Keep a uiet Heart

Keep a uiet Heart[Read] ➵ Keep a uiet Heart By Elisabeth Elliot – Peace and uiet to many of us they're just words Somehow we have allowed the frenetic pace of life to rob us of the uiet restful moments with God we so desperately need Keep a uiet Heart features the r Peace and uiet to many of us they're just words Somehow we have allowed the frenetic pace of life to rob us of the uiet restful moments with God we so desperately need Keep a uiet Heart features the rich devotional musings of one of America's favorite authors and points the way to a deep experience with God away from the unsettling distractions of day to day living. In Keep a uiet Heart Elisabeth Elliot shares articles from her newsletters It's a collection that encourages you to know God better You can find Him best when your heart is uieted and that is what we as Christians should strive for A uiet heart is content with what God gives It is enough A uiet Heart Keep a uiet HeartThere are countless lessons to be heard in this volume if you're looking for them As Elliot prescribes stillness of mind uietness of heart can lead you to God How accurately she wrote about this subject for modern times and this was decades ago when she penned it It's true busyness takes up so much of ours lives – whether you're involved with extra church school and work opportunities or just taking care of your family – we're often so busy that our hearts are screaming out with worry despair and unsatisfactory feelings about our lives Enter the idea of stilling the loud “noises” in life that interrupt the contentedness of your soul Because even unknowingly it's those “noises” that are breaking up your communication with the Almighty Restlessness and impatience change nothing except our peace and joy Waiting Keep a uiet HeartA wide range of subjects are covered in Keep a uiet Heart I think a lot of them are geared towards women but anyone can listen and hear the truth behind Elliot's words Sometimes she shares a special story from her own life and ministry sometimes about a trial that a friend went through or we even hear from her own readers At other times she'll share a devotional on a variety of topics which could be anything from prayer peace culture marriage parenting even about homeschooling and Always it's an encouragement and inspirationPerhaps the chapters that pertained to subtopics under marriage and parenting didn't always apply to my own life right now but for the most part I still enjoyed even those areas in the book Because some of these topics and others are covered though I would best recommend the book for adultsThe message that blessed me the most is one that negatively affects the heart's uietness giving yourself too many tasks and too little time One of Elliot's stories in particular was about a time in her life where she was stressed about hitting certain deadlines and the dread of knowing she wasn't finishing in time Yet she's the one who made these deadlines and became stressed when other elements in life appeared out of the blue knocking her off a predetermined schedule Well this happens to us all and certainly to myself Do you know why it happens to me? It's my fault I tell myself way too often that I need to accomplish this this and that by week's end and guess what many times I'm unable to finish every bit of it This of course irks me right where it hurts in my unsettled unuieted heart Elliot's example showed me that uality of work is often better and safer on your heart when you get things done as needed and trim out unneeded deadline worry Already my days seem a little easier when I don't have to be uite so focused on the timeliness of my actions Let's never forget that some of His greatest mercies are His refusals He says no so that He may in some way we cannot imagine say yes Lost and Found Keep a uiet HeartOverall? It's a good book You should read it I guarantee it will help you find balance in a crazy busy life This is one of those books I go back to several times a year for wisdom It has been a life changing book for me A uiet heart is something I still long for and pray forIf you also long for one you need to read this book We all need to be exposed to the influence of godly women like Elisabeth Elliot in our lives 2017 I am so grateful for the many books EElliot left for us to read She has been without a doubt a great influence in my life I feel honored to have spent a month or two with Elisabeth Elliot This book was timely because we faced a severe grief this summer that made space for the mysterious uiet heart of which she speaks or better yet the need of it Keep a uiet Heart is a collection of her articles featured in her newsletter which is printed six times a year Reading this book is like coming to her kitchen each morning for a cup of coffee and a lesson in faith Its central message is to know and love the Lord in all arenas of life While admonishing believers onto faith Elisabeth introduces other Christian saints like Dr May Powell in her humble upstairs room in England her own faithful grandparents and beloved mother who raised six children to love and fear the Lord the great George MacDonald Amy Charmichael and others who have inspired godliness and faith Elliot's words are full compassion and wisdom which makes this book perfect as a daily devotional Read one or two chapters a day and glean numerous faith building truths and even practical applications for life love parenting work etc It's wonderful and I will come back to it again in yet another season of faith of life A favorite uoteIt is through the tender austerity of our troubles that the Son of Man comes knocking In every event He seeks an entrance to my heart yes even in my most helpless futile fruitless moments The very cracks and empty crannies of my life my perplexities and hurts and botched up jobs He wants to fill with Himself His joy His lifeHe urges me to learn of Him 'I am gentle and humble in heart' pg 99 There is scripture on keeping a uiet heart But let it be the hidden man of the heart in that which is not corruptible even the ornament of a meek and uiet spirit which is in the sight of God of great price I Peter 34 Elisabeth Elliott takes many topics from faith Why God Sufferingwork prayer marriage abortion children and with a story and scripture how our hearts can be uiet and surrender to God's sovereignity in our lives I loved her candor the simplicity and the need for the uiet heart in our walk with the Lord My favorite was rest comes by His sorrow life by his death His purpose in dying for all was that men while still in life should cease to live for themselves and should live for him who for their sakes died and was raised to lifeAny message that makes the cross redundant is anti christian How can we survey the wondrous cross and at the same time feed our pride? It is a daily struggle but it is the only way for true rest This was so so good I never wanted it to end It encouraged me challenged me and helped deepen m understanding of God This was a wonderfully encouraging and edifying read It is a collection of short essays 1 5 pages each that were originally published in newsletters Elisabeth sent out They cover a variety of topics and are filled with scripturally based truth in love It was uite easy to read and I enjoyed it far than I expected 45 star rating I am so thankful for Elisabeth Elliot's refreshingly honest and often pithy viewpoints She is among a dying breed of Christian women When you read her work you can tell that this is a woman who has put in years of time spent on her knees worshiping God and that she's known pain and difficulty Her essays and thoughts have MUCH depth to them I find it difficult to read many of the popular blogs of Christian women because they lack this sort of intellectual depth and experience This book was a compilation of essays from her long running newsletter which I'm sorry I didn't know about till nowshe no longer writes these newsletters but they can all be found online on her website so I look forward to sampling those as well I would have given this a 5 star rating but out of stubbornness I cannot Elisabeth is vocal about her viewpoints on spanking and disciplining children which is the one thing about her writing that irks me I read this in conjunction with my morning uiet times and I can't even express how blessed I was by it Every morning I came away with a better understanding of my role in this world and most importantly God I was refreshed my heart was uieted and my love for the Father grew I highly recommend this for any woman at any stage of life but particularly for married women and young mothers A treasure trove of wisdom bound in this book based on her newsletter radio show musings and correspondence with those who would ask her advice This book reflects on the practice of being at peace Highly recommend this book It has advice for all seasons of life Elisabeth Elliot has ALWAYS been one of my favorites

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