Midnight Desires

Midnight Desires❮Read❯ ➵ Midnight Desires Author Lisa Ladew – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Edge of the Heat 1 by Lisa Ladew Emma Hill has a vision of her future husband but her ex husband a dirty cop in the city where she works as a paramedic is determined to keep her to himself TRUST ME NO Edge of the Heat by Lisa Ladew Emma Hill has a vision of her future husband but her ex husband a dirty cop in the city where she works as a paramedic is determined to keep her to himself TRUST ME NOT Part One BY C J BERRY When young MBA hotshot Mika Horden is recruited for her first big trading job at Dawson Memorial she finds herself living the perfect fairy tale That is until two FBI agents corner her into betraying those closest to her all in order to keep secret her dark past from the one she cares most about her boss Marked by Desire Book by Jamie Garrett Can US Marshal Luke Blake keep murder witness Hannah Mitchell hidden keep her safe Luke knows what happens when you make a case personal but Hannah might just be worth the risk But to stop a killer and keep her safe will Luke put himself in the line of fire instead Pure Temptation Tempted By Eve Carter A financially struggling college student stumbles upon just a briefcase containing in a sleazy hotel room in Manhattan and she can’t resist the temptation She takes the money but soon discovers that it is connected to a deadly underground street fighting cartel Fearing her life is in danger she jumps on a bus and heads south ending up in a cozy beach town where she meets a handsome twenty four year old Harley rider who has his own secrets to battle Dwell in Possibility Worcester Nights Book One by Ophelia Sikes Kate's life sucks She's tending bar at a run down dive Her immoral boss fondles every co ed within reach The clientele is made up of TV glazed zombies drunkards and who is that in the corner The Thunderbolt Hits Passion by PA Jones A chance meeting between Emma White a wanna be actress and Gavin Phillips Private Detective and secret Billionaire leads to an instant and undeniable attraction But Emma's past throws her life in a different direction Dreams Claimed Warfield’s Landing – Book by Adeara Allyne Rising artist Nic Bannerman isn’t looking for love When she meets Daniel he has dimples — call her shallow but she’s willing to take a chance All too soon outside events overtake them her birth father’s bad choices the frightening phone calls she’s been getting and other unexpected complications High Stakes SEDUCTION Book by Ami LeCoeur Antonio Mancini is rich secretive and gorgeous When unexpected circumstances cause Angela to confront him in his office he turns the tables and offers her a job But can she keep her mind on business in such close proximity UNSPOKEN By A Lexy Beck A chance encounter with a gorgeous stranger leaves Jennifer in emotional turmoil as she struggles with a new job overcoming her past mistakes that still haunt her and her relentless father that expects perfection Everything isn't as it seems; the lines are blurred between business and pleasure Caught by the Blizzard by Adele Huxley When Liz's mother died of breast cancer her life changed dramatically When Bryan The Blizzard crashed ualifying for the Olympic downhill team his life would never be the same Will these two scarred people break down the walls they've built and allow themselves to heal Stronger Runaway Book By Lexie Ray He's given her a reason to live again but when Jasmine discovers that Nate is keeping a deadly secret will their love be strong enough to survive Saving You Saving Me by Harmony Raines Curvy girl Erica is stranded in the middle of nowhere. Againto be continuedUnfortunately I was out and killing time so I downloaded this and started reading I didn't check I know I should but in my defence sometimes I just want to sit down and read without having to research if there's another book and if so how many and how much In fairness after I finished 'Edge of Heat' for it to just endwell after I'd calmed down I checked and it did state it was 'Edge of Heat 1' ok so that's on me I should have checked so I did and there's at least 6 books in this seriesNow I understand why authors do this and at least in this case it does state it's book 1 or part 1 but I hate that every time I pick up a compilation these days I have to check ideally before reading if it's a standalone or a to be continued usually it's the latter Some of the novels were exciting and suspenseful and I really enjoyed them as adult suspense romance novels However some were just what I sensed were simply erotic I don't mind some elaboration and details but I don't like gutter language and sex being the major reaction There was about three I really enjoyed and bought the next series installment Others were ok Others I lost interest completely a went on to the next story Most I wouldn't recommend for children under 14 I don't talk that way or live wanting lustful things wanting only sex Edge of the Heat Lisa LadewTrust Me Not C J BerryMarked by Desire Jamie GarrettPure Temptation Eve CarterDwell in Possibility Ophelia SikesPassion PA JonesDreams Claimed Adeara AllyneHigh Stakes Seduction Ami LeCoeurUnspoken A Lexy BeckCaught by the Blizzard Adele HuxleyStronger Lexie RaySaving You Saving Me Harmony Raines 5 read 0815?biker women fleeing abusive relationship BBW romancenot 100% realistic but loved it hot hero alpha though thoughtfullCaptivated Emily Jane Trent This is a must read There are some amazing Authors showcased in this set You are going to live each nd everyone of them Get ready to set yourself on fire Some stories were good and I'll look for the next one most were cliff hangers but some were just not that interesting Sizzling readGreat read 13 wonderful stories in 1 collection Only thing I disliked was being left hanging with some of the stories as they were only book 1 in a series I loved every book in this set I was so engulfed with each book I stopped to get other books as I went along because I enjoyed them so much I need to stop getting anthologies especially when the books within are the first of their series This entire anthology has books that are the first of their series not stand alone books CaptivatingStories that grab at your heart strings and leave you wanting Can't wait for the next installment Will be waiting in anticipation So NOT my cup of tea