Deadpool Volume 8 All Good Things

Deadpool Volume 8 All Good Things➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Deadpool Volume 8 All Good Things By Brian Posehn ➦ – It’s the end of the road for the Merc With a Mouth And what better way to celebrate the series’ end than to kill Deadpool Yup you heard us First Deadpool takes a relaxing vacation to the Middle Ea It’s the end 8 All PDF/EPUB ë of the road for the Merc With a Mouth And what better way to celebrate the series’ end than to kill Deadpool Yup you heard us First Deadpool takes a relaxing vacation to the Middle East where a simple merc job leads to a violent battle with Omega Red and a journey into the Tomb of Scariness with Shiklah Then Ultimatum comes at Deadpool for revenge and he has no choice but to take them on — all of them Every single guy And in one final flashback feast we revisit the Deadpool Volume Kindle - Infinity Gauntlet crossover What would Deadpool do if he got the gauntlet from Thanos Plus a slew of bonus stories by special guest writers showcasing Deadpool’s closest friends and allies Also SPOILER Deadpool dies at the endCollecting Deadpool . Since there is now officially a Deadpool movie in the making this is going to be my contribution to our Hooray To Hollywood buddy readAll Good Thingsmust come to an endSadly this is Deadpool's final volumeEver They will never bring him back Never everYeppers This is it for the Merc with a Mouth so you better run out and buy up all the copies of this sucker Right now Before others discover that the Marvel universe is going to collide withwhatever it's colliding withand there are no comics to be hadGosh I really thought Marvel was doing ok what with all those blockbuster movies merchandise sighI guess they just couldn't afford to keep the lights on any and just decided to go out with a bang?Man I'm sure gonna miss these guys Wait What? Marvel isn't going out of business? They're just rebooting their comics?Oh Yeah I guess that makes sense Anyway Was this any good?I thought so and if you're a fan of Posehn's Deapool then this one will probably be a winner for you too I've had a loveless than love relationship with this title but overall I liked it Deadpool goes on a journey of self discovery in volume 8 leaving behind his wife daughter and friends to find out who he really is and what he really wants out of life And how does that turn out for him you ask?Well mostly he just ends up shooting lots of people But that's ok because in the end he figures out what he wants the mostPeople might complain that Deadpool gets a sorta lame send off But if you think about it that's exactly the kind of send off he'd expectAfter all Wade puts the Aim in Lame Get it? Get it?Whatever It was funnyAlrighty I'm ready for 'em to blow this shit up Really Tony? Do you need to worm your way into everything? That was FANTASTICThis was hands down my favourite run of Deadpool ever Absolutely hilarious with some genuinely touching moments Whoever's going to take the reins of the new Deadpool book after Secret Wars has some big shoes to fill It saddens me that the great supporting cast from this run will probably disappear when the new writer startsWhat? You thought he was dead and that he wasn't coming back in a couple of months? Don't be so flarking ridiculous Have you never read a comicbook before you cretin? If you've actually never read a comicbook before I apologise for being so mean 35 Stars I'm the man that can regrow anything including evidently a conscience Ultimately I’m giving this rating to the first 34ths of this compilation because the last sections felt a bit like disjointed filler Up until then the storyline and the dialogue plugged along well enough—albeit anticlimactic in Deadpool’s final sendoff before the comic reboots There was still that winning blend of snide off the wall humor and big hearted poignancy that this reader consistently finds so appealing about Posehn’s grasp on the Deadpool psyche This collection opens with Deadpool having a bit of an identity crisis And not the fun cosplay kindNo Wade is stuck in a melancholy funk that even his gorgeous and accommodating wife can’t snap him out of And so he leaves his family and devoted friends and takes on a job he hopes will get him back in the game buying him time to find himself But the job isn’t what he thought it would be and his eccentric moral compass forces his hand Once again Deadpool is made to reassert that while he’s not what could ever be termed a “good guy” he’s not a bad guy either And there’s nothing he won’t do to protect those he cares for Unfortunately we got no real closure on the threadline involving Deadpool’s wife and her newly awakened army of uber purple dudes? Yeah I’m not sure what all was going on there I should probably have read these comics in intended order rather than the order in which the covers appealed to me Oh well I’m here for Deadpool not his ueenly brideAlthough I’ll be the first to admit I enjoy the dynamic of their relationship and appreciate how well she treats him Between her lack of frailty patience and genuine concern it continues to look like a solid match for our favorite mouthy merc Particularly when they have date nights that look like thisYeah She’ll doI wouldn’t call this the most ideal closure for a beloved character’s storyline but it wasn’t wholly disappointing More of a riding off into the sunset backlit by explosions and set to the Goldengirls theme song Not so terribly far off from how Wade would probably want itFavorite uote I found where I belong Not with the people I love but out here in Hell Protecting them Deadpool Aww man Like the title implies all good things must come to an end even this awesome run of Deadpool comicsThis final volume sees Wade trying to get back on track with his life after his experiences as Zenpool during Axis changed how he looks at the world Once again he heads off on his own leaving Shiklah to fend for herself it does make me wonder why he married her when she barely appears in most of the stories afterwards and ends up in a wartorn country helping some rebels fight Omega Red It's a nice straightforward plot that has a few twists and turns near the end which may or may not be fulfilled post Secret Wars but the real draw is the emotional journey that Wade goes through and how he comes out of the other side a changed man The final issue the enormous #250 sees Deadpool take on Ultimatum for the final time and ends with Secret Wars exacting its toll on the poor guy It's a fitting end and actually ends on a happy note despite all the death and destruction The back ups from #250 are all included too and range from alright to downright hilarious with nothing really letting the side downThe artwork is strong throughout with Salva Espin pencilling the main story and his exaggerated facial expressions really working wonders with the characters involved whilst series mainstay Mike Hawthorne draws the lead story in issue #250 and a cavalcade of new Marvel talent pick up the back up storiesIt's a shame to see a run by two writers who really seem to get how to strike the balance between silly Wade and serious Wade end when they're really hitting their stride but once again as the title implies all good things must come to an end and hopefully what comes next if Deadpool survives will be just as good if not better Deadpool is definitely a fave of mine and this run of comics has definitely tested me I'm not all for deadpool guns blazing and being a crazy ass with no emotion but i'm not all for dadpool and getting married either there need's to be a balance and this series just took a deep dive off a cliff Zenpool was the worst the axis crossover was the worst around volume 4 or 5 of this run the creators were bored and 100% done with deadpool They should have passed it onto someone else anyone But no they've just dragged deadpool to the most shitty conclusion It stopped being funny or interesting Some will like it i guess if you're a sappy fucker but it was just meh and it's hard not to feel like it's been a bit of a kick in the teeth when one of your fave characters gets lumped with shitty stories This is the final volume of this run of Deadpool and sees the character die at the end That may sound like a spoiler but seeing as though every issue for a while was counting down to the death I don't feel too bad about it Essentially this is a best of volume Initially it sees the depressed Deadpool take on a dodgy job for Roxxon but he soon decides he doesn't like doing immoral jobs and fights against them This leads to lots of fighting and a battle with Omega Red It's fairly standard Deadpool fare but it's interesting to see the changed character going about his business We then get a short supernatural story with Deadpool's wife Shiklah which rekindles their relationship and is a homage to that side of the series And finally Ultimatum go to kill Deadpool's friends and family and so Deadpool fights back against every single one of them which is really rather good fun This all ends in Deadpool's death Now I've seen a few people complain about this fact that it's a rubbish ending But I think the point it that it's an ending to the series and the storyline rather than the character Without giving too much away it leads straight into the Secret Wars event and it's heavily hinted that Deadpool isn't going to stay dead What we do have however is an end to the plot lines and Deadpool finally finds his place in life There's some decent back up material here too Various Deadpool creators tell short stories of the series' supporting cast which works really well Most are very enjoyable lots of fun and feature all sorts of other characters from the Marvel universe And there's a final flashback story from the series writers which tells what Deadpool was doing during the Infinity Gauntlet saga Except really it is an excuse for almost the entire Marvel universe to pop up and talk about Deadpool and it's really fun There's lots of fun to be had here and I personally thought it gave a satisfying conclusion to the run Posehn and Duggan have been fantastic for Deadpool and I very much doubt this is the end of the character We just have to see what Secret Wars brings I finished the whole series within 2 days I am really satisfied with the content and how Deadpool's marriage turn out with Shiklah I really like how they present the past and future by changing the art style This book is wierd I mean how did he found out his past by starting to kill the evil dead president of America? Nevermind I really ejoyed this book Well that was conclusive I would recommend Posehn and Duggan's arc for any fan of Deadpool or anyone looking to become a fan because if you read it you will be a fan They really have a feel for his character and these books are regularly laugh out loud funny and uite touching Rather disappointed I did read it out of order and need to backtrack to 7 One of the best runs of Deadpool I've encountered Highly recommended

Deadpool Volume 8 All Good Things ePUB Ó Deadpool
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  • Deadpool Volume 8 All Good Things
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