Coot Club

Coot Club[Reading] ➶ Coot Club By Arthur Ransome – ‘Let fly jib sheet Slack away main Fenders out’ Dick and Dorothea – also known as The Ds – arrive in Norfolk all ready to learn how to sail They couldn’t hope for a better teacher than Tom D ‘Let fly jib sheet Slack away main Fenders out’ Dick and Dorothea – also known as The Ds – arrive in Norfolk all ready to learn how to sail They couldn’t hope for a better teacher than Tom Dudgeon But Tom is in a spot of trouble After seeing the beastly Margoletta moored clean across the nests of his beloved coots Tom set the motorcruiser adrift Now the enemy have offered a bounty on his head Can they save the birds’ nest from almost certain destruction Will they avoid being caught by the awful Hullabaloos Only some brave friends and uick thinking stands between them and disaster. Turn away from the news of Trump and North Korea and sexual harassment and lose yourself for a few hours in Arthur Ransome's 1930's classics the Swallows and s In Coot Club number five in the series Dorothea and Dick end up on a sailing boat in the region of Norfolk The two adventurers and modern readers are introduced to that special world of yachts barges tow boats rowboats and the rivers marshes and sea they all sail upon that still existed in a prelapsarian world of openness trust and camaraderie in the 1930s There's a moment when the twins aka Port and Starboard jump from one ship to another in pursuit of a third without even knowing the names of the sailors on board It's a scene that would make helicopter parents call out the Third Army the nation's entire supply of black helicopters and the whole Coast Guard in order to bring the little tykes safely home Instead a telegram is sent a phone call is made and the sailing continues The innocence of the exchange makes your heart ache for something that we humans in grownup civilized countries have completely lost and will never have again Instead we have mobile phones iPads and Facebook It's a poor exchange and we are sadder for it And yet Coot Club is an adventure story with hooligans traitors pirates and thugs to keep things lively The difference is that there is a clear bright line between the good guys and the bad guys and no one has any trouble telling the two tribes apart Even the hooligans I'm no nostalgia buff but in our rush toward progress surely it can do no harm to pause once in a while and ask ourselves what we have had to give up in exchange for our shiny gadgets and 24 7 access to It All And the answer is much As a child these were my favourite books I loved stories of adventure and my family holidayed in the English Lake District where the Swallows books are set so I knew the places they visitedCoot Club along with Big Six is set in the Norfolk Broads and doesn't feature the Swallows s so it's not my favourite but I still love itWhilst on holiday I would imagine meeting the Swallows and s on every lake At school my friends and I would play Swallows and s My best friend Sarah and I being the only ones who were truly obsessed by the books would take charge and we would of course be the s Sarah was always Nancy and I Peggy Whichever of our other friends were roped in would be the Swallows We would tack our imaginary boats across the Lake the playground and camp on Wild Cat Island a mound at one end of the playground with two large elm trees on itI still read these occasionally and can't wait till my own daughters are old enough for themSwallows and s for Ever An exciting sailing adventure for children A Great story that never loses its appeal That were a real good 'unThe fifth installment of S's A's comes with a uite a bit of change by moving the story away from the Swallows and s We are now in a phase where D's from Winter Holidays are the link to original story Though all new characters were full of action it was a bit disappointing to not see the old gang As for the plot if felt to be written in a style similar to that of Peter Duck the third in the series Though this one is not a fantasy or an imaginative one like Peter Duck the narration and the type of experience felt a bit similarPersonally this is my least favorite one yet Don't get me wrong for the story is entertaining but compared to the first Swallowdale and Winter Holidays I liked it a bit less This book seemed to have technical sailing terms and techniues in it than the previous four It was still a good yarn though I enjoyed the relationship between Dick and Dorothea Dick gets very absorbed in whatever is occupying his thoughts at any moment He loses all sense of the world around him His sister is practical and recalls him to reality when something needs doing or before he gets into trouble The twins known as Port and Starboard seemed slightly 'thinner' characters to me but I liked Tom who spends the whole book trying to avoid some holidaymakers with whom he falls out early on when they moor their boat right in front of a bird's nest he is keen to protect They are determined to catch him up and 'sort him out' but he manages to keep out of their way I also liked the character of 'The Admiral' who is the nominal adult in the party and who enables the children to get away and have their adventure since it's her boat they are using Unfortunately she makes some rash decisions which get them into difficulties but then of course that just gives the children the chance to save the day The description of the Norfolk Broads seemed detailed and realistic I haven't been there but I imagine you'd be able to follow their journey uite easily from Ransome's descriptions Great fun I love the Swallows s world with my whole heart This book features neither of the series titular groups but it is an easy favorite It starts with a kid taking direct action against rich thoughtless “hullabaloos” in order to protect the lives of birds—he sets their motor cruiser adrift The adults agree he’s done what’s right but now he’s an “outlaw” on the run The kids sail take risks have adventures get into and out of scrapes They’re inventive and welcoming It’s an idyllic world one I’m always glad to escape to Plus the pug narrates a few pages in this one This adventure story is the 5th book in the series of 13 I found this book to be a real enjoyable adventure and it was exiting to read with a new captivating characters It was a interesting book as it was exciting and compelling It was a good ending where they are returned I would recommend this books to people of all ages and of either gender Such fun with beautiful evocative descriptions and inspiring characters with morals and attitudes worthy of imitation This is my least favorite of the Swallows and s so far The river setting is unfamiliar and none of the original cast were in it Still a fun story though Here is an example of the kind of parent I would like to beLook here dad what would you do if the only way to get to our baby was up this dyke and mother and you and me were all on the other side of the river and a huge motor cruiser was fixed right across the opening of the dyke so that none of us could get in and our baby was all alone and we knew that if we didn't get to him soon he'd go and die?Do? said the doctor Why we'd scupper that cruiser We'd blow it sky high We'dBut what's it all about old chap? Don't you go trapping me into prescribing before diagnosis Let's have the symptoms first Tell me all about itAnd Tom walking up and down with his father in the darkening garden and already feeling a good deal better poured out the whole storyThinking it all over you know in terms of the monster and talking it over with your mother considering her as a coot I've come to a conclusion It's a pity it's happened of course and I'll be very much obliged to you if you can manage not to let those rowdies catch you but looking at the case as a whole your mother on one side of the cruiser and our baby on the other I don't really see what else you could have doneI won't let them catch me said TomI'd much rather they didn't said his father Good night old chapGood night dad said Tom and blew out his candle lantern 78 9

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