Honeysuckle Bride (The Business of Weddings #2)

Honeysuckle Bride (The Business of Weddings #2) [Read] ➱ Honeysuckle Bride (The Business of Weddings #2) Author Tara Randel – Oaklandjobs.co.uk One part happiness Two parts love. Relocating to the coast of Florida after becoming guardian of her best friend s twin daughters could be the best move LA celebrity chef Jenna Monroe ever made This One part happiness Two parts love Relocating to the coast of Florida after becoming guardian of her best friend s twin daughters could be the best move LA celebrity chef Jenna Monroe ever made This is her chance to create a stable, loving home something she never had But can she be the mother the girls need Wyatt Hamilton thinks she can The rugged charter boat captain, who came home to Cypress Pointe still grieving the death of his son, has faith in her But the feelings he awakens in Jenna both exhilarate and frighten her Because Wyatt no longer believes in forever Unless she can convince him otherwise. I enjoyed this story The journey to bring the characters came together seemed believable based on their baggage and back story Some twist and turns to keep you interested 3 stars because I enjoyed it, its worth the read, but it s not a book I d keep to re read Donating my copy to the library so others can enjoy it. Jenna Monroe has just taken on the care and love of her best friend s twin girls, but a stalking reporter makes her life miserable, so she flees LA for a small town in Florida, determined to provide a safe home for the girls.There she meets Wyatt Hamilton, still reeling from the death of his 5 yr old son and the desertion of his wife He doubts he can ever trust himself to love again, so fearful is he of being hurt again.What neither Jenna nor Wyatt understand is that loving entails risk, but that the absence of a loving relationship is worse How can each of them look past their previous hurts and accept how the other feels, especially when the twins have already captured Wyatt s heart The catering business that Jenna starts in Florida begins a new life for her if only that reporter will stay away The climax to the story brings everything to a head when neither Wyatt nor Jenna is prepared for How they come to terms with it requires the intrusion of the stalker in ways no one expected, but which provides for a satisfying HEA. After each suffering through a loss Jenna and Wyatt have come to a small town in Florida to recover Wyatt, from the loss of his son to a tragic boating accident Jenna from the loss of her best friend and receiving the guardianship of two small girls They both are trying to take life one day at a time but keep intersecting Wyatt hasn t been ready to welcome anyone back in to his life but those two little girls and their charming guardian are slowly helping him bring him back to life Jenna knows that any relationship with Wyatt could possibly be too much for him to handle but she can t help herself from falling When danger from Jenna s past puts her and the girls in the path of an unstable man, Wyatt will do anything to keep them safe But can he let his heart thaw long enough to be what Jenna and the girls need Fun read but I do enjoy my stories a little steamy I understand that this line is not steamy so it was kind of nice to read something heartwarming I won a copy of this book from a GoodReads giveaway Great story with a great cast of characters Probably my favorite out of the 3 in the series Only problem I had was with the character Rod Here s where a spoiler comes in and I hate giving spoilers but sadly this time is necessary The problem I had was he seemed like he was crazy in the way that he wanted a romantic relationship with Jenna and not crazy in the way that he wanted an exclusive story, which is the way the author intended There were things that he did or said, that hinted at him wanting her in a romantic light rather than an exclusive story. Typical romance book, you know the ending, but you have to follow the journey Jenna is a chef with a show of her own when her best friend dies and Jenna becomes the mother to twin girls Jenna as a TV cooking show and a reporter who is obsessed with her.so the story continues.I did like it, easy read The paperback actually had rather large print which helped speed up my reading I won this book in a Harlequin s contest.This book is than just a sweet and heartwarming romance, it showed some serious problems people face when they lose someone in their life and have to cope with the loss It also teaches that when there s hope, the obstacles, no matter how bad or difficult they seem, can be coped with if a person is not alone but has family and friends to support and help. I liked this book because it dealt with real issues and overcoming true obstacles And somehow, they found love It was good. Miniseries The Business of Weddings Well, the cover says heartwarming I guess that s a word for this VERY tame romance