Country Captured

Country Captured[KINDLE] ❃ Country Captured ❧ S. Willett – Instead of going into the 7th grade Country is taken to another galaxy and held hostage until he escapes in a land of three suns snake like creatures and a fight for lifeHe's on the adventure of a lif Instead of going into the th grade Country is taken to another galaxy and held hostage until he escapes in a land of three suns snake like creatures and a fight for lifeHe's on the adventure of a lifetime but realizes the importance of family when he misses his overbearing dad pesky sister and of course his mom. A very cute story with great names and interesting ideas I enjoyed it This is an alien adventure about a twelve year old farm boy named Country Sean West and his friends Miguel Brady and Colt who live in Michigan Country’s best friend—who is an alien named Clicker Moave—lives on the planet Sory with other Sorians which is like a desert The chapter starts with Clicker and his alien associates soaring away in a spacecraft after promising Country they would come back in the spring after school was out and take him to his home planet so Country could learn about Sory Country had spent five hours being interrogated by government agents Now his father was driving him home It’s late night Country’s father is upset Whenever he was upset he’d take it out on Country with snide words and sarcasm Country’s sister Lisa much like her father apparently thinks her brother is off his rocker but she soon becomes a believer too The reader uickly learns that Clicker had been injured as his alien blood white blood was now splattered all over Country’s clothesThe next day Country is kidnapped by Venaticians and taken by alien ship to the Whirlpool GalaxyAs the reader continues this story Country gives a description of his friend Clicker and other friendly extraterrestrials Sprytz a cat like creature from the Andromeda galaxy There are good and bad aliens Ramar who is a great warrior Clicker’s dad has the allegiance of other good soldiers The bad aliens Venaticians Venies live on the planet Venatici and they are powerful aliens stealing fossils from the planet Earth and using mind control to manipulate their will To name a few others Brigg Mr Brush Cut Kalupeous Kallie the daughter of Aphren and Grinst a skinny alien ship navigator Rakes Trimineans and ominous snakelike creaturesThe Vernaticians’ spacecraft has the ability to change appearances in order to camouflage itself into a rock or a disc shape metallic object or a nest etc The Venies’ space shuttle will often be homed in a MothershipAuthor Sharon Willett gives the young readers a fun filled space odyssey view into the life of this adventurous likable curious and precocious boy CountrySean This fun read will keep the youngsters eagerly turning pages in expectation of fantastic intergalactic Sci Fi enjoyment My own publisher brought Country and The Rock to my attention as the first book in a new series I thought it was a wonderful book for young boys or girls too If you had a child with low motivation to read the story of Country and his buddies the clubhouse the dirt bikes and the aliens ALIENS couldn't help but grab their imaginations Well you ain't seen nothin' yetCountry Captured is the seuel and literally picks up where the first book left off and I mean by minutes later It is full of action and adventure that will thrill young imaginations and inspire daydreaming and all sorts of thought processes that do not involve a video screen or a game consol It's fast paced it's thought provoking and full of 'what ifs' you can share with a young mind Exciting to read well written AND a cliffhanger to boot Buy 'em both wrap 'em up and give someone hours of 'wow' I liked the first book in the Country series but mentioned that there wasn't enough slam bang action for the middle grade boy This second in the series adds the action I missed in the first Who wouldn't like being captured by aliens I would have like to see Country trip Brigg then strut away with a sorry about thatOnce Country reaches Clicker's world his daring escape from the Venies' ship and his race to stop the explosion are uite exciting Rakes give me the shivers nowDownside A bit too much time on the Venies' ship dealing with the food clothing exercise stuff I don't think we needed uite so much Also if the Venies are evil why isn't Country slapped into something a little dungeon like? But that set up might very well be important to the next book so I'll just assume there's something suspicious about ketchup which will be revealed in book 3Overall this is a fun series for 10 12 year old boy readers A light fun read for middle schoolers I loved the creativity shown through the different alien creatures Country whose actual name is Sean and I loved that his name was Country and the realistic touches of learning to think on his feet and deal with his family There is no time to really catch your breath when this story starts but it's a wild fun rideAs a story aimed at middle schoolers I found it to be very easy to read with enough action to keep young readers engaged without sacrificing details atmosphere and character the necessary nuts and bolts that make a true fantasy tale come alive I didn't realize there was a book 1 when I had picked up this one I'll have to add it to my reading list This is a fantastic book 2 and fantasy readers will find themselves able to pick it up without needing to know anything from the previous book I really enjoyed reading this sci fi story written for middle schoolers In fact I imagined as I read how much my students would enjoy the story had I been reading it aloud Country Captured is the second book in a series but it is written to stand alone Country is a twelve year old boy who has made friends with visitors from outside our galaxy When his friends leave taking with them alien hostages who have been stealing earth’s resources Country worries that unfriendly aliens have been left behind His fears are soon confirmed when Country is kidnapped Will he keep his wits about him? Is it possible to escape from a space ship? Country is a very resourceful kid but to tell you would spoil your fun You’ll have to read it for yourself A thoroughly enjoyable read and one that young readers would be swept up in the inventive imaginings of science fiction I would have pressed the Four Star button but as I came to the book without the benefit of reading the first book in the series Country and the Rock I suffered from not knowing much about the Goodies and the Baddies Perhaps a short introduction or backstory could have brought me up to speed before the fresh action started Having made that point the description of the aliens the way that outer space was described and the sheer pace of the story would be sure to ignite the minds of young readers Cracking A ball of light that thinks it’s a cat A virtual reality tube for an exercise room A refrigerator that prepares food on reuest and a cute girl who seems to like you Too bad it’s all on an alien spacecraft piloted by a race intent on blowing up your friend’s home planet Country the hero in Country Captured takes it all with aplomb Finally taking his father’s lessons to heart Country takes action in a most entertaining way This is a truly fun book and will be particularly enjoyed by middle school readers FOR ALIEN CRAZY KIDSKidnapped by aliens young Sean finds himself desperately homesick and even missing his daily chores on the family farm This is the first instalment in an adventure series and ends on a cliffhanger Saved by the good guys or are they really the good guys? I feel nothing is as black and white it appears our hero discovers it will be months before he can return home With Christmas on the way this action packed slice of sci fi would make a great stocking filler for alien crazy kids This is a fantastic Middle Grade read especially for boys who love action and adventureConcepts aren't difficult to grasp as Country main character gets abducted by the bad people But since one of his captives happens to be an incredibly nice person Country's abduction is a hell of an adventureMy favourite character? The fluffy ball of light that is like a cat Gorgeous and very useful