The Conseuence of High Caliber Mako Shark #1

The Conseuence of High Caliber Mako Shark #1[Download] ✤ The Conseuence of High Caliber Mako Shark #1 ➺ Nicole Castle – Miko is a devoted son An irresponsible brother A protective friend An anonymous lover An assassin nicknamed the Mako Shark after the sheer violence of his hits Miko is deadly And damaged Miko is in lo Miko is a devoted son An irresponsible of High eBook ↠ brother A protective friend An anonymous lover An assassin nicknamed the Mako Shark after the sheer violence of his hits Miko is deadly And damaged Miko is in love. Free for KU usersThis is a spinoff of the Chance Assassin A Story of Love Luck and Murder series Review soon here's a hint 45 stars but in the meantime check out my interview with Miko He is veryspecialInterview This is one of my favorite reads everand somehow I never reviewed it? Bad bad bad Lisa Can we just suffice it to say that Miko is my book boyfriend and I've never said that before and it also makes me one weird odd ball and I'm really okay with thatMiko won't be everyone's cup o tea but if you love the weird the strange and the entirely off beat this is for you Image by Cool Text Logo and Button Generator Create Your Own Logo I loved Miko Full Stop This story was dark and violent Miko is a totally messed up dude but his romance with Toby was so sweetit was a contrast that had me riveted Toby's need to believe in Miko was vital to him and to Miko as well It got him through I am looking forward to diving into book 2 This book easily made my best of the year list This would have been an easy 5 stars but I hated the ending I just hope the next book comes out soon and that Miko and Toby get what they deserve view spoilerA fucking HAPPY ENDING hide spoiler 35 stars First things first This book is part of the Chance Assassin universe but it can be read as standalone But if you read it before Les Recidivists than this may spoil the ending for you to a degree since plot of both books overlap at the endOur merry band of assassins just got bigger This book follows Miko one of Silva's assassins group of elite contract killers Due to tragic accident in his childhood that cost him than his fingers Miko developed several uirks he constantly chews cinnamon candies he has to make special sleeping arrangements and he is sueamish He also has a reputation of a terrible bloodthirsty killer that's not really true because he really didn't plan to kill his marks the way he did it happened | After one of his assignments he goes out and picks up a guy That's how he meets Toby with whom he eventually starts a relationshipNow I know this is not a new never heard before plot Hmm Warrior's Cross comes to mind for example and Miko and Toby face all the same issues these couples have the biggest being lying about his true vocationBut what makes this book standing out is the weirdness uirkiness of main characterwho doesn't get miraculously cured with the love of fine man This is what I like about Nicole Castle she takes a character she fucks him up beyond recognition and then she makes him fall in love with another man who doesn't really try to fix him he kind of works around these character glitches doesn't try to point the moral of things and in some occasion even hone them Vincent we are looking at you It also happens here For example view spoilerMiko didn't let Toby see his fingers for entirety of book He's embarrassed and he doesn't want to He probably planned to keep it hidden for the rest of his life Now in works of fiction we would get a scene where romantic interest kissed scars to show heshe doesn't care about it but Castle doesn't work that way Miko is fucked up about it and Toby doesn't push it hide spoiler That was so beautiful The characters the story the writing style everything Just perfect And here we are – She’s somehow made me love another assassin than Frank gasp I know I’m shocked too From the moment that she sent me the first few chapters of this book I found myself staring at my screen and drooling prodding her for information Threats were made “I shall come up with a new cringe worthy pun every hour and text it to you until my demands are met” For anyone who doesn’t know me that’s a legit threat If you cannot enjoy a book about an assassin this is not the book for you By assassin I do not mean someone who kills for a noble reason or needs the money I mean someone who kills because that is just what he is meant to do His calling is ending lives if that is a problem then do not read this book Miko is a difficult character to describe At first you almost think he’s a little slow in the head but then once you start getting to know him it becomes abundantly clear that he’s very smart and rather witty He’s just a good 30 degrees off center and never in the way you’d expect This book is the best kind of uick read that you can get where it keeps you interested and curious until the very end and a bit afterwards but we’ll get to that in a minute The character of Miko is enough to make the book worthwhile but Ophelia Toby and Nasir who for some reason I have started to love unconditionally bring so much flavor to the story that it is impossible to put down view spoiler All of Nicole Castle’s other books end on a happyish note This is not one of them Instead this book made me start texting her horrible puns every hour to let her know that my demands for book 2 are incredibly serious and not to be taken lightly hide spoiler 4 StarsI keep saying this but Holy Cow What a bookAlso as I've mentioned in other reviews I'm not a fan of jumping all over the time line but it totally works for this story In fact I can't see it working any other way than by unfolding the plot through time shifts and flashbacks A linear progression would have bored me to tears I think Although it DID take forever to finally get to the childhood scene that explains the title damn itLoved Mikohe was so oddly literal sometimes which I find to be an endearing trait for some reason and a total mess I tend to eat cinnamon candies like crazy too but now I'll end up thinking of him every time That's kind of brilliant Just like going into a Savers makes me think of the Psycop books; no it's not the same store SaverPlus but the name is close enough to evoke the memory Plus the need for constriction for pressure against his body or folding himself into tight spaces to feel comfortable? That's why moms dads swaddle infants; it's a security measure I absolutely adored that the sometimes accidentally ruthless bloody assassin needed it still It's almost like he reverted to using infantile coping measures and was psychologically arrested at a time when parents should have protected him his sisterVery engaging and I will definitely be adding the others to the TBR pile well I think they're already there I'd like to see if my hunch is right about that LewisBella hit feeling offand if nothing else I need to know if Miko was right about what happened to Ophelia I think he was I don't think it was her parents if it was then they are exactly the kind of people that need a killing but maybe somehow tied into Silvo's entire operation and targeting those close to the stable of assassins I love everything about this book EverythingAnd I just love Miko so much I love his english awwwI just re read it and it's as awesome second timeseals I get so happy when I start reading this bookIt's the feeling you get when you start reading something and you just know crazy stuff will be happening and you look forward to it so muuuuch So good I'm happy for a new series by Nicole Castle and that it takes place in the same world as The Chance Assassin books I fell in love with Miko and had to finish this book in one day I can't wait for the next book to see what happens next