Legendary Star Lord Vol 2

Legendary Star Lord Vol 2✯ [PDF] ❤ Legendary Star Lord Vol 2 By Sam Humphries ✼ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk DETHRONE DESPOTIC DAD CHECK UP NEXT THE KITTY PRYDE CONNECTION Star Lord comes face to face with Mr Knife and you won't believe who's behind that snazzy mask All this craziness seems to have put a lit DETHRONE DESPOTIC DAD CHECK Lord Vol eBook ´ UP NEXT THE KITTY PRYDE CONNECTION Star Lord comes face to face with Mr Knife and you won't believe who's behind that snazzy mask All this craziness seems to have put a little strain on Peter and Kitty's long distance relationship but you know what'll fix that right up Space date Or rather space Legendary Star PDF/EPUB ² prison break Peter uill what a catch But the growing mystery of the Black Vortex might destroy the couple's relationship before Peter has a chance to screw it up himself Heroes assemble to counter the Vortex's cosmic threat but Mr Knife and his new business partner want the Vortex for themselves Kitty discovers a way to neutralize the Vortex's Star Lord Vol Kindle Ï power but the entire planet of Spartax is in grave danger and to guard the galaxy from this threat the heroes' only choice may be to submit to the Vortex. This is another example of a title getting hijacked by an event or several events and not being able to keep a cohesive storyline going The beginning was cute if a bit by the numbers with Kitty and Peter on a holo date It was a running joke throughout that Kitty hates being in space due to her time as a cosmic bullet Hence the holographic dating appHehStuff happens Pete gets kidnapped Kitty steal Tony's spaceship a cool rescue ensues and the lovebirds finally get some face to face timeOk from there on out this volume gets a tad sketchy due to the hijackingsKitty and Pete get a few minutes to themselves but almost immediately The Black Vortex stuff happens and if you haven't read the main storyline this might not make much senseI already knew what was going on but fair warning and allThen there's all this stuff with J Son and the Brood that's basically resolved too uickly and then the last issue is some nonsense with Pete's half sister the Collector and a ridiculous dance seuenceNot jokingThere's a reference to Secret Wars and then fade to black I'm not sure this title would be worth it to most people but I'm trying to figure out what the hell happened to Kitty and Pete's relationship during SW so I'm in it for the long haul Surprisingly a pretty good series The first 3 issues serve as a lead in to the Black Vortex crossover with the X Men books I like that they have brought Kitty Pryde into the book The whole long distance relationship thing was getting pretty ridiculous One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Kitty Pryde rescued Star Lord from his father The next 3 issues are part of the Black vortex crossover and mostly hold up as stand alone issues However to get the whole story which contains major changes for Peter and Kitty you'll need to pick up the Black Vortex graphic novel I don't like that the changes to the status uo for Peter and Kitty were in another book but so be it The last issue focuses on Peter's half sister Victoria as she meets with the Collector This was maybe the best issue in the book Still enjoyable I didn't have Guardians of the Galaxy and X men The Black Vortex so there were some gaps in the story but it was still readable I will continue with this series but not immediately as I only had copies of the first two volumes Despite a strong start Rise Of The Black Vortex winds up being a frustrating read The first three issues focus heavily on Star Lord and Kitty Pryde's troubled romance including an amusing attempt at a space date via holo phone and a daring rescue mission Writer Sam Humphries clearly has fun writing the two characters together and their endearing escapades make them a great couple Along the way the identity of Mr Knife is revealed which not only made sense but also meant that I didn't have to use that ridiculous name any view spoilerGranted 'J son' isn't a particularly great name either but i'll take what I can get hide spoiler If you haven't yet read Guardians of the Galaxy X Men Black Vortex do yourself a favor and skip those issues in this book You'll be better off They would be confusing out of context and they would take away from what is otherwise a fun and cute story about Peter and Kitty's romance The last issue actually stars Peter's half sister which I didn't expect at all and it's better than I would have thought it would be She can show up a lot often if you ask me Eh this was OK I suppose The best bits are best read as part of the Black Vortex collection and once you take those away there's not much left what a total let down from volume one the majority of this is tie in issues to black vortex the final issue is a secret wars preludeis this really the end? because it was nothing like the first volume i could have read volume one and not wasted my time also star lord is barely in these issues the main character is pretty much kitty and the final issue focuses on victoriathe art is just as good though Even with the partial pull from The Black Vortex event which I very much enjoyed this is still a fun volume Getting to be a big fan of this series Far to many cross over issues are glossed over with summaries leaving the reader whip lashed and disoriented like the worst of the new Green Lantern story lines Goodreads says this book collects issues 6 10 but it actually collects 6 12 Anyone who can edit the book description?A good bit of this is part of the Black Vortex event but there's a lot of time for Peter and Kitty to find out how they feel about each other and where they will go next in their relationshipSam Humphries writes pretty well here and just today it's been announced that he is signing an exclusive contract with DC No word yet on what he'll write there But this was good and solidly entertaining In the first volume Peter's fratty behavior got a bit old but he's grown a good bit a lot actually and although we can thank Kitty for that Peter himself has learned from his mistakes and past experiencesArt was good kind of Marvel's house style at the moment Not too realistic and not too cartoony either I'll be interested to read of this character

Legendary Star Lord Vol 2 PDF é Legendary Star
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Legendary Star Lord Vol 2
  • Sam Humphries
  • English
  • 27 March 2016
  • 9780785191605