A Life in a Year The American Infantryman in Vietnam

A Life in a Year The American Infantryman in Vietnam➮ [Ebook] ➩ A Life in a Year The American Infantryman in Vietnam By James R. 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Wisconsin high school teacher James R Ebert does a masterful job as he combines interviews and printed primary sources in this remarkable telling of the infantryman's experience during the Vietnam War Ebert tells the story of the US Army and a few US Marine infantrymen during the Vietnam War He takes their story from induction into the service through basic and advanced individual training arrival in Vietnam their first combat experiences the first killed in action they experience in some cases the soldier's death and the freedom birds that take them back to the world Ebert points out while infantryman accounted for less than 10% of the American troops in Vietnam the infantry suffered than 80% of the lossesEbert uses an interesting techniue starting every chapter with a letter by Leonard Dutcher to his parents Dutcher just wanted to do his part for God and country and go home at the end of his 12 month tour 13 for Marines In the last chapter we find out that Dutcher was killed It caught me off guard and really added to the impact of the book Ebert takes many of the soldiers and Marines experiences word for word from the individual himself through interviews or letters It is a collective look at similarities of the many infantry soldiers and Marines in the war It is a very personal account from many points of viewThis is an important book in Vietnam War literature This is what the grunts really went through I was left with somewhat of a feeling of guilt from reading the book Why? I graduated high school in 1971 Some of my high classmates went to Vietnam and fought Everett Maxwell was killed in action I went to college and was ultimately commissioned a second lieutenant in the infantry went to airborne school and served three years active duty My becoming an officer deferred my entry on active duty from 1971 to 1975 This is the reason for my reflective thoughts Read by Jimmie A Kepler in August 2004 One of the best books on what it was like to an Infantryman in Vietnam The book takes you from the first day of induction through boot camp infantry training the trip over either by troop ship which is how I went over or by planethen follows the cherry phase veteran phase and the short phase until you get on the plane to return to the world The accounts of daily life are taken from the point of view of both the Army and the Marines As someone who served multiple tours in both III Corps and I Corps this book brought back both the humorous times and the times I try to forget As good if not better than either Robert Tonsetic's 'Days of Valor' or Tim O'Brien's 'The Things They Carried' A must read for anyone who served in Vietnam in the Infantry or someone who knows a veteran who did An analytical look at the realities of the day to day life of an infantryman in Vietnam Compiled from interviews with veterans but presented in a somewhat dry textbook fashion What it lacks in personality it makes up for in volume of factual analysis Michael Herr's Dispatches and Mark Baker's 'Nam are better A collection of interviews and excerpts from letters this book wasn't written as much as it was compiled Still it's a pretty good portrait of America's most unpopular war and the men who fought it The vets stories are picked apart buy the author Ebert some college erudite with no service he uotes the vets stories in paragraphs then adds a page after each paragraph giving his explanation of what that vet meant I have never seen worse structure each page is like this a uote from the vet then his explanation Just lets the vets speak maybe the authors can have a intro or conclusion that's it Nam by Mark Baker is a better book Gets right to the nitty gritty of war and let's the vets speak An excellent overview of the experience of being a rifleman in Vietnam Well written and researched just a first rate introduction to the topic Vietnam experts may not find much that's new here beyond the contents of the interviews that were done just for this book but anyone who has any interest in the subject should check it out The Navy was a different story but my time in county 30 months I was well aware of the conditions that both the armymarines suffered Must read for high school The best non fiction book I ever read about Vietnam If you want an idea of what your soldier went through in their year of service and they cannot or will not tell you this book is for you I love that this gives a step by step description of what it looks like to join the military and head off to war It stars with enlistment induction basic training advanced individual training and then what happens when you're the FNG getting fired at for the first time with a bunch of old timers the guys who have been in Vietnam for at least six weeks already skeptically watching to see how you'll hold up I am glad I'm not a man

A Life in a Year The American Infantryman in Vietnam PDF
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  • A Life in a Year The American Infantryman in Vietnam
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  • 21 February 2016
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