Dark Protectors Box Set (Dark Protectors, #1, 2, 2.5, 3)

Dark Protectors Box Set (Dark Protectors, #1, 2, 2.5, 3)[BOOKS] ✯ Dark Protectors Box Set (Dark Protectors, #1, 2, 2.5, 3) Author Rebecca Zanetti – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Librarian Note This is the original cover edition of ASIN B00JXTNMDG There are two alternate cover editions here and hereDon’t miss the first four volumes of the unforgettable Dark Protectors series Librarian Note This is the original cover edition of ASIN BJXTNMDG There are two alternate cover editions here and hereDon’t miss the first four Dark Protectors PDF \ volumes of the unforgettable Dark Protectors series Fated Claimed Tempted HuntedDriven by prophecy the Dark Protectors are male vampires fearless and born to mate with human females—for eternity Talen Kayrs is on a mission and once Cara Paulsen takes him as her mate nothing can stop the force of his desire Vampire king Dage Kayrs knows that when he encounters the brilliant geneticist Emma Paulsen the power of their coming together will never be decoded When bodyguard Max Petrovsky is sent to rescue Sarah Pringle from the evil Kurjans chasing her he’s willing to go far beyond the call of duty It’s taken over a century for ultimate soldier Connor Kayrs to consummate his union with the powerful witch Moira Dunne but the time has come Ready or not the Dark Protectors are turning up the heat “If you want hot sexy dangerous romancethis series is for you” —Paranormal Haven“Hot and fast from beginning to end”—Kate Douglas on Fated“Sizzling sex scenes and a memorable cast”— Publishers Weekly on Claimed Words. Book 1 Talen CaraBook 2 Dage EmmaBook 25 Max SarahBook 3 Conn MoiraFun fast paced PNR series Great storyline characters and suspense Instalove mates for life possessive Alphas and grotesue evil foes There are Vampires Shifters witches Demons and This is a continued storyline focusing on a different couple per bookThe Kurjans have declared war and they are playing dirty They are hunting down all enhanced human females The Kurjans and Vampires can only mate with an enhanced human and they mate for life While Vampire King Dage and his brothers find these women to protect them from the Kurjans they are also finding their own mates The Kurjans have developed a virus that can sever their mating bonds with the Vampires so that the Kurjans can steal them for themselves and the brothers are fighting to protect their woman Each book is focused on one couple but all characters continue on to the next book in the series 5 Stars Meh I think I have read this exact story over and over Crew of badass vampires and their mates not sure who did it first think I liked the BDB best but that series started to really annoy me after a while those dudes be whiny Holy moley this was a great read Ripped right through the set without a pause and enjoyed every minute of the ride Finished these 3 longer books and one novella and have put all my reviews together Book 1 FatedFated is the first book in the series Dark Protectors and is absolutely enthralling to the point I didn’t want to put it down until I knew what was happening Cara and her daughter Janie are swept away into the night by a man they only know as Talen However a touch of his hand on her arm unleashes a string of events which are fated In an effort to protect Cara and Janie from their enemies Talen will scour the Earth looking for them and his brothers will protect them both with their lives if need be😍If a paranormal series that involves vampires shifters and witches is something you love then this book won’t steer you wrong I was a Rebecca Zanetti virginbut not any and I definitely look forward to in this series😀Book 2 ClaimedEmma is a geneticist and is on the run after finding out about the Kurjans When she is kidnapped and rescued by Dage she realises that she wants to fight fate after her visions but she doesn’t account for her bodily reactions to the King and he finally lays claim to herDage has been dreaming of his mate for around two centuries and when he meets Cara she looks like his mateonly to find out Emma is her sister😍Lots of danger and peril in the Realm and War on the horizon with different factions Very interesting and captivating storycan’t wait to see where it goes❣️Book 3 Novella TemptedMax is asked to help find Sarah who has enhanced abilities before the Kurjans find her Max doesn’t want a mate with everything that’s going on in their world with the Virus 27 and how it affects the mated femalesSarah has been in an institution and has escaped Now the Kurjans are after her but she gets caught by Max first and he stirs something that’s lain dormant in her for ages😀 But the fight isn’t over yetA short novella but a good read to continue the search and uest to destroy the virusBook 4 HuntedConn up until recently was one of the only Kayrs brothers to be mated However he hasn’t seen his mate in over a century other than recently over Skype in regards to the Virus affecting the mates Her 100 years is up and he’s making his move to reclaim his mate❣️Moira doesn’t want to go with Conn and when he arrives in Ireland to collect her to go back to the US he feels like Chicken Licken and as though the sky is falling down Even though he’s kept tabs on her Moira has managed to do things under the radar and is aware that Conn won’t like any of itbut she will do what she has to for her peopleA great story and a bit progression in the story I am loving these characters and in great suspense as to what’s going to happen and what each of their futures’ holds😍 These amazing stories were filled with tough no nonsense heroines and incredibly handsome ruthless heroes that were ready to charge into unbelievable danger to keep their mates and their families safe The conspiracy trickery and intrigue were off the charts If you think you can guess what to expect in each of these stories you will soon discover that each story has a life of its own and nothing is predictable I LOVED THESE STORIES AND ALL OF THE HEROES AND HEROINES GREATGREAT GREAT This set was AWESOME I should be angry with Rebecca Zanetti because now I have bags under my eyes from not being able to sleep I had to read through this entire set I highly recommend reading this set But make sure you have nothing to do for the weekend so you can catch up on your sleep You won't be disappointed These books are amazing This is my first time reading a Rebecca Zanetti book I am now asking myself Why didn't I try this author years ago Fantastic writing fantastic characters and I love how Zanetti did her own take on Vampirism I can't wait to get the rest of the books in the Dark Protector series Love this seriesI got the first four books as a set and I can't wait to read the next ones This is a great vampire series I like how Zanetti made the vampires and others as separate species and not the cursed or undead like some do Well worth the read Great series Can't wait to read the othersThis was my first paranormal series to read Loved it Great for people just adventuring into paranormal Definitely recommended Thanks