going Even the New York thing gets partially resolved We get a couple of new characters which I’d love to see how they work out but oh well But the end was way too abrupt for me I keep hitting the next page button hoping there was Couldn’t we at least see the rest of the wedding and part of the honeymoon? Twilight at least gave us that much but then I guess they had another movie with a big final battle Now that’d be cool Maybe we can get a short story glimpse of the honeymoon? uick Thought 1Why is it that the fathers are ok but the mothers don’t get along? Not all mothers in law are bad or hate each other My daughter in law thinks I’m awesome and her mother and I go places together all the time We all work well together at family get togethers Fave scenes Cornelius and the pillows Jerry’s fight with Kratos Glory showing Charis and Alesha her store and the confrontation between Glory’s parents and Jerry’s at the wedding rehersal It's time it's time it's time The wedding of the century Jeremiah and Gloriana sigh Gloriana StClair has said no to Jerry Cambell for centuries oh not sex just marriage But she has finally acknowledged her undying love and has planned the perfect wedding with the man of her dreams With the happy day getting closer the last thing she expects is the arrival of the woman who abandoned her as an infant her mother the goddess Hebe who promptly kidnaps Glory to introduce her on Olympus where her grandfather Zeus has forbidden her marriage and promised her to another god Glory throws a goddess sized hissy fit which prompts her father Mars the god of war to bring her beloved Jerry up to fight for her hand But will he survive a fight with a god since his arrival has mad him mortal? Will Glory be forced to marry a god she doesn't know or like? How can Glory escape this golden cage? Doing what she does best Watch out OlympusGlory is about to show everyone not to mess with this bridezilla Frankly I'm relieved this series has come to an end I stuck with it because I really liked Gloriana in the beginning and I had to know how things ended up for her I think the addition of gods and goddesses several books ago is what really turned me off particularly when Greek and Roman are mixed willy nilly with no obvious reason I guess as love triangles were cleared up family drama became necessary instead And oh what drama Glory's parents especially her mother are way too single minded to the point where they feel like convenient plot devices than characters And while Glory continues to pay lip service to wanting to be an independent woman Blade purchasing a building far outside of her means as a wedding present is A OK So yeah just a lot of problems for me as a reader but I guess it was a decent enough wrap up with farewell performances from many of Glory's old lovers and friend

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  • Paperback
  • 330 pages
  • Real Vampires Say Read My Hips (Glory St. Clair, #11)
  • Gerry Bartlett
  • English
  • 07 July 2014
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