The Drafter

The Drafter[Read] ➯ The Drafter By Kim Harrison – The Bourne Identity meets Minority Report in this first highly anticipated installment in number one New York Times best selling author Kim Harrison's sexy new romantic suspense trilogy featuring a br The Bourne Identity meets Minority Report in this first highly anticipated installment in number one New York Times best selling author Kim Harrison's sexy new romantic suspense trilogy featuring a brilliant special task agent at the top of her field and set in a futuristic DetroitDuring a routine but dangerous Opti task Peri Reed finds out her trusted partner has made her a corrupt agent Her uniue ability to jump back seconds in time to correct a mistake leaves her vulnerable when her partner who is responsible for replacing her memory of the event gives her a false one But Peri lives and dies on her intuition and she begins to piece her twisted reality together as she flees her one time secure situation at Opti and tries to find the truth with a sullen but talented psychologist named Silas who works for the very agency trying to bring the Opti corruption to lightWith Howard tech and med specialist and Taf gun toting daughter of the opposing grass roots agency Silas and Peri try to rebuild her memory of the night she killed her partner knowing it will put her mental stability in danger Peri remembers and thoughts of revenge keep her alive and moving forward as she tries to put an end to Opti working with the very faction that wants to see her dead. Re Read 10116 in prep for book 2I usually don't do re reads for new releases but this one rather screams the need A lot goes on and there are so many twists and turns in the plot that it really is a nightmare of interpersonal horrors It doesn't help that this level of mindfuckery is sanctioned at the highest levels or that Peri becomes uite this victimizedThe end kinda justifies the means but it's really uite a shame that she had to go through so much just to do what is right and not even know it So the real uestion is Does the end really justify the meansI can't answer that It's really kinda difficult in this novelPlus theres the whole other way to read this novel too beyond all the espionage and moral and ethical dilemmas We could read this as a statement about how men treat women writ very large and horrifyingly If it wasn't a woman writing it or that the main character wasn't a woman it might read as a man's wet dream Just think What man wouldn't love to be able to lie to a woman with perfect impunity about anything he wanted because he could just force her to forget the whole seuence and give her any false memories he wantedWell Besides me But if the man is a real asshole as so many of the men in this novel seem to be then it's just a dream come true for them And I wanted Peri to go all out and destroy themBut that was just me The ending isn't uite as satisfying as I'd like although there is a happy ending It's not as great as I'd want probably because it's also a book one out of many We can't wrap up everythingStill uite enjoyable uite scary and a good opener for a series First reviewNeed DiagramsFor what you askFor the line of betrayals lost memories altered timelines and secondarily who is faking love and who really feels it But mostly we need diagrams for the betrayals I really got caught up in the heavily claustrophobic feel of the text and being stuck in poor Peri's worldAt first I was struck by how much similarity there was between this novel and the horrible mess that was the Interland Security and the FIB from the Hollows letting the intrigue grow up and blossom into something that Harrison could never really get away with without losing the thread and the threats in her other excellent series And then I was blown away at how absolutely complicated and convoluted this new series could really getPlot Oh yes this one is very plot heavy It also has a fantastic benefitdisadvantage ruleset for Drafting never letting us envy the drafters despite their ability to redo moments of their life to find a better outcome I mean how good can it be if you forget both timelines after using it And then there are the Anchors those interesting uber powerful psychologists that have the ability help drafters recall what was lost after using their powers Can you smell a setup for abuseYou have no ideaThat's why I Need DiagramsIt's either that or I'll have to re read the novel right before the second comes out There's simply a LOT going on and I'm impressed The novel is a deep exploration of the handful of rules set up at the very beginning twisting and turning us around inside so much memory loss and intrigue that I would have sworn this was a spy fic only spies don't get shafted nearly THIS MUCH Do I pity Peri Yes Do I want to see her unravel the horribly knotted mess of her life Yes Do I get this really sneaking suspicion that if she does this One Thing she's going to immediately uit being everyone's doormat and kick some absolutely serious ass afterward Oh hell yesIt's the reason I read Harrison after all She always builds up some awesome stories and then slams them out of the park The satisfaction uotient on this novel doesn't sit where I truly want it but that's okay because I trust the author and know she's building to something really grand That's not to say the novel wasn't enjoyable on it's own because it was It just didn't explode the way I know Harrison's works have been known to do And in all honesty even the Hollows series didn't truly begin exploding until a few novels in They were good but not the level of great that I now expectFor this novel though I have a very good opinion on how it's going and a pretty good estimate on how big the explosion is going to beI CAN'T WAIT If you're a fan of the Hollows and you're debating whether to pick up this very different kind of book from Kim Harrison let me make it easy for you do it Of course this recommendation isn't only for fans of Rachel Morgan but I have to admit that after loving those books so much for so long I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy Harrison making such a big departure from Urban Fantasy Instead of disappointment this book left me feeling excited about the next installment and finally broke me free of an ongoing reading slumpBefore you start there are a few things you need to know Number One I've seen this billed as a suspense thriller but for me the futuristic sci fi elements were bigger The story is set in an alternative world Detroit in the year 2030 Our heroine can manipulate time Two There are romantic elements but this is not a romance Don't expect an HEA Which leads me to Number Three Though this book has a clearly defined ending this is only the first part of a trilogy There are uestions left unanswered and things left unclear Get ready to burn for the seuelPeri our heroine is a drafter She is highly trained as a covert government operative who has the added juice of being able to skip back in time when a mission goes bad She can't go back far just a minute or two But it's enough to make all the difference between success and failure As cool as it is the ability also has serious conseuences Living through two timelines can ravage the mind and drafters need the help of an anchor to reconcile the events in their minds and even then sometimes memories are lost But as the story begins Peri believes what she's doing is worth the sacrifice and she couldn't be in love with her anchor JackOver the course of the book Peri has to face some uncomfortable truths about what she does and who she does it for And it's made so much difficult because she is missing her own memories and she doesn't know who she can trust Kim Harrison does so many things right here I really felt Peri's internal conflict I believed in this crazy world she lives in and I was shaken right along with her every time Harrison dropped a new bomb in her lapThere were so many parts where I didn't know what to think or who to believe That could be frustrating at times and even after reaching the end I still don't know what to make of some characters yes Allen I am talking to you But then I remind myself that there are still two books to go If everything tied up in a bow what would be left to uncover That Harrison leaves me wanting means she did her job wellSo much happens here It's complex and dense but I never wanted to put it down The secondary characters are well drawn and compelling I want to know everything about Silas I want to see the connection he built with Peri play out Heck even the villains are fascinating and in some cases alluring Not that we know who all the villains are That's part of the mysteryBottom line this book is fresh original engaging fast and just plain fabulous I really kind of loved itRating A ARC provided by publisher ☠ DNF at who the fish knows It's been so bloody shrimping long since I read tried reading this thing that my grand grandchildren now have grand grandchildren So you can't seriously expect me to remember how far I didn't make it into this most fascinating tale my Little Barnacles You are uite welcomeOkay book you've been sitting on the bookshelf of Total Doom and Utter Oblivion TDaUO™ long enough Time to offer you in sacrifice to the Ever Pissed Off Calmly Cheerful Gods of the DNF Graveyard EPOCCGotDNFG™ Rest in relative peace and stuff✎ Book 05 Sideswiped ★September 2015►► BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting Sept 10 2015 I tried I really did I just can't get into it I don't like the writing I don't like Peri I don't like anything Ugh I'll give it another try Someday Maybe In 2025 or something♦ This is how I felt about reading this book before Sideswiped happened♦ This is how I feel about reading this book now that Sideswiped has happened I’d actually like to start out with an ultra mini review of Sideswiped It was a perfect introduction of the characters magic system and slightly futuristicalternate society I thought it was absolutely delightful yet heart wrenching at the same time I loved every moment and afterward was totally AMPED to pick up The Drafter 455 starsThen I picked up The DrafterI read a few posts on Kim Harrison’s blog a few months ago where she conveyed how disappointed she was that The Drafter wasn’t being received as well as she’d hoped She stated something along the lines of “people just aren’t getting what I’m trying to do” After finally reading the book I can definitely see why some readers may have had trouble with it and why someone new to Kim Harrison’s work might not have the trust needed to push through the harder patches It wasn’t a lack of characterization world building or writing in general – it’s clear Kim Harrison is still a master of all these things especially with my impressions of Sideswiped but rather the result of some unfortunate choices she made while outliningIssue 1 the biggest problem I had with The Drafter was it’s repetitive use of dramatic irony dramatic irony where the full significance of the character’s words or actions are clear to the reader but unknown to the characterUsing it was a risky move on Harrison’s part and I don’t think it paid off I was aware of the foul play from the very beginning and therefore was forced to sit patiently through 400 pages as the main character figured it out for herself It was tedious and a little bit frustrating but the biggest issue was that a storyline constructed entirely around dramatic irony gave me no opportunity to get emotionally invested in the plot or feel any kind of suspense As this is supposed to be a thriller of sorts that’s a problemIssue 2 I don’t think the book started at the best place It began way too far into the story arc which felt like a scene out of the second or third book where the framework for the world had already been established and all of the characters properly introduced Instead we were thrown into the middle of the controversy without any backing of the situation showing us why we should care Betrayals of certain characters were no big deal because to me the fact that they betrayed is literally the only thing presented thus far about themWhere the story started also provided very little time to understand the art of drafting itself so I was shoved at even of an arms distance from the plot while trying to figure out what the heck was going on I imagine had I not learned a basic understanding of it in Sideswiped I would have been struggling even Finally it didn’t provide any time to get to know the characters which brings me toIssue 3 all the characters came across very unlikable right from the beginning In sideswiped Peri was introduced as a spunky ambitious and intelligent woman who was destined to do great things In Drafter she immediately appeared arrogant and flippant to the point of recklessness also as an insufferable know it all with no back story to substantiate it I didn’t like her or any characters around her Again I mentioned that if I hadn’t read Sideswiped I might have been put off permanently then and thereSo you see there are plethora of reasons I think The Drafter could’ve been better – all of them a result of construction choices rather than any flaw on the author’s writing ability I think if the events and timelines of the preuel have been expanded on as the first book Harrison would’ve had another hit on her hands yes – it really was that good containing the missing pieces that made The Drafter feel incomplete Because of how much I liked Sideswiped how much I trust Kim Harrison as an author I am cautiously optimistic to see what The Operator has in store for me nextIf there’s one takeaway with my experience with The Drafter it’s that if you are planning to read the series for the love of God – read the preuel firstOther books you might likeBlackbirds Chuck WendigThe Minority Report Philip K DickOdd Thomas Dean KoontzI Am Not A Serial Killer Dan WellsAll Our Yesterdays Cristin TerrillVia The Obsessive Bookseller at wwwnikihawkescom When I heard this was about time travel I was expecting But in reality it was like this Peri was a drafter which meant she can go back in time Sounds wicked awesome right Well not so much Drafters can only go back and alter the last minute or less of time It has serious conseuences like major memory loss which makes the drafter vulnerable to manipulation since they don’t remember anything If she didn’t put herself in situations where her life were in danger and had to draft to save herself the memory loss would never happen It was hard to feel bad for Peri sometimes She had been mentally used and abused in ways than she could count but she put herself in this situation Someone with her level of intelligence must have been aware of the possibility that she could be manipulated Regardless of that no one deserved to be treated the way she was The beginning was a little rough It took a little while before drafting was explained to my satisfaction After a while I was invested in the story Peri had been hurt by Jack her anchorboyfriend The only side of Jack shown in the book was of him being a manipulative jerk so I never really related to Peri’s love for him Silas came into Peri’s life claiming to help her but she didn’t know if he was trustworthy Eventually the story got too repetitive How many times could she learn the truth or some version of it to have it ripped away Far could have been explained in this book instead of rehashing the same crap over and over towards the end There are two books in this series If they are similar plot wise to this then I don’t want to read them I really did not like the surprise at the end of the book and the changes it will bring so I’m really conflicted about reading the rest of the series The best thing I can say about this book is it would've made a good short story The beginning of The Drafter was great I love the concept of drafting which is basically the main character's ability to alter time and rewrite history I was excited and sucked in at first I didn't know who the characters were I didn't know who was corrupt or who to trust This was a good thing at firstHere's the thing The plot and those uestions never advanced It was one big repetitive is sheisn't she is heisn't he for 432 pagesNormally I would have DNF'ed before forcing myself through a book like this but I couldn't let go of my expectations for the series I kept thinking things would resolve and I'd be excited to move on to book two Unfortunately The Drafter turned out to be so obnoxious by the end I now have zero expectations for future books and I will not be reading the rest of this series15 stars This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeI have some mixed feelings regarding this book I did like it but I found it to be a bit tedious at times I love the idea behind the book I can't tell you how many times being able to rewind time a few seconds for uick do over would have come in handy during my life so the idea is very compelling The part where you need partner to help you only remember one of the timelines so that you remain sane doesn't sound uite as appealing in real life or in the book Peri is a Drafter which means she has the ability to rewind time for just a brief moment She works with a partner her anchor whose responsibility is to help her remember only one of the timelines Without an anchor doing his job correctly she would be at risk of going insane anytime she drafts so it is a relationship built on trust Peri is put in a position where she isn't sure that she can trust her anchor and senses that something may be wrongWhen Peri meets Silas she is already sensing that something is wrong at Opti the company she works for Something seems to click with Silas and Peri starts to trust him early on Silas is able to act as an anchor for Peri when needed and helps her start to piece together parts of her past that are bothering her I found Silas and his friends to be immediately likeable and easily my favorite parts of the bookThe memory issues that go hand in hand with Peri's drafting made for confusing reading at times Events would happen in one fashion and then it would change and I was left not knowing what was real and what wasn't This is exactly what Peri is dealing with in her life over the course of the book but as a reader I found it tedious and tiring There were some really strong points in the book as well The idea behind the story is genius Peri was smart and really grew on me over the course of the book There were parts of the book that were action packed and uite exciting The story ended with a lot of promise for the next book which I am looking forward to reading soon Initial ThoughtsI liked this book but it made my head hurt a little because it was a bit tedious for me I really liked the concept but I found that I had a hard time keeping everything straight All of the re remembering left me confused at times while it felt redundant at other times I had planned to start reading the second book as soon as I finished this one but I need a break New Kim Harrison book The Bourne Identity meets Minority ReportTime TravelRomantic Suspense Trilogy YES trilogyExpected publication September 1st 2015YES YES YES HELL YEAH Wow That was awesome I was a big fan of The Hollows series and was so sad that it ended The Drafter showcases Ms Harrison's wonderful writing style From the first page I was hooked and I could not put the book down It was new original and action packed The Drafter is set in the future a future where people with certain talents are able to draft skip around time Drafters work in conjunction with an anchor a person who helps the drafter rebuild memories lost in a draft or time shift Peri Reed is one of the talented drafters and she along with her partner and lover Jack work for Opti a government organization which may or may not be corrupt Then there's the alliance a group that is trying to prove that Opti is corrupt What's cool about this book is that you are never uite sure what is real and what isn't and who is an enemy or an ally You don't know if the information fed to you is truth or lie The you read the uestions arise It's really a form of mindfk and it is a lot of fun to read Thank you to Eidelweiss and Gallery Books for a review copy of this book