Magneto, Volume 3: Shadow Games

 Magneto, Volume 3: Shadow Games❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Magneto, Volume 3: Shadow Games Author Cullen Bunn – In his war against those who would see his kind extinguished Magneto has one steadfast ally the mysterious woman called Briar Raleigh But what are her true designs for the Master of Magnetism On the i In his war against those who would see Volume 3: eBook ✓ his kind extinguished Magneto has one steadfast ally the mysterious woman called Briar Raleigh But what are her true designs for the Master of Magnetism On the island of Genosha the backdrop for his greatest triumphs and most devastating Magneto, Epub / tragedies Magneto is confronted by SHIELD But the Master of Magnetism doesn't stand aloneCollecting Magneto . Magneto heads back to Genosha and recalls the pastAt the same time SHIELD has tracked down Magneto's accomplice Briar Raleigh They want her to tell them where to find MagnetoShadow Games was mainly about Magneto being introspective He thinks about Genosha The Holocaust and his past with Charles Xavier Magneto's life certainly seems to be a tragedy Unspeakable evil happened to him before he was even an adult and in turn Magneto treats the world in the brutal fashion he experienced as a childI lost interest in the Magneto a while ago and unfortunately Shadow Games hasn't helped renew my interest It's not bad but one or two issues of Magneto being worried over the past seems like plenty Having a whole series on that subject feels like overkill The strength of Bunn's Magneto series in my opinion is that he doesn't sugarcoat Magneto at all He is and remains a brutal terrorist filled with self justifications that struck me as ranging from highly dubious to somewhat reasonable And yet he's still not entirely wrong the exact thing that has always made him such a compelling villain Yes it may well be true that chasing mutant terrorists like Magneto especially Magneto might be keeping SHIELD from doing anything effective to help the millions of innocent mutants that have been killed while they weren't paying attention But it's also true that SHIELD is keeping up strict surveillance of all mutants innocent or otherwise So yes Magneto is very right and he's also very wrong and he doesn't seem to know the difference Or in some cases maybe he doesn't care That Bunn completely understands that makes this book at least interesting as a character study even if the story itself is somewhat lacking I'm really enjoying Cullen Bunn's run on Magneto It offers a look into the mind and motivations of one of Marvel's most morally ambiguous charactersI've never believed Magneto as a hero or 'anti hero' which is a ridiculous bloody term anyway no matter how many times he has allied himself with the X Men or how much Charles Xavier believed there was a good man underneath once all the blood has been washed awayI've lost count of the times Magneto apologists have argued that his cause is just and that it's just his methodology that is wrong To these people I cry 'Bullshit' Magneto has never believed in racial euality between humans and mutants; he proclaims that he believes mutants are superior to humans and that humanity should be crushed beneath the heel of 'homo superior' Does that sound like a just cause to you? Me neitherHow Magneto solves his problem at the end of this volume reveals his true nature view spoilerHe murders a young mutant girl because it is the most expedient way of making his problem go away hide spoiler Bunn has done a great job offering a deep and insightful characterization of Magneto This volume continues that both in his current day work in Genosha and the many flashbacks we get to many different time periods However Briar Raleigh is almost as interesting I still don't know what her plans are but I found her single issue #13 to be the best of the volume both for the light it cast on her and on the larger cutie groupie culture This is still a very stylized and character driven but it’s a little harder to follow I’m super excited to see Magneto moving toward being a leader again though Most of my history with reading comics actually picked up right around the time he joined the X Men While there were some power struggles and influences from him during that period he was a far cry from the original Magneto I expected from my childhood This reinforces his complexity and villainy considerably Though it is a situation of “what do you expect from repeating history for the third time”It’s a deep dive into Magneto and his history and motives and actions There is one flashback that is pretty obscure with Wolverine I am almost positive that I read the original issue but I cannot figure out what it actually was about It’s not explained in context and I would have to go through about a dozen trades to find it I think my favorite aspect is that it goes through all of these gyrations to make him seem complex but ends with a very clear reminder of how evil he can be There are still reasons and justifications for all of his actions but he’s still evil The style is interesting Walta has a definite look for this title but it can sometimes get a bit muddy I think I almost prefer the flashback scenes Bottom line is that I already bought Vol 4 so I’ll be finishing this series one way or another Since I randomly picked up the first volume Bunn has consistently impressed me with interesting characterization killer plotting and the beautiful illustrations of Javier Fernandez The concepts and stories that Bunn introduces about EricMagneto have stuck with me about as much as any superhero comic I've read from robot dogs fighting mutants pit style in China to mutant growth hormone to the memories of Genosha This volume focuses on Genosha Eric's past and his complicated relationship with Briar Raleigh and I never knew what was coming next The SHIELD caper showed how much Magneto is a puppeteer or terrorist depending on your perspective as a marionette and the resettling of Genosha almost floored him The story was very satisfying for such a short trade and I didn't feel unhappy with the relatively brief arcs The first single at the beginning featuring Magneto event survivors and the black market brought a lot of context to Briar's life and she remains as inscrutable as ever Can't wait for the next volume Check out my interview with writer Cullen Bunn here I did not expect to love this series as much as I doThis is dark as fuck It should have been a MAX series So badass I know I’ve said it before but this is Punisher if Punisher was Magneto Everything is unsettling and grim The hatred and rage is so palpable that even the reader feels it I was glued to these pagesWell done Cullen Bunn Can’t wait for Don't you love it when a book has a random character digression that actually means something? I sure do Genosha drama unfolds as Magneto attempts to take back the land where so many of his fellow mutants were killed by the Sentinels Wonderfully creepy relevant parallels abound Can't wait to get 4 on hold guys This is a series I will be buying The understated art and story continue unabashed Mutants begin to flock to Genosha and Magneto wonders what he can do better than last time Betrayed by an ally SHIELD comes for Magneto 7 out of 12 I like this series the farther it gets

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