Conspiracy (The Days of Noah, #1)

Conspiracy (The Days of Noah, #1)❮BOOKS❯ ✭ Conspiracy (The Days of Noah, #1) Author Mark Goodwin – Is there a secret cabal working to collapse the international economy in order to usher in a global government and one world currency Noah Parker like many in the United States has been asleep at the Is there a secret cabal working to collapse the international economy in order to usher in a global government and one world currency Noah Parker like many in the United States has been asleep at the wheel During his complacency the founding precepts of America have been slowly systematically destroyed by a conspiracy that dates back hundreds of years The signs can no longer be ignored and Noah is forced to prepare for the cataclysmic period of financial and political upheaval ahead Watch through the eyes of Noah as the world descends into chaos a global empire takes shape ancient writings are fulfilled and the last days fall upon the once great United States of America The Days of Noah Book One Conspiracy by Mark Goodwin is a fast paced fiction thriller which looks at how modern conspiracies can play into Biblical prophecy concerning the end times. This one is a Christian fiction book about a conspiracy to collapse the economy and the gradual erosion of our freedoms in order to bring about a one world monetary system and world government The author did a fantastic job in applying current events happening in our world today and putting them down in a way as to seem very plausible and also easy to understand Many of the things he talks about is happening right now and it is very soberingI was very impressed with this book and I am on to book 2 in the series I've seen some reviewers complaining about conspiracy theories playing in to the book which I find a little confusing Granted if you go in viewing this as an author telling you how the world actually works I suppose I wouldn't agree with some of it It's a book of fiction though and to hold it to the standard of verifiable fact seems stringent at best If this was a work of non fiction and the author was saying everything in the book was true I would disagree but in the world of fiction it's an engaging and creative book Reality or fiction?I've been a fan of Mark's podcast for some time now so naturally had to read his books Mark crammed an incredible amount of information in this book and though it's technically fiction so much of it is straight up truth Some places I take issue are the ever so slight pushing of tithing and the pretribulation rapture Both are heresies in my book Aside from that the writing style is very easy to follow An easy one day read or draw it out a chapter at a time Very very good book I highly recommend this for anyone looking to get into the SHTFTEOTWAWKI genre as well as veteran readersresearches Mark Goodwin's knowledge of truth and current events is absolutely on point The story really hits home as the main characters experience things that have happened and are happening to good people in this country right now Excellent writer as well as narrator for the audio version Looking forward to part 2 Can't shed the feeling this is in part a christian promo propaganda is perhaps too strong a wordConstant citing of the Bible by the characters is irritating as fuck but it has its place in the context of the story Just not sure it had to be so much of the fucking citation The rest of the book is so good and interesting it still doesn't manage to fall bellow 5 stars I believe that is saying something Little slow to start but man it grabbed me uick Took little over 2 days to read this book I started to put it down last night but when the state sponsored kidnapping agency CPS kidnapped the little girl and the thugs with badges broke into the couple's house I was hooked for another hour or 2 and way to amped up to put it down I can't wait to start the 2nd book Great bookThe author really developed the characters you could see them in your mind Some great prepper tools used to help keep you alive This books keeps you on the edge of your seat definitely a page turner This is the first book in The Days of Noah series Although told as a story this book mirrors the reality of how rights and freedoms are being eroded every day Not only are those rights and freedoms being diminished but it isn't happening by accident Rather it's part of an orchestrated plan being executed by a small group of powerful global elitistsWhile I am really enjoying this book it is sometimes hard to read as I am troubled by the parallels it draws to the impact of the liberal insanity we see overriding common sense everydayI highly recommend this book as a source of entertainment and importantly as a wake up call to sheeple This book is a fun read and very engaging Despite being a fictional tale there is enough true events and realistic scenarios to make this book feel like a new story than fiction I can't wait to see what comes next 5 Stars Actual rating 35 stars