Neon White E2 (A Tooth Claw and Horns Chronicle, #2)

Neon White E2 (A Tooth Claw and Horns Chronicle, #2)❴PDF❵ ✎ Neon White E2 (A Tooth Claw and Horns Chronicle, #2) Author Wulf Francú Godgluck – Belail felt the tension in Bla'Gar's mansion the moment he appeared in the demon's bedroom Such a shame Bla'Gar had royally fucked up with his pet He played the Komboskini back and forth in his hand f Belail felt the tension in Bla'Gar's mansion the moment he appeared in the demon's bedroom Such a shame Bla'Gar had royally fucked up with Neon White eBook ↠ his pet He played the Komboskini back and forth in his hand for a second time The souls forced into amber beads heated and smoked a wailing scream rang from them before two of the beads burst Glowering at the shattered souls on the carpet white smoke dancing towards him Belails’s stomach cramped at that very moment What was foretold would soon unfold The little one perceived it Breathing in the white smoke Belail could not pinpoint it but he could smellshortbread cookies hollies spruce and snow Christmas Nowith a sly chuckle he silently whispered The Winter Ball But the smells were tainted with blood—human blood The ball would not end in all white glory this time in blood and death. Well this was all very exciting And I was pleasantly surprised I know you'll all hate me for this but the cliffhanger at the end As it just so happens I like cliffhangers I have a hard time reading series' that end with the characters in their happily ever after alreadyFirstly I'd like to say that I think the writing improved a great deal since the last book There are still some editing issues that need to be dealt with but the overall writing is much better BravoThe drama is this story is well dramatic Maybe a little melodramatic but that just so happens to be a favorite of mine There's jealousy some snarky comments some fun secondary characters I was hopeful for a while there might've even been a love triangle but alas I can't have everything I wantI kind of want to smack Raven sometimes because of his whiny attitude but that doesn't deter me from liking him as a character The romance between Raven and Bla'Gar is uite teen drama and I love it Some L bombs were dropped pretty hastily but the characters themselves admitted it and this is after all paranormal romance so there's always that 'mate' feeling you can attribute these things toI liked this book than the first perhaps because I'm invested Oh and I uite enjoy Niko Can't help it I love them whiny and full of lemon juiceOh but I don't like Jessy She seems like a royal pain in the ass Don't invite your date out and call him a prick girlfriend that's just plain rudeThe lackage of some serious sexytimes didn't bother me at all I can read romance with no sex and still enjoy it just as much That being said I wouldn't exactly have said no to some raunchiness like in the first book But that's okay There will always be the thirdOverall very enjoyable read In the first review I said that the first book should be bought with the second but now knowing the third has a cliffhanger I might recommend waiting for the third as well if you don't like cliffhangers But yes Interesting new author who I believe although this isn't exactly my area of expertise cough JL will make a name for himself in the mm rom paranormal category E2 is longer And that's a good thing New characters were introduced Raven gets assigned a new partner He finally gets to meettalk to Niko and his mate Bruce Those two are a very interesting couple One that I would love to hear of Psst Wulf hint hint And things between Rave and Bla'Gar get pretty intense really fast While there was no sex there were some pretty strong feelings taking place And OMG that WTF? endingyep difinitely need book 3 So Mr Godgluck can you please write a little faster ; P Randomly discovered this author today already read first 3 shorts in this series Great stories interesting MCs love the writing and excellent editing Looking forward to some full length novels from this author Love the cover art which usually I don't even look at but for some reason it really caught my eye Reviewed at The Blogger GirlsRaven’s life was so simple but now he’s being rejected by Chetlér a dangerous demon and acuiring a new work partner Annnnnnnd that’s all the info I’m going to give on this book because I feel like any than that and it’ll give away some spoilers Which I DON’T want to do because the whole appeal out of this book is experiencing all the shocking momentsWith this new episode though we learn a lot about Chetlér and his feelings which I really adored because he’s such an intriguing character We also see Raven struggle with his feelings for Chetlér and how he was rejected It’s hard to explain this one though because there’s just soooo much to it and it’s all so very crazy But it’s also intriguing and kept me on the edge of my seat It ends with a bang that’s REALLY shockingI’m really loving this series but I thought this episode was too ‘busy’ for how short it was I really like how intense the serial is but this one didn’t give enough attention to each problem to really do it justice IMO Beyond that I was really peeved when it ended on a cliffhanger LOL I always have issues with serials because I feel like each segment should be standalones with a majority of it having conclusions otherwise the serial should be all one story Unfortunately this one didn’t really have any conclusions Overall this was still an awesome addition to the series I’m absolutely loving the different aspects of it and how Chetlér’s made Raven the center of everything I’m really looking forward to seeing how things play out next I really though episode 1 was action packed and a fast ride and then I started episode 2 There is less interaction between Chetlér and Raven in this instalment but they are never far from each other’s thoughts Raven feels neglected and hurt but still can’t resist the Demon while it is taking all Chetlér has not to push Raven too far and too hard But just as it seems that the two may have found their way back to each other tragedy strikes and the book endson a cliffhanger I am so very glad I already had the third episode and could just keep on readingI’m impressed with these stories so far This is not a genre I regularly read or even gravitate towards but I have to uestion those decisions considering how much I’m enjoying myself in the company of all sorts of supernatural and fantastical creatures This author has a writing style all of his own and while it did take me a chapter or two to get used to it I have to say I really like it now Somehow the way he phrases the thoughts and speech of his characters seems to fit them perfectly to the point where I can almost hear them Omg I love this series I was like no no no then yes yes then oh my gosh then what???? Then arghhhh you can't stop there Lol I will be waiting very impatiently for the next episodeRaven is frustrated and disillusioned at how he was sent away from Mr Chetl'er's He has a few surprises thrown at him at the precinct One of which being a new partner Bla'GarChetl'er is having problems of his own After Raven visits Nico and there is a misunderstanding can these two get their feelings across to each other?Raven's life is altared after a hellhound attacks Who is behind the attack and his parents deaths?So many uestions My favorite word from now on that is featured in this installment is analgasm anal orgasm I will use this relentlessly Ha Seriously this is an extremely well written series Super excited about the next episode I love this story It's dark and gritty and twisted The good guy is a little bad The bad guy is a little good and sometimes you forget which one you're supposed to root for It's the hallmark of most of Wulf's stories and that's why I love them It's not just the creepy twitching of a dark paranormal thriller One I'm certain will never contain so much as a whisper of a glittering vampire It blurs the lines between good and evil and forces the reader to abandon stereotypical concepts of heroes and villains Part 1 was great Part 2 was even better If this keeps up the final part of the story is going to be epic Teeth Claws Tails Oh MyRaven continues to parry with the debonair demon while forewarned by his new Enforcer partner who seems to despise his attraction Circumstances find the lonely detective revisiting his own past where a new horror awaits Every shadow hides darkness for him and just when it seems the light is dawning it's blackout time Could this be the end of a love that may never be? Please keep writing Wulf because I don't want the story to end Where is the next one? You can't end this story in this way WulfREVIEW Scattered Thoughts and Rogue WordsWarning contain spoilers of the episode 1I love this series so much As I already said in the review of the Episode 1 it’s not my usually genre so I really have no idea how I fell in love with it and the author too I love the concept Wulf created This time too I found myself captured from the story and I couldn’t put it down for a minuteIn the Episode 1 we left Raven and Chetlér first in some hot position LOL and just when I was thinking I could have some romance Bla’Gar screwed it all and sent my poor Raven away We finally can see the demon hidden inside of him and something else I can’t say just think bigger people We learn about Bla’Glar’s past and it isn’t a beautiful one in some parts was really hard to know what he went throughRaven has a lot to deal with First of all a new partner the sweet Pyro Jessy I liked her at first reading She seemed strong and loyal She’s just one of some new characters we’ll meet in this new episode and for a short like this one is amazingFurther Raven is still trying to understand what’s behind his parents death and in one of his rare visit at his old home he will meet a not so friendly hellhoundsAs in all my favorite romances tragedy will bring Raven and Bla’Gar together but just for a little bit some hot kisses and then damn cliffhanger Did I tell you how much I hate cliffhangers? Well in this series every episode ends with one so if you can take all the three episodes you’ll avoid to scream at the tablet I was so sure my stupid tablet had stolen at least one chapter and when I realized it was really the end I wanted to scream to the author “Where is the next one? You can’t end this story in this way Wulf”Highly recommendedCover Art by Wulf Francu Godgluck The covers of the three episodes are pretty much the same with just some little details that fit that episode completely You’ll understand and realize it if you’ll decide to read the series Well done Wulf 5 star review by DanA second WOW I absolutely loved the continuation of this story It is four years after an event called The Revelation Humans are now aware that Paranormal Supernatural and Preternatural beings walk amongst usThis is Episode Two in the story of Raven White a detective “enforcer” who is the only detective in the City of uebec dealing with super and para cases Raven is well liked by the para and super communities because he treats them with fairness and respect In episode one Raven met Freshán Chetlér someone that all the supers and paras fear We the readers know that Freshán Chetlér is actually a demon named Bla’Gar but Raven doesn’t In episode two Raven learns Bla’Gar’s true identity Along the way he meets a new enforcer partner not sure how I feel about her just yet meets some Lycans some not so nice fights a hellhound one on one and is attacked by a vampire He also deals with his increasing attraction to ChetlérBla’GarI love this book ? serial chapter ? episode ? I’m just not sure what to call it so I’ll go with Episode Two as the author intended I usually HATE “to be continued” books but this one reminds me of the way that John Saul did his “The Blackstone Chronicles” I may be dating myself but I read that serial in little skinny paperback format One piece at a time but they came out fast and I rushed to get each piece I mention that serial because that is exactly how I feel with this one I love this Neon White thing whatever you want to call it and highly recommend it Please Wulf don’t make us wait two months for the next one And keep them comingA copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review Please visit wwwlovebytesreviewscom to see this and many reviews interviews blog posts and giveaways