The Multiversity (The Multiversity #3)

The Multiversity (The Multiversity #3)✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Multiversity (The Multiversity #3) By Grant Morrison ✸ – With all of the world’s threats having been handled long ago by their parents the next generation of supers find themselves labeled as superstars often than super heroes But with that fame comes com With all of the world’s threats having been handled long ago by their parents the next generation of supers find themselves labeled as superstars often than super heroes But with that fame comes complacency and when a massive threat unlike anything they’ve ever seen surfaces this pampered crew finds themselves in way over their head. so cheeky so ingenious Morrison takes all of the angst ridden superhero headliners of late 90s comicdom and places them where they belong in a world built by the CW network apparently he was inspired by MTV's laughably superficial reality soap Laguna Hills watching these soulless plasticine twentysomethings mindlessly chat about romance bromance the latest party the latest art opening etc while avoiding a deeper discussion of an inexplicable suicide was malicious good fun however Morrison's story is not simply a skin deep bit of vicious mockery he criticizes superficial cynicism and defiant self absorption to not just score points off of easy targets but to mourn the loss of depth and genuine emotion that comes from living in a pop culture world with no stakes besides enjoying the latest entertainments his story is ably abetted by Ben Oliver's soft focus at times photo realistic art and especially a cover which looks like it was torn right off of People or Us magazine the ending which leaves us with an army of sinister robots about to deliver mayhem and slaughter to the most exclusive of superhero parties is evil perfection On Earth 16 the superheroes have done it – they saved the world for good They did such an amazing job that even in death no evil can harm the planet thanks to Superman’s Super robots What does that mean for their children then Chris Kent Damian Wayne and the others? What do superheroes do in a world without a need for them to save it? Besides being celebrities they don’t do much at all It’s an incredibly boring life So much so that some have even chosen suicide over livingThe Just #1 aka The Multiversity #3 is like a superhero version of The OC Vapid twentysomething superheroes on their phones wittering on about parties and who’s sleeping with who meh I’m not really sure what Grant Morrison’s going for in this comic It’s only loosely connected to The Multiversity via previous issues of this series that’ve somehow made it into their world probably because it’s “haunted” or some such crap So the characters standing about reading the last issue in this issue is meta but pointlessBut besides that – what? Damian Wayne aka Batman is sleeping with Alexis Luthor aka Lex’s daughter – but Lex killed Clark KentSuperman and Chris Kent aka Superman and Damian are bros What about their bromance yo? And then later on we see them having a superhero battle re enactment like civil war re enactors because that’s the only way they can experience fighting global threats Yeah they’re lame But why are we reading about them – they’re not interesting So this is the comic superheroes who’ve had everything handed to them their whole lives turn out to be pampered spoilt douchebags It’s a storyline that’s been done over and over before without any real variation or insight into what’s so fascinating about the setup If Mark Millar’s doing it too in his rubbish Image series Jupiter’s Legacy that should be warning enough to stay the hell away from the subject though to be fair it’s highly unlikely Morrison knows what Millar’s doing and has done for the last 10 yearsI suppose some fans of Damian Wayne will enjoy the fact that Morrison’s writing a new comic with him in it In Morrison’s Batman run Damian started off as a sociopath but towards the end of his life he’d changed considerably I imagine this Damian is the man he would have become if he had lived ie less mental human Maybe Even so I wouldn’t rate this comic a must read just because Damian’s in itThis is probably the most accessible issue in the series so far in that it doesn’t jump around in time etc but hardly anything happens so I was horribly bored most of the time Irritatingly the only semblance of a story emerges in the last couple pages and then it’s overDisappointingly none of the three Multiversity issues have been very special or come close to living up to the hype The Just #1 is just crap As expected of a Grant Morrision read The Just is pretty much hard to grasp the first time you read it Basically our superheroes have succeeded guarding their own universe that the next generation ones are justthereThis issue is heavy on metas both on commentaries in comic industry politics and the comics industry as a whole Its connection with the whole Multiversity thing is present though much of the reveal is drastically introduced near the end I'm right here and you're deliberately ignoring my obvious physical and intellectual charms Is Batman gay? Imagine an Earth where your safety is guaranteed by a bunch of robots created by Superman and the Superman you know and love is actually dead Also imagine the other super heroes who populate your planet are just barely worth their weight in silver because they're seldom anything than glorified pop stars in a world reeking of boredom While some are concerned with their social status some super heroes attempt to relive their glory days by fighting androids imbued with powers of those they fought in the past You actually feel pity for them because their purpose in life is largely diminished and they're forced to confront their own internal demons instead of pushing them down and fighting monsters in the real worldDamien is Batman Chris is the son of Superman Unlike many of the others they still rise to the occasion when they're called on and the call is a super suicideThis particular Multiversity comic was very well done The art is absolutely fantastic The writing Morrison is some of the best available in the DC Multiverse The dialogue is of course the best in the industry In fact the characters in these comics are so well done that they appreciate comics just as much as you do So why be a self hater and ignore this issue?You can tell that eventually the comics are going to tie in somehow I noticed that this one didn't have a review written for it yet If you haven't given this book a chance you're missing out The Multiverse tie in is going to be epic and this issue is definitely not going to be holding any punches That's it?A meta story about despair and the pointlessness of superheroes in a world without crime with some snarky commentary on spoiled club kids or whatever I was really looking forward to this but I was so disappointedThere was no real opportunity to enjoy this hypothetical future For all that there was minimal fighting there was also a whirlwind of faces I was thrilled that this version of the Justice League used my preferred 90s characters and was in fact very similar to my hypothetical dream team of Justice Leaguers But There wasn't enough substance to sustain this A world was crafted to be examined once and then it was discardedWhat a shame This was a superhero story for the modern world of how super hero offspring would live A compelling story A good read Esta es una de esas meta historias ue tanto nos gustan o disgustan de Grant Morrison Muchísimas referencias a cómics y personajes no tan conocidos y discusiones existencialistas ue terminan haciéndote doler la cabeza los superheroes de este cómic discuten sobre los cómics y los cómics de superheroes ya sea de manera directa o indirecta La historia en sí es aburrida pero es porue justamente se nos muestra un universo aburrido y decadente Hay ue reconocer la maestría de Morrison para hacerte leer un cómic ue en otro contexto seria irrelevante El dibujo de Ben Oliver encaja perfectamente dentro de la historia Sin embargo y con Morrison siempre me pasa sus cómics de superheroes reuieren mucho trabajo para el lector hasta ahora sigo leyendo las anotaciones para entender ué es lo ue pasa y a veces no vale la pena So in the future something bad happens and the result is most of the super heroes are gone but in the process the world is a peaceful utopia and the various kids of heroes and sidekicks have grown up to be complete shallow party going reality TV icon level jerksThe idea isn't terrible but trying to introduce a cast of dozens tell a done in one story and keep the main story arc going meant the characterization was at a level that would make Dwason's Creek look like HamletIf in the course of this 'Crisis on not uite infinite earths' if this Earth gets wiped out I wouldn't be too upsetHeck Grant managed to give Captain Carrot personality than these guys Il mondo è ormai in pace da decenni e i figli dei più grandi super eroi di sempre sono semplicemente dei ragazzi ricchi famosi ed annoiati in cerca di feste ed emozioni fortiuesti finché una di loro non si suicida dopo aver comunicato in una telefonata alla sua migliore amica un'avvertimento loro stanno arrivando il nostro mondo è spacciatoPotranno uesti eroi privi di stimoli ed esperienza arginare l'avanzata della cerchia? le possibilità sembrano decisamente scarse