Reverie (Hollow Hearts #1)

Reverie (Hollow Hearts #1)❰Read❯ ➪ Reverie (Hollow Hearts #1) Author Christina Yother – Orphaned at a young age Hetty is convinced that her circumstances make her unworthy of having a family of her own When a job opportunity as a housekeeper presents itself Hetty accepts believing that w Orphaned at a young age Hetty is convinced that her circumstances make her unworthy of having a family of her own When a job opportunity as a housekeeper presents itself Hetty accepts believing that working for Isaac Wheeler and his family is a welcome if not temporary surrogate for her own family dreams As she’s faced with learning to trust she discovers that wanting a family and building a family are two very different things Will she learn to see herself as worthy of God’s gifts Or will she return to the solitary existence that defined so much of her life Isaac Wheeler successful furniture maker and dishonorable bachelor finds Hetty’s presence in his home to be disturbing and a haunting reminder of his past sins As he struggles with his growing and unwanted feelings he can’t help but torment himself with mistakes from his past Can he navigate the family tensions infidelity and sudden choices destined to keep them apart Or can Isaac endure each struggle and seek forgiveness before discovering what truly makes a family. I loved this book Hetty and Isaac were great characters that had me rooting for them from the beginning There was romance conflict and drama Christina Yother's descriptions were exuisite in detail without taking away from the story I will definitely read from this author This book was an inspirational Christian book that really deliveredIt was a sweet wholesome compelling read that keeps you turning and turning the pages looking for The characters were well developed and mostly likeableIt was able to stand alone and deliver an HEA which is a mighty important point for me So I would recommend it to anyone Sweet historical romanceA sweet historical Romance of an orphan who overcame her odds and found a love I love that the main character was hard working and determined Not a wimpy and weepy female who gushes and lushes after a man I enjoyed this novel enough to get two others in the series to read I love a good clean novel This was an emotional journey through sadness loneliness adventure doubt trust love and a touch of mystery The story was intriguing and the narration superb If you enjoy western adventure and love this one will be worth your time A sweet Christian tale of an orphan who not only finds her true love but also her voice JD SaysReverie is a nice story but it needs a lot of workI’ll focus on the plus side of my review The story is sweet and would be categorized as Christian fiction The era is appealing to faith based readersUnfortunately there is nothing fresh about this story line it’s all been done before The characters are not fleshed out and even get out of the “character” Yother was attempting to build for them The author takes some liberties with historical dialogue using terminology which had not yet been coined during the time frame of her story—a pet peeve that will always remove me from the story Head hopping also takes me out of a scene and there was plenty of that to go around Hetty and Lottie are a couple of the character’s names which is fine until you get them in the same scene together I will stop thereI am providing 25 stars because I believe the author has talent and can only get betterIf there were less repetitive narrations less head hopping less swearing tighter dialogue and story lines I might have enjoyed where the author was trying to take me I will give Christina Yother another book or two and see how far she’s come with her writing style before I check her out again Who knows I may become a fan someday just not with ReverieJan SaysI love historical fiction especially one with a Christian world viewFor me the whole point of writing historical fiction is to put the reader in the time and place – making the reader feel they are immersed in it As a reader I love reading about other times and the people that lived in the pastAlthough Reverie is a sweet story with some good characters and plot line I felt let down by the lack of some important elements the first being I never got that sense of where the story was taking place or the time frame At no time did I feel connected to the era and I lacked anchoring through the settingI had great difficulty involving myself in the characters because of the ever changing points of view One phrase was seen through the eyes of one character and then all of a sudden I was in the head of another character There are rules about “head hopping” in a scene for good reasonHetty the main character is a likable woman with a noble dream and solid characterThat came through very clear and I liked her But I never got to know her as I wished I could The same for all the other characters that seemed to come and go through the story with no feelings other than those that were told to us by the narrator or solid interaction I will say the author did a good job of adding conflict and created a welcomed change of heart for the love interest I rooted forThe dialogue was a bit trite and the action explained not shown through revealing character emotions and motives I would have appreciated the story if attention would have been paid to flow and depth of character believabilityI wanted to like the story than I did but two stars is all I can give Reverie I varied between 3 and 4 stars with this one To begin I rarely read Inspirational Romance and so this isn't uite up my alley My biggest issue it's a novella stretched out to a full size novel meaning there is far too much repetition and the first half is very slow There's also too much name usage We don't constantly use each others' names when we're talking and characters shouldn't eitherOverall Reverie is a nice sweet read that doesn't get too preachy and I appreciate that The characters are realistic and fun The setting is described nicely There is plenty of character growth A good debut novel I expect to see far from this author in the future Reverie Hollow Hearts #1 by Christina Yother is a light easy read for those who enjoy Christian romance Hetty is a young woman unsure of her place in this world Desiring to experience the love and acceptance of a family something she has never known but believes she does not deserve serves as the catalyst for this story A reminder that what is said and done to a young child has conseuences well into adulthood I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to reading Reliance Hollow Hearts #2 Christina Yother connects with every selfless woman through the main character Hetty After losing both of her parents Hetty finds herself in a group home destined to have no future but of a caregiver As Yother takes Hetty through trials and tribulations the reader feels the emotions the character endures As fate will have it Hetty finds herself as a caregiver to a family with someone that makes her heart stutter If you love a lazy Sunday afternoon read this is it Historical Romance is a challenging genre for an author Ms Yother's style of writing deftly draws the reader into protagonist Hetty's world and unusual twists in the story keep the reader interested It's not the typical romance in any way except that there is a happy ending I surprised myself by reading this book in one sitting on a lazy Saturday and never enjoyed myself