The Complete Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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This volume is a compendium of Coleridge’s poems I primarily focused my reading on one of them the longest and perhaps the most famous namely The Rime of the Ancient Mariner The story is somewhat tortuous a ship gets lost in Antarctica the mariner shoots an albatross and has to carry the bird’s corpse as a burden; then a phantom boat appears and the crew dies Finally the mariner reaches his homeland and is rescued by a hermitThe images in this poem are fascinating eg “All in a hot and copper sky The bloody sun at noon Right up above the mast did stand No bigger than the moon” The sounds and rhythms of Cloredige stanzas often based on repetitions are compelling as well “The Ice was here the Ice was there The Ice was all around” or “Alone alone all all alone Alone on a wide wide sea” It works like a rocking movement like the motion of the wavesIn passing I also stopped off on the magnificent Kubla Khan I believe one verse in particular will stay with me “That sunny dome those caves of ice” If you're looking up Coleridge I needn't recite The Rime of the Ancient Mariner for you Instead I'll tell you what a nice little edition this is Smallish attractive good paper looks pretty lying on your nightstand It fits perfectly in your purse too Handy when you're stuck in traffic and need a poetry fix I feel like a hypocrite adding this since its a collected edition and I'm only really a fan of a few of his poems The thing is the few I'm a fan of are some of the best poems I've ever read 'Rime' 'Aeolian Harp' 'Frost At Midnight'He could barely contain the imagination he held so close in some of these masterpieces Read him at his best and you won't be dissapointedHe used to walk fervently up the street conversation companion in tow talking loudly and forcefully switching sides every 20 yards or so He'd doze off intermittently at social occasions wake up and go on two hour rants about Kant and Hegel and such to everyone's rapt attention Sheer power of intellect and a little opium laden imagination sure didn't hurt his place in literary historyAt his funeral Wordsworth weeping over his grave said simply this the most Wonderful man I have ever met I'm just bummed because there's no italics function here Still I think you get the drift YES I HAVE READ ALL OF THEM I EVEN CITED CRISTOBEL IN A PAPER ABOUT LESBIAN VAMPIRES IN SEVENTIES FRENCH CINEMA I don't have a lot to say about Coleridge Like so many pre 20th century writers I find his work a little hard to understand There is kind of a magical uality to some of it Obviously the Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a pretty visionary work He seems like a likeable guy He writes poems about anything About a cup of tea About his maths studies at school About a walk around the lake after dinner About being examined by doctors who don't know what they're doing I think this is a great way to write so long as you assume that a lot of what you write will be tosh but that it's ok to proceed in that manner because you can discard the tosh and just publish the good stuff but this collected volume includes loads of stuff he wrote I think there was too much I do wonder slightly what people want from a collected poems volume I feel like there aren't that many people who literally want to read every single extant work by a poet More likely they want to read most of their work or all their work except for the really crap stuff I think when you're going through a poet's notebooks and picking up random scraps and fragments of abandoned works then you're taking the concept of a collected or even complete volume too farI think I enjoyed his work There wasn't a lot of depth to it but on a purely technical level Coleridge was certainly a literary genius and there is a kind of charm and readability about his work It's sort of enjoyable to read without being particularly comprehensible I didn't dislike his work but it didn't leave much of an impression on me I'd probably recommend The Rime of the ancient mariner to people especially with Mervyn Peake's illustrations but I don't think I'd recommend Coleridge beyond that I mainly read this for the classic poems while keeping an eye out for any lesser known gems I found The Rime of the Ancient Mariner to be very much deserving of fame I’ve never read anything uite like that I’m rather late to the party I know I’m pleased that I never had it ruined by having it taught to me in a school as drudging through it line by line would take away from its immediate punch Christabel was interesting but felt very much unfinished to me Kubla Khan is utterly sublime; in fact I got this book because I read it and it intrigued me It’s abstruse but I find some new feeling every time I come back to it And as for those lesser known gems argh There aren’t many to be brutally honest The majority of the collection is made up of pleasant enough lines about love nature God and Coleridge’s friends whom he clearly had a great fondness for particularly Charles Lamb My earnest wish when I began was an entire book of Kubla Khans but alas However there was one other poem that stood out called The Pains of Sleep It’s a moving depiction of sleep plagued by anxiety and it made me feel very close to Coleridge in a way that none of the other poems did Coleridge's work ignited my love of poetry The depths and heights of his emotion have significantly influenced my view of the world and have inspired my imagination His greatness as a poet lies in his capacity to create vivid pictures through succinct and unforgettable lines This is a nice collection and an upgrade from the only works of his that I own an anthology which only included Kublai Khan Dejection an Ode and a few of his other works This collection of works contains some of the finest literary achievments of the English language Coleridge is one of my favorite poets His entire collection of works is a master peice Starting with his juvenile poems the book takes you through his entire carreer including a chronilogical history of his life I recomend this romantic poet to everybody excellent compilation Did Coleridge ever right a word that wasn't great? I haven't come across anything he's written criticism included that I didn't think was brilliant One of my favorites hands down