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Fidler – When Edward Snowden began leaking NSA documents in June 2013 his actions sparked impassioned debates about electronic surveillance national security and privacy in the digital age The Snowden Reader l When Edward Snowden began leaking NSA documents in June his actions sparked impassioned debates about electronic surveillance national security and privacy in the digital age The Snowden Reader looks at Snowden's disclosures and their aftermath Critical analyses by experts discuss the historical political legal and ethical issues raised by the disclosures Over forty key documents related to the case are included with introductory notes explaining their significance The Snowden PDF or documents leaked by Snowden; responses from the NSA the Obama administration and Congress; statements by foreign leaders their governments and international organizations; judicial rulings; findings of review committees; and Snowden's own statements This book provides a valuable introduction and overview for anyone who wants to go beyond the headlines to understand this historic episode. “The Snowden Reader” edited by David P Fidler is essentially an Indiana University IU work on the security versus privacy issue as regards the Edward Snowden leaks of National Security Agency NSA documents IU had a panel presentation on the subject at the university in 2013and followed that up by having five of their distinguished panelists turn their talks into papers for this book Along with reprinting a number of the actual documents Snowden brought to light this book represents a ‘reader’ on the subject Roughly half the book is comprised of the five essays while the reprinted documents are the remaining half The essays were very informative They describe what the NSA was doing eg collecting telephone metadata the issue of ‘balance’ between security and privacy eg how much privacy are you willing to give up to attain a measure of security the political choices and ramifications eg the hypocrisy of calling out China for cyber espionage while doing the same and the legal foundation used or abused in such activities eg did the NSA go farther than the Patriot Act allowed The key laws involved the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act and Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act The editor David P Fidler is a law professor at IU and as such does a nice job in assembling the essays and providing context and can speak with authority on legal matters On reading the book there are some interesting comparisons to be madesuch as libraries to telephones Edward Snowden to BradleyChelsea Manning Edward Snowden to Daniel Ellsberg and hero to traitor When the USA Patriot Act came out the government wanted to routinely access public library circulation records to see what people were readingthis was defeated because there were too many libraries to corral into the program and the libraries began flushing their circulation records each evening The NSA had fewer entities to force into compliance with collecting telephone metadata – at the beginning only Verizon – and maybe this was why it did not become public knowledge earlier Manning released 400000 classified documents – logs on the Ira and Afghan wars and various State Department papers – to Wikileaks without any stated motivationhe was a troubled soul with his gender identity crisis he received a sentence of 35 years Snowden violated the same laws but he didn’t do so for personal advantage nor did he do it to foster terrorismhe had the sole stated motivation of bringing the NSA violations of privacy laws to public scrutiny Daniel Ellsberg was a military analyst who released classified government documents later dubbed the Pentagon Papers regarding the Vietnam War that detailed the lies of the Johnson Administration to the public and Congress When Ellsberg couldn’t convince elected officials to release the papers he did so himself through the New York Times Ellsberg turned himself in and because of government misbehavior all charges were dropped Snowden did not turn himself in presumably because he saw no way to win and ended up seeking asylum Should Snowden receive amnesty? Is Snowden a hero for bringing this mess up for public review or is he a traitor for disclosing classified materials? Was Snowden’s act one of appropriate civil disobedience? Would it have made a difference if he had submitted himself to the courts for trial and adjudication? These are facets the reader will have to judge for themselves The shortcomings in the book were two fold for me First I don’t have any problem with the fact that everything here is written by faculty at a single university and that the book is somewhat sympathetic to Snowden and his case But to piggyback on the use of their word’balance’ might have been improved if they had included at least one essay from the opposing viewpoint There has to be some specialist or expert at IU who could reasonably represent for the other side Secondly and this is probably way outside the reach of this reader is that no possible solutions of where do we go from here other than clemency and amnesty were offered for Snowdenwhat does he do nowhow does this all end? It feels a bit creepy when you think about the government snooping in your telephone calls and invading your privacybut then it also would be tragic if the Snowden leaks hurt anyone than just embarrassment You may or may not have conflicting feelings on the Snowden leaksbut reading this book will at least make sure you have most of the facts This ‘Reader’ was very interesting and is highly recommended I couldn't get through this book it's a high level read and very technical IMO If you want to learn about Snowden this may not be the read for you unless you have a background in law or are just not as slow as I am I wanted to read it but much like the little girl who dresses up in her moms fancy clothes cute but not a good fit I'd love to hear about others experiences with this book OR if they can suggest simpler books on Snowden and understanding what the whole thing is about It a bit like a text book it goes into the Patriot act in great detail Its scary on a lot of levels when you get into the beuracrat mindset of logging ever call and web search of every individual and business call made eachday Be at ease about it only stored for 5yrs Fiddler does a good job in explaining this lunacy A good one year later commentary about the Snowden affair as well as many important primary documents

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