Leahs Seduction

Leahs Seduction✭ [PDF] ✪ Leahs Seduction By Emily Jane Trent ✺ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Leah is swept up in the power of her love for Gianni She wants to please him but there are limits Leah knows he is holding something back And when Gianni pushes her too far she fights back Yet she kno Leah is swept up in the power of her love for Gianni She wants to please him but there are limits Leah knows he is holding something back And when Gianni pushes her too far she fights back Yet she knows there is a dark secret that torments him Can she persuade him to tell Or will the past be their undoingLeah writes“Gianni says he is greedy but I am just as greedy as he The intimate scenes are not enough for me I want the heart of the man who gives me such immense pleasure I want to hear the words I long for the day when Gianni tells me that he loves me Sometimes I think maybe he does but cannot admit it Why that is I’m not sure Over the weekend I was tempted to pry the past from him There is something he holds close to the chest something he has not yet shared I think it has to do with a woman That’s my intuition about it And I want to ask but I don’t think he is uite ready to tell me” ˃˃˃ Gianni is emotionally distant He vowed to try and open his heart But love escapes him Yet his craving for Leah only increases If he lets it go further Gianni will be forced to reveal secrets that could tear them apart How long can he wait Will he tell her the truthGlimpses of Gianni’s billionaire lifestyle are revealed And the Leah understands the she loves him He becomes controlling in new ways and the intensity causes their passion to blaze to life When Gianni takes Leah to meet his family for Thanksgiving he fears he has given the wrong impression uickly he regains control but the heated scene that follows begins to crumble the walls around Gianni’s heart ˃˃˃ Series Description Gianni Rinaldi was introduced in the Touched By You series the endearing romance of Tanner and NatalieGianni was the owner of GR Showroom and showcased Natalie’s fashions He was a source of jealousy for Tanner although his relationship with Natalie was strictly professional in the Touched By You series But he was deeply involved in his own romance which you can now read about in “Leah’s Seduction”The story unfolds over a series of novellas Each is an episode in the ongoing tale of seduction into the secrets of the fashion industry and the temptations of love. Leah's feelings are so strong for Gianni that she's afraid when it ends she will be the only one devastated Things uickly evolve when Gianni invited her to his family thanksgiving Great read Leah is falling deeper and deeper in love with Gianni but she cant tell himshe doesn't want to scare him off because what would she do if he was gone ?? It would devastate her So she keep the truth to herselfGianni on the other hand is still trying to deny to himself his feeling for Leahbut she can feel it taste it and see it in his eyes most of the time Can he or will he be able to let the rest of the guards down around his heart ? After a business trip to Chicago Gianni needs to celebrate and the only one he wants to do this with is Leah shouldn't he see the as a sign right there that he loves her ?? Men He takes her on a romantic boat ride celebrate but doesn't go into detail about what they are celebrating only that he will tell her in timeThe time they spend together when they are apart they both feel the void With his job and hers they are still trying to be careful in the public eye but and pictures seem to be surfacing I feel she is getting and used to it the only thing she isn't getting used to isWHY IS THAT DOOR LOCKED IT HIS APARTMENT One night when she finds him in the hallway in the middle of the night just starring at the locked door she has no idea what to do or what could possibly be in there ???? And of course he will NOT sayWill he tell her ????The suspense is killing me Can't wait for book 5 3 I really enjoyed this book I liked how Leah was in this book how she stood up for herself and how she would not hide her feelings for Gianni I was frustrated by Gianni though the constant back and forth the constant talk in his head about not being able to give her what she wants then he would feel something for her but then he would convince himself he didn't or shouldn't so he would pull back I loved that he invited her to go places with him especially one specific place and how much she enjoyed herself even then he was fighting his feelings I wonder what in the world is in that locked room and why is it so hard for him to share part of me wonders if he had a child and the child and mother died and he never touched the room again or the woman left him and he no longer saw the child hmmmm who knows lol I am curious to see what happens with Vadim I am still worried that he is going to frame Leah for something and it is going to cause her and Gianni trouble but then I also worry that she is going to find out about the journal and that will mean trouble for this couple I love them together but I want Leah to continue to be herself also and not let Gianni change her all together and the sex scenes are fantastic I like how they are different not the same thing over and over again great writing can't wait for the next book Gianni Gianni you are still a mystery to meI know he promised Leah to try and open up but I don't think he meant to open up too much I think he is just going to be careful and not involve his emotions no matter what Leah is so totally over the moon for him I am concerned for her Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts? What happened when you realized he was not totally all in for you? Maybe he was just an at arms length kind of guy? Those are some of the regrets of our youth right? In this case though we have two mature individuals Gianni just needs to open up and I cannot figure out how our author is going trigger thatAnd what is going on with that locked room he has? I cannot believe it is a playroom but who knows? What do you think? Could it possibly be a room dedicated as a shrine to a long lost lover?Their love affair is heating up to scorching hot now He has now shown her the delights of tying her up Her hands her feet in true BDSM style she is now totally immersed in their power exchange play I also think he has feelings for her but won't admit this even to himselfWait until you read this installment of Leah's Seduction You will melt and want to shake Gianni at the same time The Series is HEATING UPLove the CoverLeah and Ganni are getting closer in their relationship but Gianni is hiding something from Leah Let’s hope she finds out before it’s to late As we saw in Part 3 they split up for while but here in Part 4 you wouldn’t have known that they did split up for a little bit Part 4 seems to be about Gianni and his feelings toward Leah which he can’t put into words just yet He sees himself doing things that he haven’t done with any other woman that he have been with Like inviting her to meet his family and offering to help her mother And there is that lock room that has peak Leah’s interest Could it be a playroom or a room that might hold an old lovers belonging?The sex scenes with Leah and Gianni are getting hard as the pages are turning Their BDSM play is getting interesting I love this couple as things heat up between them two And let’s not forget about Leah’s boss who is lurking in the back ground trying to take down GR Showroom I kept wait to read about them Receive ARC in exchange for an honest review OMGthis series keeps getting betterLeah has professed her love to Gianni only he can't reciprocate Time apart leaves each of them missing the other Gianni doesn't want to let her go He agrees to try to open up but makes no promises Leah decides that will have to be enough as she doesn't want to let him go either The sexual scenes become intense Leah loves it An invitation to Gianni's family home for Thanksgiving leaves Leah surprised and nervous Hitting it off with his family Leah falls further in love Gianni is feeling different as well but he can't explain it Will Gianni be able to open his heart or will Leah has to love enough for them both?I was gifted this book for an honest review This whole series has been wonderful It's SEXY as hell and the characters pull you in from the beginning Very well written I will be looking for book 5 Love the depth that intensifies with each installment of Leah's Seduction Gianni has introduced Leah into his kinky world gradually by increasing the intensity of the scenes they do together There is also a great balance between her being submissive in the bedroom and having moments where they connect and make love without any thought to submission I love that Leah has embraced this side to herself and doesn’t hide anything from Gianni even her love In this installment we get to watch as Gianni has to reevaluate his feelings for Leah He really doesn't want emotion involved but is now releasing that he may not be able to prevent it I also love how the intrigue of the two fashion houses is ramping up and adding another layer to their story through the work they both do This series gets hotter and hotter as you read along the series Leah and Gianni are getting closer everyday Leah knows the time they spend together the deeper she falls in love with him but she doubts Gianni feels the same way Gianni's feelings are growing stronger but still he fights them unwilling to admit even to himself that he has fallen in love with Leah Gianni surprises himself by inviting Leah to meet his family watching Leah interact with his family changes how eg feels even No matter how close they become Leah knows that Gianni is still holding back and has something to hide what is in the locked room ? Gianni still won't open up to her will he ever open up to her ? Only time will tell Another great addition to Leah's Seduction series This maybe my favorite book in the series Gianni continues to deny his growing feelings for Leah but he continues to read the journal and open up Leah sexually Leah is sure than ever that she loves him and doesn't hide her feelings but she is hurt despite his actions and the way he cares for her that he still denies that he is in love with her We get an even closer look into the mind of Gianni the business man the moves he made and the way be handles his enemies is absolute genius At the end Leah is surprised by an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with his family Why can't Gianni say he loves her when all his actions say otherwise? Maybe after Thanksgiving weekend we'll find out This series just gets better and better I love when Gianni and Leah are together you feel the connection the passion they have for each other But Gianni is still struggling to love Leah and still is holding back There is also the whole Gianni still has Leah's journal and I am dying to know what could be in the locked room Why he just doesn't want to love or can't or is scared of love or of loss I can't wait to see what will happen next