X-Force Volume 3

X-Force Volume 3[Epub] ➝ X-Force Volume 3 ➞ Simon Spurrier – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Fantomex's compulsion to be The Best has put him at odds with X Force He has turned on his former teammates Now can a suad of killers hope to escape science's perfect living weapon Fantomex begins a m Fantomex's compulsion to be The Best has put him at odds with X Force He has turned on his former teammates Now can a suad of killers hope to escape science's perfect living weapon Fantomex begins a murderous rampage taking out each and every one of the world's secret intelligence agencies working his way closer to X Force Knowing the confrontation is inevitable Cable and his team ready themselves for the fight of their lives And as X Force learns the true identity X-Force Volume PDF/EPUB or of the villain they have been pursuing for months Cable hatches one last scheme and the fate of Hope Summers is revealedCOLLECTING X Force . Normally like Spurrier but his writing can get very convoluted and overly complex and such is the case here Plus the switchoffs in art from one issue to the next really don't help This was a disappointment So this uirky written and drawn for adults escape from the mainstream boring Marvel finally comes to an end One of my all time fave X Force's but probably not liked by the 'fanboys' To me this was a masterclass the rationale for each character's behaviour was spot on except I am afraid Hope who no writer has yet to fully grasp in my opinion Above everything this was fun compared to the usual cut slice and kill of this franchise Thank you creators 8 out of 12 The story seems rushed It jumps forward in each issue and makes you feel like you missed something The relative fun of previous issues has become a confusing mess And there are several deus ex machina events that ruin the storyWhile assaulting Volga's base Fantomex decides to attack his teammates He gets a nice healthy headshot from Domino for his troubles X Force finds that the Yellow Eye is led by an exiled Mojo and they capture the facility Fantomex recovers and gains new abilities through a perfected Volga process and is seeking to destroy X Forceview spoilerVolga is captured off screen something that pissed off the characters as much as it did me and is eventually killed There is no cure for his weaponization process and Dr Nemesis confirms this without effectively killing the subject via a deep purgeHope decides to release Meme It's revealed that she had a plan for everything all along She heals her body by borrowing some of the other's abilities and by using the Volga process She then draws Fantomex to their base He gets defeated by Hope gathering everyone's hurt and pain into a simbolic heart hide spoiler I uite enjoyed the first two volumes of the latest incarnation of X Force; they contained some good ideas and the approach seemed uite fresh This third volume was a bit of a disappointment though unfortunately It felt rushed; a bit slapdash and forced It read like the creative team knew the book was getting cancelled and had to cramp their remaining story into a smaller space than they'd have likedNot all bad though Continuing the great x read of 201718sigh I really don't know how to rate this volume I was really digging Spurrier's take on this team but it kind of spirals downhill into a huge mess in this volumeThere are good elements but the story is stretched to the point of breaking it is convoluted often with no payoff characters lose their identity completely It is just bad in the end I had such high hopes after loving volume 2 But I am kind of glad this series was ended here This was a good conclusion unfortunately for it Volume 2 was masterful so this fell a little flat Hope’s growth was very well portrayed as was Psylocke’s and Marrow’s to a less extent The Mojo stuff was fun and whacky The Fantomex stuff meh The teaming at the end was great but really didn’t go anywhere Worth the read but pales to earlier volume A bit undercooked of an ending I do like the idea that X Force's biggest enemy just ends up being itself and it's lack of teamness Fantomex is funny in the beginning and the surprise addition of Mojo was great Not bad but not the best The only problem with this series is that like with Rick Remender's Uncanny X Force the overarching theme of the series is that X Force just can't get its shit together and have to band together to stop one of their own members from being a total butthole The storyline worked once but at this point you start to wonder if an X Men black ops team that spends time infighting than black ops'ing is really the best ideaThe thing is that Spurrier's book at least is very much about the uestionable nature of X Force as an entity so perhaps there's something intentional in the way he's rehashing previous stories And I mean how often does X Men have to put down one of their own? Like all the time This isn't uniue to X Force but Spurrier's handling of the trope is prettyunsubtle On the other hand there was never anything subtle about Spurrier's book to begin with Its absolute balls out ridiculousness is perhaps its most charming feature it actually reminds me of NextWave than a traditional X Men book and that's not a bad thing at all In fact Shit now I just want to go reread NextWave Very cyberpunk y but such interesting conceptsA bit hard to follow but overall very enjoyable Fantomex goes on a rampage and the team has to stop him before he kills them all

X-Force Volume 3 PDF/EPUB ✓ X-Force Volume
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • X-Force Volume 3
  • Simon Spurrier
  • 02 June 2016
  • 9780785193913