Spider-Man 2099, Volume 2: Spider-Verse

Spider-Man 2099, Volume 2: Spider-Verse➻ Spider-Man 2099, Volume 2: Spider-Verse Download ➼ Author Peter David – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Miguel O'Hara is finally back in his home era the year 2099 But there's no time for nostalgia as Spider Man 2099 Lady Spider and the six armed Spider Man are on the run for their lives from the danger Miguel O'Hara is finally back in his home Volume 2: PDF Ç era the year But there's no time for nostalgia as Spider Man Lady Spider and the six armed Spider Man are on the run for their lives from the dangerously ravenous Inheritors Spider Man and Lady Spider of the steampunk s bring past and future science to bear as they study Daemos desperate for a clue to help battle Morlun and his family But can Spider-Man 2099, Epub / they make it back to the rest of the spiders in time to turn the tide of the final battle Who will survive the Spider verse Will Miguel finally be able to return home for good And what happens when he finds that his future is nowimperfect Guest starring that classic green skinned future menace the Maestro Collecting Spider Man . Spider Verse multiverse future changed and insanity reigns oh and Tempest gets turned into a bugThis volume is a mess First off Spider Verse hijacks it for tie ins and yada yada yada Miguel is back in the future Unfortunately his future has been destroyed and Maestro rulesMiguel makes it back to the past and accidentally turns Tempest into a bug but it's coolMultiverse and time travel together in one volume is like using salt in place of sugar when you're baking not good at all I can say I've read the first few issues after this volume and things get better That's all the positive I can say about this fiery train wreck This is absolutely why people are wary about crossover events it kidnaps their favorite titles and often leaves them dumped in a ditch with no phone wallet belt or shoelaces wondering what on Earth just happened More of the same sharp writing fun story nice artwork A touch of time travel I only read the issues that aren’t tied into Spider Verse because I already read those in another collection The rest of the issues are focused on Miguel traveling back to 2099 and finding out that something went wrong in our time so he has to go back and fix it S’good Don't mind me I'm only here for the steampunky Lady Spider Really This is the first time I've picked up a Spider Man 2099 volume and I only did it because I wanted to see Lady Spider This was a wise choice because I absolutely love her And I'll probably never see her again which makes me sad The rest of the book was fine but I doubt I'll be back The second volume of Spidey 2099 is just as good as the first with twists and turns aplenty Peter David is going great guns on this book and I'm annoyed to see it end to make way for Secret Wars 2099 or whatever it's called At least Peter's writing that tooI'm hoping Spidey 2099 will be back after Secret Wars If it's not I'm going to sulk This comic has time traveling Spider Man specific vampires Why are you still reading this review and not immediately purchasing this book? Love me some Lady Spider But not spiders in real life Have you ever watched one crawl slowly above your head malice and forethought just dropping from its fangs waiting until the right moment to pounce into your earhairmouthother orifices? They're assholesSteampunk spider man mythology is fun somehow than 30's noir spider man mythology Which gets one to thinking with all the S M mythologies running rampant in this Spider Verse story have we now seen every possible combination? Meh Spider Verse MehWhat's here is okay but it isn't uite Peter David's work Not really Not when it's part of huge event the true scale and contours of which I never cared enough about to really read The stuff that follows the Spider Verse stuff was all right but it too was slightly meaningless because the volume ends in Secret Wars So this one was thoroughly meh ed by the general disaster that are the modern main stream comic company's company wide events Spider Man is one of the most difficult titles for me to read I feel like I need to do hours of research before I open a volume to understand context get the reading order and then acuire the other titles that this book jumps between It's not Peter David's fault but I'm not reading Amazing Spider Man so I missed out on connecting issues Ah wellI DO super appreciate that Lyla is there before each issue with a recap for me filling me in on important info Well done LylaPeter Davidthe Spider Man Marvel editors I liked the Daemos storyline and the involvement of other Spidys from across the Spider Verse though it broke my heart every time a Spidy was killed eaten?I very much liked Lady Spider May 3 and even Lord Harold Osborn though his ending was messed up I don't know what happens to Lady Spider the end of the story because this volume jumps to issue #9 with Miguel in a dystopian 2099 with Maestro a future smart Hulk who I didn't knowDid anyone else notice the Storm??Directly to the left of the fourth speech bubble starting Nor franklyI didn't love these issues #9 #10 but they were pretty short so moving onI all kinds of loved the last two issues #11 #12 back in the present 2014 with Tempest Super unexpected short mutation plot device but it was all action and enjoyable Funny how the news chopper traffic reporter was just like aw man Not again when Spider Man slammed into her helicopter lol And also that lady cop in the park was adorable 3Great ending I love that Tempest knows ;The volume as a whole was a bit choppy 35 stars total with me now having to google the reading order after Secret Wars Sigh This was actually a pretty good volume but I'm negating one star because of the Spider Verse 12 the first half is Spider Verse the second just continues Miguel's story I have read ALL of the Spider Verse in the big fat volume that came out a year or so ago Now anyone else who has NOT read it will be really confused and feel like they missed a lot at the beginning of this volume hence the three and not four stars There was absolutely no transition it was lazy Put in one comic that ties volume one and volume two together I also take issue with evil Bruce Banner Hulk from the future I don't know why can't put my finger on it but the character just doesn't ring true to me in a lot of ways Dependably likable Peter David's scripts are always fun and in artist Will Sliney he has a collaborator who is growing talent Spider Man 2099 the most fun of the 2099 bunch deserves this revival Too he gets a deserved new cast of characters confusingly he jumps in time between 2014 5 and 2099That makes this part of the Spider Verse crossover which you only get a few chapters of here Other stories are betterStill recommended

Spider-Man 2099, Volume 2: Spider-Verse Kindle Û
  • Paperback
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  • Spider-Man 2099, Volume 2: Spider-Verse
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  • 13 August 2016
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