Jake (Kinky in Kansas #1)

Jake (Kinky in Kansas #1)[BOOKS] ✴ Jake (Kinky in Kansas #1) ✻ Bea LaRocca – Oaklandjobs.co.uk When Jake Campbell lands his dream job as ranch hand in training at the Striker Ranch than one dream comes true for the handsome young cowboyJake has never told anyone that he’s gay but the powerful When Jake Campbell lands his dream job as ranch hand in training at the Striker Ranch than one dream comes true for the handsome young cowboyJake has never told anyone that he’s gay but the powerful physical attraction that he feels for the foreman Jackson Stone and his right hand man Nate O’Connell leave no doubt in his mind that handsome muscular men do it for him They’re probably both straight though I mean most guys are rightJake decides better to keep his desires to himself than risk being rejected ridiculed or worse So he keeps his mouth shut and waits He doesn’t have to wait long as Jackson makes his own desires known at the first opportunity Thrilled to learn that Jackson and Nate are together and that they both want him to join them he eagerly embarks on his first sexual adventure How can they build something when trouble keeps coming their way. Oh my goodness but did I love Jake I've never read anything by Bea LaRocca before and boy have I been missing out Everything about this book pleased me The characters were very real and they were well fleshed out The plot was smooth and flowed naturally It was the perfect lengh to get to know all of the main characters and some background ones but it wasn't drawn out and at no point were there any lapsesJake comes to work on the Striker Ranch He's a youngster and the only thing he really knows about himself is that he wants to work with horses This is really a dream job for him He finds himself attracted to the ranch foreman Jackson and the foreman's second in command Nate He doesn't really know what to do but soon Jackson helps him figure it all out These boys are everything that I love about menage manlove They're all sweet kind hard working and sexy They're also very HOT and their scenes together are on fire whether it's Jackson and Jake Nate and Jake Jackson and Nate or all three of them coming together they just take your breath away Of course sex isn't the whole story I don't want to give too much away but I can tell you that in Jake there is some conflict a bit of mystery and action plus a little family drama thrown in I mentioned background characters and they all have a place There isn't just a whole bunch of ranchers coming and going Each one plays an important part and it's obvious that Ms LaRocca is setting up for at least one seuel However that never gets in the way of Jake Jackson and Nate's relationship I really REALLY enjoyed this one It was nearly pitch perfect I couldn't find anything that I didn't like I can't recommend this Jake enoughReviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books Jackson and Nate had been a couple for years They had a live in lover before but it didn’t work out Now Jake was new to the ranch and had piued the interest of both Jackson and Nate Once Jackson and Nate had paid attention closely for any signs of any mutual attraction coming from Jake they made their moveJake had a very rough childhood Once he was out on his own he found a job working at a ranch When the other ranch hands went out for a night of drinking he would stay behind because his interests were different from theirs Still a virgin he realized he was attracted to men Both Jackson and Nate had caught his eye but he could only dream of them not knowing if they were straight or not Then one night all his fantasies came true when he got to be with both of themWhen Jackson asks Jake to move in with him and Nate he accepts One particular person on the ranch is not happy about it and causes a lot of trouble even after he is fired To add to that tragedy strikes the ranch Will all the forces against them break them or make the growing bond between Jackson Nate and Jake even stronger? Read to find outThis book melted my kindle because it was so hot Jake’s transformation from innocent and shy to relaxed and comfortable was truly amazing to read NateI love that man Cocky and sexy and playful Jackson shared a dark past like Jake and was the serious of the three but was still just as lovable and sexy I could not put the book down once I got started It was well written I highly recommend this book Go 1 click today I can’t wait for of the series I loved this I mean loved and adored it Firstly I've got to say my love for Jackson knows no bounds He's one sexy alpha cowboy I also liked Nate and Jake a whole lot The book starts at a galloping scuse the pun pace and jumps right into their story This is a mmm romance so I don't think I'm giving away any spoilers when I say it is about how these men come together and work their way towards being togetherThe opening scene is very hot which kind of sets the tone for the book There's a lot of hot sex going on in here Very well written hot sex I have to add Which brings me to another like about this book It's extremely well written The author has a great style and grabs hold of you from the very start But there is much than just sex There's a great plot too which really holds the book together and makes for a nail biting read at timesThere's some angst here and difficult times for the guys and they have past issues that still affect them to this day I really liked how the author handled the men's pasts and showed the way the results still linger for themThis one is going right to the top of my favorites pile It will be a read again for me Ive been looking for a MMM book for a while and saw Bea on Facebook looking for people to read Jake I'm so so glad i asked because this was one of the most perfect stories Ive read in a while The story The characters all were written so well that i couldn't put this down I ended up going to bed in the early hours because i love it that much Thank you Bea for letting me read this book Jake Campbell is a 21 year old ranch hand and has never been kissed or touched by a male or female Working on Striker Ranch he is surrounded by sexy men two in particular Coming from a traumatic childhood home will he get over his past and welcome his future?Jackson Stone and Nate O’Connell have both had their eye on the new hire since he came to work at the ranch They were cautious in the beginning but when they knew Jake was interested in them they held nothing backEverything is going fine with the three lovers until Jackson needs to move one of the hands into his home to make room for two new ranch hands When the other workers find out that Jake would be moving they could all are less except for one He’s out for bloodThese three men together are explosive in and out of the bedroom With Jake being a virgin it lets Jackson and Nate open him to new experiences but everything is not peachy between the three lovers When it comes to Jake Jackson and Nate are very protective of him because of his childhood Jake wants to show them mainly Jackson that he can take care of himself but one or both of them steps in to save him at every turn When Jake thinks they have come to common ground Jackson steps over the line and him and Nate are keeping things away from him that effects all of them When Jake finds out he is hurt beyond belief and says some mean things to Jackson only to have him injured that same day Jake doesn’t know which way is up and he only wants for Jackson to live Can these three men overcome everything that is thrown at them? You will have to read the book to seeI really loved the way the MC’s interacted with each other how they came to fall in love and learn new things about each other There are a couple of things I didn’t like but it didn’t stop my overall enjoyment of the book I felt that Nate and Jake spent time together than Jake and Jackson and I would have loved to read about just the two of them together The stuttering I get why she wrote the words like she did to portray the stuttering but it drove me crazy but like I said it wasn’t enough to make me put the book down I actually finished reading it at 1 am the same day I got it That’s how much I loved it I can’t wait to read the next book I already know who I want to read about but if they don’t come until later I will continue to read the seriesCheck out my other reviews and an excerpt for this story at great start to a great seriesi liked that the book just jumped right into their story nate and jackson are an established couple and jake has been working for them for a while so we don't have the introductory build up the opening scene is a HOT starti fell in love with jake in that opening scene he's never had a sexual experience and has always known he likes men he had a horrible childhood and is basically alone in the world he is looking for not just a sexual relationship but an emotional relationship that he's never hadhe just wants to be loved his speech impediment is adorable he seems shy but when he starts to feel comfortable around nate and jackson you see that he's not as shy as you first think throughout the book he really comes into his own and becomes a confident strong mannate is the fun loving funny raised in a fantastic big family life of the party kind of guy he is than happy to show jake the ropes in the relationship while he likes to joke around and tease when it comes to his men he has a fierce protective side and loves with his whole being jackson is the serious responsible one of the group he also had a terrible upbringing and has a strained relationship with his brother because of that he is sensitive and has a sweet heart sometimes his protectiveness of his men aggravates them but he feels like his is responsible for protecting them all the 3 men balance each other well and make a great complete package my only complaint would be i'd like to see a little day to day affection among the trioeven if subtle small kisses hugs hand sueezes etc not necessarily while they are at work in front of the other guys but even while in their house togetherit didn't seem any of them were overly affectionate doesn't take away from the story i just would have like to see of thatmake them seem loving toward each otherthere is a bit of foreshadowing for possible future books in the seriescaleb and jesse rob and brian with someone and maybe a bit of this great trio i can't wait to read Wanting to find something else to occupy my free time besides my writing in August 2014 I decided to become a Book Reviewer When I started reviewing books being the person I am I would shy away from reading all erotic romance novels especially those which are considered to be GLBT But now I’m opened to readingreviewing any and all genresJake by Bea LaRocca is the first truly manage a trois involving three males I’ve read One of these three males Jake is a true virgin—a virgin who’s never been even kissed by a female or male Jake hasn’t told anyone he considers himself to be gay however that changes the moment he takes a job as ranch hand in training at the Striker Ranch It is there Jake’s true self begins to surface the moment he sees the ranch boss Jackson and his main honcho Nate; and senses a deep physical attraction towards both of them he can’t really explainAs in any manage a trois Ms LaRocca made sure sex played an extremely important part her storyline But instead of merely having these sex scenes involving an empty shell of characters she has also allowed for the character development of her three main characters making sure they become real in her readers minds And to hold everything together as someone reads “Jake” she threw in some drama and mysteryFor helping me expand my reach of genres to readreview and for having written a story which moves in an enjoyable cohesive manner I’m giving Ms LaRocca 5 STARS I received a e book copy of this book during the 2nd week of The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party and the above has been my honest opinion Suspense passionate sex dedicated cowboys and lots of heartEasy reading novel with a little suspense Crazy Kansas weather—eeek Crazy vengeful man—double eeeek a good dose of erotica hot hot hot and a heaping helping of gay romance three men with love to spareOne of the best things about this story was the cast of characters Bea gives just enough details about each that you can imagine them clearly but she doesn’t spoon feed it to the reader I enjoyed the main character Jake but Jackson Stonehe stole my heart The way he connected emotionally to Jake was written beautifully Then there were the extra cast of characters on the ranchand characters they were One of my favorite conversations is between Jake and Rob it’s so touching and yet I giggled at the topic that bonded the two of them Took me just a couple chapters to get used to how Jake’s dialogue is written but when I just let the dialogue flow the character’s speech patterns added so richly to Jake’s innocence and personality I couldn’t imagine him without it I would have loved to have had a little of the crazy man Will but even as is the storyline held me and I devoured the last ½ of the book and didn’t realize it was the middle of the night when I had finished I suggest this novel to those who like erotic romance with suspense passionate sex scenes dedicated cowboys and lots of heartLastly I’m hoping Ms LaRocca has plans for #2 in the series in the works cause I’m ready Jake is the only book by Bea Larocca This book was amazing and can’t wait to read by her I read Jake in one sitting I just couldn’t put it down I completely ignored my phone and children To sum it all up I loved it The first scene is unbelievable no this book didn’t start off slow at all It got your attention and held it was the very beginning I fell in love with Jake almost immediately He is shy and has an innocence’s that is so charming Let’s not forget about his adorable stutter because he is nervous or turned on Once he got to know Jackson and Nate they changed all that and made him comfortable and confident in himself The three of them had this love that was genuine unconditional raw and soul deepNate and Jackson also shared and love that would simply make you drool I was drawn to them because they had a nature love They believed in each other and had a trust that you could only dream of If you love sexy love scenes this book had uite a few They will leave you hot and bothered What I loved most was they were filled with emotion tenderness and a true connection between the three of them This book was really awesome Keep up the good work Bea LA Rocca My First Bea Larocca book and can’t wait to read from her Jake was one of those books that you sit and read the whole thing at once I loved it The opening scene is unbelievable It made me want to keep reading and finish the book I fell in love with Jake almost immediately His stutter is so adorable At first he is crazy shy and so innocent but Jackson and Nate change all that As the book continues he becomes confident in himself and in his body The love that the three of them share is remarkable It is unconditional raw open and soul deep love I love Nate and Jackson just as much I don’t know what it is about the three of them but I was drawn to them and there story I loved that the sexy scenes in the book were filled with emotion tenderness and a true connection between the three of them Not the fake over the top unrealistic scenes you read in some books It was just a great book there was some funny parts and others that made me cry my eyes out Thank you Bea Larocca for writing and sharing your words with us