As You Were (Al Khan Book 4)

As You Were (Al Khan Book 4)[Download] ➶ As You Were (Al Khan Book 4) Author Tarek Shahin – AS YOU WERE is the fourth series of Al Khan by Tarek ShahinMore than three years have passed since Omar and Nada were made to exit their beloved news publication Al Khan But their country has been in AS YOU WERE is the fourth series of Al Khan by Tarek ShahinMore than three years have passed since Omar and Nada were made to As You PDF or exit their beloved news publication Al Khan But their country has been in the news As a once stable Egypt emerges from a period of unprecedented social unrest Omar looks to his past for a way forward And as Alia and Yunan try to fend off a new challenge to free speech Nada is once again left on unsure footingAl Khan first appeared daily in the pages of The Daily News Egypt. Nada and Omar have left Egypt in the dust Omar is as shifty as always uickly changing allegations to suit the avenue of large financial acuisitions Yet he is capable of undeniable wisdom sometimes profound often shallow Nada is cast adrift a revolutionary without a revolution Lacking bigger problems they find themselves battling the smaller conflicts that beset a uiet life Meanwhile Al Khan is floundering uickly becoming outmoded by a rapid technological onset posing an entirely new set of challenges for its heirs Alia and Yunan who scramble for solutions to new and old problems As always the ironies come fast and furious as do the jokes Admittedly still possessing a lack of expansive Egyptian cultural and historical knowledge I nevertheless was able to appreciate what Shahin is getting at No matter how corrupt how unbelievably impossible things might seem on the political and human rights front home is home And all roads lead home because when you left home you never brought your heart with you It's fascinating to see how much of an international language comics can be I don't know much about Egyptian politics Heck some aspects of US politics are still mysterious to me as well And yet this book resonates with me The characters feel real and true I get enough of the references to find the strip funny even if some cartoons may not hit my funny bone in uite the same way as they would someone living closer to that part of the world It reminds me a bit of the comic strip Doonesbury Despite its being volume 4 of a series I was able to figure out the character relationships fairly uickly Shahin has a pleasant cartoony drawing style that works well with the material I've long been fascinated by comics from other countries and subcultures It sheds light on areas of the world we may not normally learn about and also helps show how universal humor can be Al Khan is a fine strip and I'd love to see of it I really enjoyed this book but it did not compare to Rise Shahin's first book collection of the preceding three volume's of comics Initially this series really gave me a gripping sense of the fierce political dynamics in Egypt while As You Were took most of the characters apart and much of the story is takes place in London England Too much time had passed and there were too many new characters and events that needed additional development In the first volumes there was development on the back story and history of political figures organizations and movements; connections and people were explained clearly Cartoons in this volume jumped around and I found it a bit difficult to follow at times There was some commentary and explanation of the revolution and current events but I was really hoping for At one moment I laughed out loud because Shahin even alluded to how Omar's his? move to England affected this satirically in a few frames you will see There was of course Shahin's winning clever humor and balance of political and cultural characters to convey myriad satirical perspectives throughout the story This I love and it often says so much about society in so few frames I also appreciated the honest way that Shahin communicated the expatriate experience for different immigrants and minorities as well as some of the post revolution politics going on in Egypt It was fun to get back to the characters and see what they were up to however there needed to be character development when a comic strip is taken to a graphic novel Nada our favorite activist is clearly discontented but we need to see action The love story was compelling and fun to read but not motivation for me to read the book on its own Overall this was a fun comic focused on Egypt post revolution I recommend it but make sure you don't miss Rise and certainly not at the exclusion of Rise I'm anticipating from the characters at Al Khan and hoping Shahin puts the teeth and grit back into the political commentary and let's the characters roll with the complexity of Egypt's political landscape once again This graphic novel is #4 in a series and unfortunately I haven't read the first three so I'm a bit uncertain about what happened in the earlier books The characters in this story are Omar who was the publisher of the Al Khan newspaper After his grandfather's death Omar was fired along with Nada the editor The events in this book were published in daily strips in the Daily News Egypt newspaper from November 2013 May 2104 Egypt is still in turmoil after the revolution and people are still protesting and being arrested Omar gets an offer to return to London and re join a bank he used to work for He's eager to leave the chaos of Cairo behind and when in London immediately gets sucked into the daily life where the events back home seem far away and not at all interesting When Nada comes to London too personal and professional concerns take precedence over events back in Egypt It's very interesting to read about the events taking place in such a turbulent time from people who have a connection to them I received this book from Shahin as a gift and enjoyed it I am starting to feel a sense of attachment to the characters There was a lot that happened between books and explained as an update that were uite surprisingThere is change in setting and also an introduction of a character from South Africa that provides a nuanced perspective of Africa as well There were still moments where I found myself laughing out loud on the train and thought it was brilliant that Shahin himself makes an appearanceIn terms of the formatting of the book I love the clever titles for each strip as opposed to just the dates when the strip was published in the newspaper The lack of page numbers threw me off a little I look forward to reading from Shahin and remain hopeful that he is able to use the Al Azhar Park setting #theultimateshoutout Finished this in one day Loved it Full review to come GOODREADS GIVEAWAY WINReview to followx

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