Minimize Me

Minimize Me[Reading] ➶ Minimize Me By Andy Leeks – The autobiographical tale of a serial crash dieter who came up with a cunning plan to overcome the monotony of dieting Andy realised that every diet he had ever been on had failed because he got bored The autobiographical tale of a serial crash dieter who came up with a cunning plan to overcome the monotony of dieting Andy realised that every diet he had ever been on had failed because he got bored What if he were to tackle the boredom head on Surely he would have a better chance of success if he were to regularly change his diet plan The result A self imposed challenge to try out different diets in an effort to lose lbs in just days With the help of a long suffering wife and a truly inspirational young nutritionist the book describes the ups and downs of a serial crash dieter It is a ‘warts and all’ account that focuses on the funnier side of dieting Think of it as the reverse of ‘Supersize Me’ In this true life tale of witless weight loss Andy explains in intimate detail what it's like to suffer crash diet after crash diet and exactly how he came to end up in hospital Andy Leeks is author of the bestselling book As They Slept The comical tales of a London commuter and he continues to write all of his books on the train. So yeah now I want to do this I KNOW HE SAID NOT TO But how can I help myself I naturally gravitate towards strange and new diets I've tried them all I find it fun And challenging I love doing it I've just never done it this way Yep Think I'm gonna start On monday of course Came across this as an freebie OMG As a 9st person I hardly need to loss weight ok maybe a lb or 2 but nothing drasticThis book is absolutely fascinating 10 diets 5 days on each and 25lb expected weight loss like I said I am never going to lose 25 lbs but the premise is interesting I don't understand all the science but if you get bored on diets then this book is for you First 5 days are 52 diet day 1 500 cal 3 days of normal day 5 500 cal Diet 2 is Special K diet and so on If you find it hard you know its only for a couple of days the baby food diet No wonder Tracy Anderson stepped away from that sounds disgustingWell done that man for sticking to his 50 days and well done on achieving the desired 25lb weight loss worth a go worth a read good little book I'd say Enjoyed hearing about his diet choices and strugglesAndy chooses 10 diets to attempt in 50 dAys I enjoyed reading about the different diets why he chose them what his struggles were and his weight loss each week This was a free book from bookbub I was disappointed that the photos of him throughout the weight loss didn't upload in the book He had a humorous way at looking at the challenges each week I had never thought of or heard of the baby food diet or the cabbage soup diet Probably a reason for that I gave him 4 stars since he is a self published writer and addressing a borrowing topic pretty funny Plus the chapter and diet explanations were short enough to get through uick entertaining readI enjoyed the author's outlook on his challenge His writing was casual and entertaining I didn't understand a few of the food references as I have never been outside of the States but it was easy enough to understand The photos would not show up for me but it might be that my device will not allow it I even enjoyed the preview of his other book at the end so I will probably buy it too Actually a really fun readDefinitely worth the time to review some of these common weight loss methods Would like a review that was time for each But an entertaining read with an affable author I enjoyed this Andy does 10 diets in 50 days and was miserable for most of them which is how I feel on any diet great readThe author's 5 day trial of ten different diets over fifty days is informative and at times very funny Worth the read This was one of those ebooks I picked up for free as the premise looked interesting The author set himself a challenge to follow 10 popular subscription free diets for 5 days each to see if he could lose 25lbs in 50 days I won't spoil it and confirm whether he achieved his goal or not I'd heard of some of the diets Atkins cabbage soup juice raw food calorie counting 52 and had even tried a few of them myself over the years I was interested to see his review of each and he scored based not only on whether he lost the reuired amount of pounds but also on how easy and enjoyable they were to follow He'd consulted a professional nutritionist beforehand to get his take on it and had blood tests before and after to compare Good explanations of what the diets comprised of but what I hadn't expected was just how entertaining and humorous Leeks would be as he detailed his 5 days on each diet uite a wry diary which made it easy and enjoyable to read as well as informative Author went on 10 different diets for 5 days each and documented his feelings satisfaction and weight loss Actually uite interesting Hilarious