Dear Alex

Dear Alex❮KINDLE❯ ❆ Dear Alex Author Clare London – Alex Palmer writes the “Dear Alex” Agony Uncle column for Meant for Men – a magazine aimed at gay men’s life and issues What started as a genuine and ground breaking feature has become a snark Alex Palmer writes the “Dear Alex” Agony Uncle column for Meant for Men – a magazine aimed at gay men’s life and issues What started as a genuine and ground breaking feature has become a snark fest due to Alex’s boredom and personal cynicism His respect for the correspondents has dwindled away in direct relation to his own self respect as a journalist He no longer believes in his readers’ search for a soulmate or in his own column’s headline “Is He Really the One”In the early days Robbie Cooke was Alex’s co presenter on the magazine They’d been lovers too But unlike Alex Robbie still sees the anguish and need behind the letters they receive He wants to help the writers rather than turn their situations into journalistic entertainment He and Alex may still have to work together but their fundamental disagreement on how to run the column tore them apart as romantic partnersExcess drinking and a succession of casual lovers is wearing Alex out yet he’s in denial He’s convinced he doesn’t need “Dear Alex” to set him straight about what’s wrong with his life But when he’s alerted to the fact that Robbie may be in danger he realises that what he’s really missing is his ex lover’s care compassion and love The problem is by the time Alex is desperate to make amends Robbie may have already moved onThis was originally published in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Make Me a Match. Ohhh I do so love a bitter bad boy who gets a second chance and grabs it with both handsAlex and Robbie have worked together at Meant for Men for years and co wrote the Dear Alex column with advice for the lovelorn It started with the best of intentions but as time went on Alex became jaded and the tone of the column went from being a sympathetic ear to mocking ridicule all in the name of entertainment Robbie was less than thrilled with the evolution and their relationship suffered along with the integrity of Dear Alex At one point Alex and Robbie were than friends but less than boyfriends From what the story infers Robbie would have been very happy with something but that was at the same time Alex was on the road to Bitter City The stars were just not in alignment for these two Thankfully they had a foulmouthed fairy Godmother type looking out for them in the form of their boss and a night of working on the column leads to some eye opening realities for Alex and I was just glad he paid attention It’s a short story so waffling on his part wouldn’t have worked for me One thing about second chances for me there has to be enough time for organic resolution I hate when a character is all douchey for the majority of the story and in the last 5% “sees what he’s been missing all along” That doesn’t give me enough time to reconcile the two pieces to that character But this one worked and I believed in what he was feeling towards Robbie The only thing I would have liked was of Robbie I liked his character and we really only know him through Alex’s eyes Not that he wasn’t a fully fleshed out character because he was I just wanted both sides to their story Alex was good at seeing Robbie though when he pulled his head out of his ass and I liked the man that was introduced So that’s me wanting of Robbie Overall a uick sweet read I would recommend for fans of second chances that are light on the angst a copy of this story was provided for an honest review My first Clare London story It was cute and I enjoyed it Will definitely look for from this author I am always in awe of the author who can write a short story and nail it Give me all the emotions all the development and all the intimacy I need with only a few pages This being my first read from the author I am impressed and in love with the way she writes I am hookedThis story was an easy read From the first page and first letter we get of a confused man writing to Dear Alex for advice we get to see the boys interact Alex has become cynical and arrogant in his replies to his readers It’s expected of him now and it’s how he operates But Robbie he doesn’t go for the cynical or the cold hearted Robbie is a romantic and believes that these aren’t just letters but real people behind the letters and should be treated with respect Yet when a minor argument brews between them on where the column should be headed and a random touch of hands happens things start to happenRight away I was on board with Alex and Robbie I felt the tension between them as partners in work and as past lovers It was believable real and came off the page with a burst of angst to smack me in the face Not hard but enough that I wasn’t going to stop reading until I was doneWe get enough back story of each man to know where they were and how they get to be in this position We know that they had a relationship but Alex was kinda power hungry and thought he needed to be the tough guy and not what Robbie needed We know that all Robbie has ever wanted or needed was Alex Day in and day out the work together closely together see the angst? UghIt was fun to go on hookups and dates with Alex and have him ramble on without realizing he was giving himself away The last bit with the guy built like a construction worker was cringe worthy but what it gives Alex was swoon worthy I loved that he was almost accepting of his true feelings and a call to check on Robbie from their boss makes him take notice and take actionThe whole scene at Robbie’s place melted me into a puddle of goo Goo I tell you goo that got hot real uick nods Mmm HmmThis was a wonderful read From the first page to the last I loved it It gave me the setup laid out the history of the boys and gave them a reason to give in and try again What’s better than second chance love? Le Sigh It was all so well done and really so damn hot that I am so prepared to read from the author If she can have me sighing suirming and hugging my Nook in bed when I finished this a short story I can’t wait to see what else she can bring35 stars 3320 Currently FREE via Sweet Steamy Prolific Works Giveaway Feb 25 March 17 A story about second chances and a clueless MC who everyone saw right through Sweet little story Alex and Robbie have run Dear Alex the Meant for Men advice column together since its inception as both colleagues and lovers Over time Alex’s outlook on life has changed the column has changed and their relationship has changed and is all but broken It isn’t until Robbie disappears one night that the threat of Robbie leaving the magazine and Alex’s life makes Alex realize he could use some advice himselfThere are only three main characters in the story and they are each vivid and well drawn Leila is a balanced female character than you often find in MM stories Robbie and Alex are recognisable and believable Alex is arrogant at the start of the book but he is still likable and I found myself rooting for him as he realises what he needs and what he has to do to get it I don't want to give away too much this is a short story but I really enjoyed it A short sweet novella about second chances and the two co authors of an advice column Is He Really the One? This is a second chance romance which I seem to have a real thing for these days Alex has become very cynical over the years and when he broke up with Robbie initially it was because he didn't want to tied down to one guy But things just haven't gone right for Alex since then and he begins to realize his mistake especially since Robbie remains his colleague they write an advice column together and best friend This short story is about Alex finally understanding that he is ready for the kind of relationship that Robbie wants I enjoyed this but felt like I needed to see of Alex and Robbie interacting before they got back together Nonetheless I recommend this if you're in the mood for a nice light and short second chance romance Nicely written but my intense dislike for the MC made this just an okay read Well that was a cutie mctootie story